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Drilling Presentation Background

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Drilling Oral Presentation

Transcript: Directional drilling is the science of deviating a well bore along a planned path to a target located a given lateral distance and direction from vertical. Surface casing - protect aquifer 3. What are the Problems of Conventional Casing While Directional Drilling? Casing is an important assembly in drilling engineering which is fixed by cementing. There are different kinds of casing acting different role while drilling. Problems Caused by Absence of Directional Casing Directional Casing Technology While Drilling Intermediate casing - prevent blowout Schlumberger Service and Products Directional Casing While Drilling Definition of Directional Drilling Directional Drilling Directional Drilling is Getting Popular Nowadays Method Reasons We Use Casing While Drilling with an Inclination, the Forces on Different Side of the Wellbore are Different Due to the Depth Diefferent The Well Bore is not Perpendicular to Ground, so the Cuttings are more likely to Settle at One Side of the Wellbore If no Directional Casing is Applied to Wellbore, Problem such as Lost Circulation and Wellbore Instability will Occur 2. Why We Use Casing? aquafer Conductor Pipe - prevent from caving in 1. What is Directional Drilling? Adventages with Rotary Steerable System 3/4 of the Wells Drilled Last Week are not Vertical Tools PowerDrive X6 push-the-bit Rotary Steerable System or PowerDrive Xceed point-the-bit Rotary Steerable System Directional Casing while Drilling uses the Rotary Steerable System (RSS) Reference 4. What Tools and Methods can be Used to Solve the Problems? Method and Tools Production casing - help produce oil efficiently Constant casing rotation breaks static friction which create even WOB Facilitates borehole cleaning by moving drill cuttings into flowstream Directional and inclination control is much easier with a rotary steerable system (RSS) which resulting in smoother borehole trajectory

Oil Drilling Presentation

Transcript: Fig 3. Diagram of fracking History of Oil Drilling Hamlli brother's Spindletop Soon became our nation's leading resource in 1900's ("Oil, the Hamill Brothers and the Spindletop") Fracking is the process of drilling into the ground and than using pressured liquids to get through rocks and to trapped natural gas dangerous chemicals can go into drinking water (Dong) dangerous health effects ( "The Truth About Gas Drilling and Your Health") A Crowd Gathers to Watch a Side Gusher on Spindletop Hill in Beaumont, Texas Which Was the Site of the First Texas Oil Gusher, January 10, 1901. 1901. Texas Energy Museum, Beaumont. News Talk 1290. Web. 7 Dec. 2014. Chavis, Jason C., and Bronwyn Harris. "What Is an Oil Field?" WiseGeek. Conjecture, 22 Nov. 2014. Web. 30 Nov. 2014.Work Cited Dong, Linda. "What Goes In & Out of Hydraulic Fracking." Dangers of Fracking. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Nov. 2014. Fracking Diagram. Digital image. Ktrch. Ktrch, 23 July 2013. Web. 7 Dec. 2014. Helvarg, David. "Oil Drilling--A Nasty National Habit." Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA). 01 Apr. 2010: A.15. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 10 Nov. 2014. Horton, Jennifer. "Why Is Offshore Drilling so Controversial." HowStuffWorks., n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2014. Hruse, John. Oiled Penguins on Robben Island Try to Preen Oil off Feathers during Treasure Oil Spill off Cape Town, South Africa in 2000. 2000. Cape Town. International Bird Rescue Research Center. Web. 7 Dec. 2014. Kurtzman, Daniel. "Same Ol' "Drill"" N.p., n.d. Web. 7 Dec. 2014. "Oil, the Hamill Brothers and Spindletop." HISTORY. History, n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2014. Skarzynski, Janek. A Fracking Rig Exploring for Shale Gas of Oil Company Chevron on June 11, 2013 in a Village of Ksiezomierz in South-eastern Poland. 2013. Drilling and Fracking Photos, Ksiezomierz. Huffington Post. Web. 7 Dec. 2014. "The Truth About Gas Drilling and Your Health." Catskill Mountainkeeper. Catskill Mountainkeeper, n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2014. Fig 4. Penguins covered in oil. Figure 1. A 1901 photograph of a spindletop. Fig 2. Oil Well Source: Kurtzman, Daniel. "Same Ol' "Drill"" N.p., n.d. Web. 7 Dec. 2014. Work Cited Offshore oil drilling chemicals can leak into ocean effects ocean animals and organisms (Horton) threat for spills (Helvarg) The Consequences of Oil Drilling It Can Cause Health Problems Oil Drilling Source: Skarzynski, Janek. A Fracking Rig Exploring for Shale Gas of Oil Company Chevron on June 11, 2013 in a Village of Ksiezomierz in South-eastern Poland. 2013. Drilling and Fracking Photos, Ksiezomierz. Huffington Post. Web. 7 Dec. 2014. Florida should take a stance to stop oil drilling on coasts and land because it is harmful to both animal and human environment. Take Action Fig 5. Cartoon about the ignorance of renewable resources. It Disrupts Marine Life Joe Garcia should take action in Florida Awareness of oil drilling should be made Gasoline should be limited Less we use the less it would be in demand Carpool, use public transportation, buy local produce Cleaner alternatives Have more solar panels, buy electric cars and funding more programs for renewable energy Oil fields Globally there are 47,000 oil fields while there are 35,000 oil fields in the U.S alone. uses acres of land deforestation takes away animal homes ( Chavis) Source: A Crowd Gathers to Watch a Side Gusher on Spindletop Hill in Beaumont, Texas Which Was the Site of the First Texas Oil Gusher, January 10, 1901. 1901. Texas Energy Museum, Beaumont. News Talk 1290. Web. 7 Dec. 2014. Source: Hruse, John. Oiled Penguins on Robben Island Try to Preen Oil off Feathers during Treasure Oil Spill off Cape Town, South Africa in 2000. 2000. Cape Town. International Bird Rescue Research Center. Web. 7 Dec. 2014. Oil Drilling Presentation By: Daren Figueroa Oil was once an undesirable resource, but later used as an alternative to whale oil A Solution It Takes Up Too Much Space Source: Fracking Diagram. Digital image. Ktrch. Ktrch, 23 July 2013. Web. 7 Dec. 2014.

