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Dragons Den

Transcript: Who produces the goods and services? The workers for the product (electric roller blades). They atach each part to your desired design. They also verify if the product works for who are the goods and services produced? for anyone over the age of 8 for any child 8-10 will go 0- 7 miles /hour for 11 and up the roller blades will go 0-15 miles / hour What goods and services are produced? are company produces roller blades the costumer can choose the design of the roller blades by going to our website a favourite number, a picture, team logo, or for a cool look on the design gold or silver high quality metal wings. How are goods and services produced? all of the roller blade pieces are made in a factory then shiped to our comany location. our workers put them together by hand then shipped of to you or if you live near chatham you can pick them up how are goods and services distributed? the roller blades are distributed in commercials and the shopping channel and on our website. How will i use economic resources in this bussiness? we have a track that you can go to on a fair sized piece of land, that you can go to with no traffic in the way, and it is separated into 3 tracks if you want to go slow medium or fast. for labour resources,the workers of the comany would take care of making the blades. all of the pieces are made by the workers as well for the capital resources the company owners Jordan Blair and Scott Conrod (us) are the entreprenters of the bussiness. Electro

Dragons' Den

Transcript: "The best gifts are the gifts of music." Through Gift of Music we hope to not only give someone the gift of music and preach the gospel, but to also promote a sustainable world. In the future we are hoping to open an online website where you will be able to purchase not only gifts for other people in the world; but merchandise. The merchandise sold would include artisan made jewellery, bags and instruments and clothing that will be impacting and fashionable. We are also hoping to have a Christmas catalogue for the holiday season that would feature a variety of musical gifts that you can purchase for your loved ones and donate to the needy in China, Europe and Africa. We are hoping to expand and have at least one location on each continent. My roles and duties will including overseeing all operations (I will be the President of the company) and dealing with all foreign relations. I will purchasing plane tickets, dealing with any transportation and be overseeing that my employees will get from any location to and back safely. I am able to manage money well which is especially important in dealing with a charity. I would able to get to know my customers because I enjoy meeting new people which would give me a competive edge over other charities. This way I can created lifetime donators and friendship. I'm also creative which can help make my charity stand out from other charities by creating different solutions, products, ways to donate, etc. I am determined which will mean I won't give up after one or a few obstacles. I'll get up, brush myself off and reach my goal, at whatever the cost. I can also be a risk-taker, which is important in starting up a business or charity. This means that in order to see success in my business I will be able to take risky desicions confidently. Demographics: This service aims at those who are middle class with relatively well-paying jobs. This is so because these are usually the people who can spare extra money. We also aim at Christians specifically since this is a Christian run charity. Physiographic: We are aiming at someone who has a kindred heart and is generous. People who if they have a lot feel the need to give away some of what they have as an act of appreciation and thankfulness. World Vision's vision is to display God's love to all by offering relief, development and advocacy organization. Weaknesses: World Vision does not have any weaknesses since it offers about ever international charity service an international charity could offer. Rather, they have decided to not sell merchandise which can be an oppurtunity for my charity to make extra money. World Vision has a yearly Christmas catalogue, a pure donations opportunity, a chance to sponsor a child, runs 30 hour famine, offers overseas trips and so much more. World Vision is also everywhere whether it be commercials on T.V, YouTube, twitter, facebook and mail catalogues. Samaritans Purse vision is to aid victims in over 60 countries suffering from poverty, natural disastors, war, disease and famine. Again, there are no neccessarily "weaknesses" for this charity except they do not sell merchandise, similiar to World Vision, giving my charity an oppurtunity to make more money. Samaritans Purse runs the Christmas Shoe Box yearly, women's projects, emergency relief, medical care, missions trips, a separate program for Haiti and so much more. Again Samaritans Purse is prominent everywhere whether it be the internet, T.V or in your mail. The way my company would compete with these two competitors is I will sell merchandise and every donation will be doubled, no matter what price, whether it be by us, a sponsor or the government. Since we will be selling merchandise it will also give us an upper hand on donations compared to our competitors. Selling merchandise will also be a great way to get free advertisement for us everywhere whether someone wears a bracelet or a shirt at a get together, to a small town, at the beach or at a store. Since this is a charity as of now we will be accepting donations of all amounts from $00.01 all the way to $999 999.00. We hope to start-up our company in January so then by mid-November we will be able to launch our first ever yearly Christmas catalogue. As for merchandise, once we launch our website we are going to also begin selling merchandise online pricing between $5.00 to $100.00. This price range will include prices for shirts, jewellery, bags and much more. The mediums I would use to promote my charity would be electronically (facebook, twitter and online advertisement) and a monthly catalogue that would showcase all the wonderful options you can purchase for those less fortunate in Asia, Europe and Africa. By having advertisements on all different kinds of websites, I would be able to attract many different types of donators that newspaper catalogues alone wouldn't be able to reach. It will also give this charity a younger, newer and fresher appearance since twitter and facebook

