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Dragon Powerpoint Template

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Dragon, Dragon

Transcript: John Garner loved old tales about dragons and other monsters. His first successful novel, Grendel, retells the Old English story of Beowulf, a famous monster-slaying hero. In an unusual twist, Gardner presents the monsters side of the story in Grendel. In a FANTASY story, an author creates an imaginary world full of magic and populated by make-believe creatures. OR An author presents an ordinary world, BUT then uses magic to introduce a make-believe creature. Different cultures have different beliefs about these imaginary creatures. Although Asian dragons are considered to be wise and good, in other cultures dragons are considered to be greedy, evil creatures. is the way authors develop characters and reveal their traits or qualities. The author uses straightforward statements to describe the character. Sam is a funny guy. The author uses the character’s thoughts, words, actions, and what other’s say about the character to reveal character trait. Sam liked to tell jokes and get people to laugh. What does the author want the reader to know about Sam? John Gardner Dragons, werewolves, vampires, elves, leprechauns, mermaids, unicorns... MAGIC! Indirect Sam is funny! DRAGONS Dragon, Dragon is FICTION because it's a made up story, and it's specific genre is FANTASY! Genre Fantasy is a fictional genre—in other words, it’s made up—it’s not real. FANTASY wizards, warlocks, witches, hobbits, knights, and many more! What is the essential ingredient of fantasy? Characterization 1 Dragon, Dragon A short story by John Gardner The key ingredient to FANTASY is... Magical Creatures and Characters found in FANTASY Direct

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