Drilling & Drilling fluids

Transcript: 1- Hoisting System Types In 1909 Howard Hughes 1. Formation Drainage ( Skin ) Ram blowout preventer Hejian Zhongcheng Drill Bit Manufacture Co., Ltd. Source : NOV CO. Water depth : Jackup rigs can only be placed in relatively shallow waters, generally less than 120 metres (390 ft) of water Run by wireline or slick line throught tubing operations Depth of penetration : 12 - 18 inch Advantages : 1. Light and simple in design 2. Less expensive 3. Used in laminated reservoirs Disadvantages : 1. Limited phasing 2. limited no. of shoots 3. little amount of TNT 4. leaves debris in formation Role played by mud logging unit : Collection of rock cuttings ( examine the oil shows ) Monitoring the HC gases / Non-HC gases during drilling Monitoring the drill fluid voloume and inform the personal incharge with any change Monitoring the drilling parameters Detection and evaluation of formation pressure and well control 1. Acid and / or Surfactants stimulation : Hydraulic acid Acetic acid formic and sulfamic acid 1- Capsule type : Amr Elshafei Oil Drilling & Drilling Fluids 9th May 2017 Functions of the christmas tree : prevent the release of oil and gas from an oil well into the invironment direct and control the flow of formation fluid from the well allows the access of chemical injection There are three major components of a drilling rig: a. Hoisting System b. Rotating Equipment c. Driving mechanism Why we run casing ? Stimulation Types : Source : Seadrill company When there is additional pressure drop due to induced permeability reduction , occurred in drainage area around the well bore Source : Oil and Gas journal Rig components Casing : is a large diameter pipe that assembled and inserted into a recently drilled section and fixed by cement Typical well casing diagram How it works ? Formation damage Bit selection Guidelines : During the planning stage , the Drilling Engineer makes : 1. Review of offset well data 2.record bit performance and bit grading characteristics . Data required for the correct bit selection : 1. Lithology column 2. Drilling fluid details 3. Well profile 1. Conductor casing Conventional rigs Mobile rigs Halliburton Rig ( Egypt) : 2016-2017 New Year's Celebration Onshore Drilling Directional Drilling Source: Mackenzie Gas Project 4- Install surface safety equipment 2. Drilling Fundamentals (Part-2) THIS BLOG IS DEDICATED TO MR. DP RAI, CHIEF ENGINEER (DRILLING), ONGC LTD., AHMEDABAD ASSET, INDIA Types according to depth : Light / Medium / Heavy / Ultra-Heavy The hoisting system is used to raise and lower pipe in and out of the hole and to support the drill string to control the weight on the drill bit during drilling. It consists of Crown Block, Derrick, Traveling Block, Drilling Line and Drawworks 3. Intermediate casing Offshore Rigs Rotary drilling has been in use as early as 3,000 B.C. in China, and later in Egypt. The concept of rotary drilling has evolved and grown over time. Leonardo da Vinci created a design for a rotary drill in the early 1500s; it closely resembled the rotary drilling method employed today Types of the drilling fluids : Casing a well Source :NARBORS CO. Water base mud Submersible rigs When is it used ? Types of samples Run by : Slick line though tubing or casing string or on drill pipe string Depth penetration : exceeding 50 inch Advantages : 1. Carries more TNT 2. Large no. of shoots 3. Better phasing 4. Deeper penetration 5. Doesn't leave debris 6. Used in tight formation Disadvantages : Expensive Coring bit : 1. Usually PDC or diamond 2. Hollow from the Center Reference images : SPECIALIST SERVICES Co. Shale shaker on an offshore oil rig separating the cutting from oil based mud - HD Mud Circulation System Source : Schlumberger PDC : 1. Rock is sheared 2. Expensive 3.Long life Main functions of drilling mud Drill ship Water depth : Maximum 2200m Well is usually produced through tubing inserted down the production casing Types according to mobility Perforating gun : Device fitted with carges lowered in the well at desired depth " determined by the well logging " and fired to create holes penetrating cement and the casing . Mud-Engineer main duties 1. Run tests on Drilling Fuilds 2. Monitor and maintains mud's properties 3. Recommends changes in the mud properties Mud tests : 1. Density 2. Ph 3. Gel strength 4. Viscosity 5. Chloride test Warrior Rig Technologies Limited | Calgary, AB, Canada - Warrior 250 Top Drive (HYD) Pipe Rams Blind Rams Shear Rams Blind Shear Rams Stimulation Well site Geologist main duties Water depth : 2500m or more source : Well stimulation : Process performed on oil and gas well to increase production by improving the flow of hydrocarbons from drainage aread into the