Dragons Den

Transcript: The Athletic Eye ® By: Sami Maislin "Keep Going, No Hesitations..." Our Mission Statement at Sami Corp To allow the athlete to keep track of all factors, while still participating in sport with full ability. What Is The Athletic Eye?® Glasses Worn during sport Protect eyes from wind and UV rays Allow the wearer to see behind them Virtual speedometer and Pedometer Built in light located on the front of glasses allow athletics to take place at night The Technology Worth In our first year: sell 3000-4000 There is a profit margin of $100.00 to our company everytime we sell this product to retailers. First year the business with be worth $300,000 Next 3 years: the business with be worth between $900,000 and $1,200,00 $250,000 for 25% of the company Is There A Demand? Pedometers and stop watchs are widely used in triathlon training to measure speed and distance Survey Results 21 Participants 12 Males 9 Females Various Ages The Target Market Males and females aged 18-34 (on average) Generally Athletic Participate in running and cycling as a competitive sport (ie. Marathons) Typically living in larger cities Very determined to succeed in sport Medium to high income Promotion Techniques Selective Media: Use of media to showcase the product on television and in sports related magazines, worn by the stars of the athletic world Social Appeals: focusing on the social aspect and pressures of athletics Contests/Sweepstakes: given to winners of marathons/ triathlons (or constellation prize) 1 year warranty: on any software issues, or internal damage (not caused by the wearer) Advertisment 1. TELEVISION tevelision channels that support healthy active lifestyles during times of races/ games focused on target market shows benefits of product/ how it will improve skill 2. PRODUCT PLACEMENT Gives free pairs to celebrities of the marathon. triathlon world In return ask that they spread the word on the benefits it produces Sponsor an athlete to create a sense of power in the athletic community Television airing time during sports games are costly Real Athletes in commercials Sponsoring top quality athletes Distribution Plans Athletics is a specialized market Seasonal: mostly sold in warmer months (dependng on weather of cities) Sold under the Sami Corp. Branding Selective Distributing - Controls where product is sold, so not every store has it Indirect channels: producers sell to the retailers Elimination of wholesalers (cheaper end cost) Starting in North America Only Stores that we hope to one day carry The Athletic Eye are... Pricing Cost for Sami Corp. to make approx. $50.00 (CAD) per pair approx. $16.00 (CAD) in materials approx. $24.00 (CAD) in assembly/ labour approx. $10.00 (CAD) in shipping from Toronto location to retailer (on average) Sold To Retailers for $150.00 (CAD) per pair Profit Margin = $100.00 (CAD) Sold To Customers for $185.00 (CAD) Profit for retailers of $35.00 (CAD) Thanks For Your Consideration! Advertising Costs Many people purchase glasses to keep wind out of eyes presently The desire to see behind you can act as both an aid during training, and an act of safety


Transcript: HISTORY Dragons Den first aired on January fourth 2004. It has been on the air for 6 seasons and 69 episodes. The point of Dragons Den is so that entrepreneurs can pitch their business ideas to 5 business Guru's - aiming for the chance to partner with them to use their know how to their own advantage. it is all about trying to make it as an entrepreneur in the business world. Dragons Den was started in Japan for the same purpose. It has expanded into a world wide phenomenon. THE DRAGONS Jim Treliving Jim has been a Canadian investor for over 40 years. He is best known as chairman and owner of Boston pizza, but his endeavor's also include investments in Mr. Lube and various real estate properties. Boston pizza has been recognized as one of the 50 best privately managed companies, and much more. Jim has the business know-how to take a business far. Arelene Dickinson Arlene believes marketing's purpose is to deliver business results. Ten years after becoming a partner in Venture communications, Arlene was the owner. Now, Arlene has been recognized as one of Canada's top 100 most powerful women, and business owners. Venture is renowned for it's excellent management. Venture serves many big time companies such as Toyota, Cenovus, and husky energies. Bruce Croxon Bruce is fairly new to the show; but not short of experience. "I am along life entrepreneur who has been motivated by taking the road less traveled." Bruce founded Lavalife, an online dating site. He was chairman, and CEO. Before it was sold, Lavalife was making close to 100 million annually. Most of his investments lie in Digital media, health, and marketing.He is a supporter of Anaphylaxis Canada, and Trans Canada Trail as an environmentalist. Bruce enjoys the great out doors and all the outdoor activities it has to offer. Kevin O'Leary David Chilton Dave is a sought after speaker about the field of personal finance. After releasing the Wealthy Barber, which sold two million copies, he has lain low, even home schooled his children. He looks forward to getting into personal finance again. He is a Rookie on Dragons Den. TRAVEL VISION 1X674 I am asking for $490 000. for 45% of the company. The vision 1X674 is a customizable pair of glasses which can connect via wifi to any hand held device and play music, display images, or play video. It can also be turned off and zoom in and out. All in all, the 1X674 is a new technological development in screens and sound. every control is at your fingertips. adjust volume, zoom, and turn screen mode on and off. choose your lenses! sunglasses, prescription and regular available. you only need one all around pair. The lenses have optional 3d display, and you can zoom in and out at will. Hd version available. you can choose whatever frames you want! totally customizable. Connect to you devices. Smartphone, ipod, almost any device can connect via wifi. Ear phones play music only you can hear, just like headphones - without the discomfort. Vision has sold over 90 000 models, with an annual gross of over 1million. We have had many offers from corporate companies to carry our product, but our manufacturing process can't keep up. Partnering with the Dragons would help speed up production, hence speeding up sales. TRIVIA Around the World Dragons Den was started in Japan, and has spread around the world. since then, it has spread to Britain, Australia, New Zeland, Israel, The Netherlands, Finland, The Middle East, The U.S. and Canada. It has been more than a success across the globe and is brilliant way for entrepreneurs to get the funds and guidance they need in the business world. Shark tank is made up of the same basic principals, but with different "sharks" Barbra Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin O'leary, Lori Greiner, Ark Cuban, and Robert Herjavec. It airs on Fridays at 8pm on ABC OTHER PITCH OPINION THANK YOU Bibliography Google Search - Start Me Up – Kevin O’leary speech found : May 18, 2012 bing Search – Arlene Dickinson found :May 18, 2012 Bing search – Bruce Croxon found : May 18, 2012 google Search- David Chilton Found: May 18, 2012 Dragons Den @ CBC – Jim Treviling

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