Background Presentation

Transcript: 14th Week Consulting interns can be expensive Time and Money Personal Experience Preliminary Design Stage NFPA 101 and NFPA 13 New and Existing Education, Business, and Mercantile Definition of Project This app would be used to provide interns and recent graduates with an outline of guidelines for how to design and review designs of specific occupancies. With the given time frame, I will be writing the information that will go into the app Begin parametric study: Speak with my mentor and Jason to understand more about what critical variables I could concentrate on for this app. Choose those parameters and begin my study Gather information from NFPA 101 and NFPA 13 for new and existing education, business, and mercantile occupancies. By: Breanne Thompson Next Steps (Continued) Finish preparing for Draft of Analysis Pull together and discuss results of project Draw my conclusions and state future work needed Turn in Final Paper! 10th and 11th Week Turn in my parametric study Begin draft of analysis Map out the process of the app for the key elements 15th Week References Next Steps 7th Week Prepare for Final Presentation Summarize my draft of analysis into presentation Work on how to incorporate a live demonstration for my presentation App Development Background Information 8th-9th Week Continuous Process Objective-C for Apple products Java for Android products 6 months of studying Places to Learn: Codecademy, iOS Dev Center, Android Developers Training Hire App Developer will cost thousands Prepare Final Paper Dive into Shark Tank! 1. 2. 6th Week Background Presentation 12th-13th Week

Background Presentation

Transcript: Real action and accountability Amnesty International Non-state actors/ Rebel Groups?? ...and what about men?? ignoring male rape victims? would rape exist without a man? Weapons of War: Rape UN as an Arena - NGO's - Discussion and dialogue Arena Instrument Actor Critical Thinking Weapons of War: Rape UN as an instrument UNSC Resolution 1820 (2008) UN as an Actor - UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict Weapons of War: Rape Problems with 1820 "Roles and Functions of International Organizations" "Sexual violence, when used as a tactic of war in order to deliberately target civilians or as a part of a widespread or systematic attack against civilian populations, can significantly exacerbate situations of armed conflict and may impede the restoration of international peace and security… effective steps to prevent and respond to such acts of sexual violence can significantly contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security" (UNSC Resolution 1820, p. 2)" Background Presentation- Kristin Mann Weapons of War: Rape Brief Insight - used to manipulate social control - destabilize communities - weaken ethnic groups and identities Examples: - Sudanese Militia - Rwanda Genocide - DRC Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Increased Data Collection by international organizations - determine humanitarian responses - ensures justice and reparation - provides recognition and dignity

Drilling Presentation

Transcript: Packers Christina Cameron PEGN 311: Drilling Engineering December 5, 2018 Device run into wellbore with an outside diameter that expands to create a seal Two Types: What is a packer? Quick Overview 1. Retrievable 2. Permanent Importance Why do they matter? - Main component in regards to completions - Can be used as a way to separate multiple producing zones - Facilitates artificial lift - Protects casing from high pressure and corrosion. -Essential for most wells to function properly How it Works Key Components Body/Mandrel wedge-shaped device with teeth used to penetrate and grip the casing wall Slip beveled to match the slip and forms ramp to drive slip outward into casing wall Cone Packing Element System creates seal between packer and inside diameter of casing Configuration Types Various types and configurations for different wellbore or reservoir conditions Each type is run down hole with production tubing string or a wire-line The purpose is never to restrict normal production or injection flow Rating Envelope Must be able to hold differential pressures at varying temperatures Rating Envelope Rating envelope shows the safe operational limits Cost Downward trend in prices due to small demand and high competition Retrievable packers cost more than permanent packers Range from 6,000-300,000 USD Cost “Packers & Plugs.” Daleel Supply Chain Management Network, “Oil 101 - Well Completion - Upstream Oil and Gas.” EKT Interactive, “Packer.” HHP - Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary, “Packers.” Functions of Drilling Fluid -, References

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