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Dog Themed Powerpoint Template

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Dog Powerpoint

Transcript: The Red Heeler, also know as the Australian Cattle Dog, orginated from cross breeding dingos and a hearding dog in Australia. Although the name is a give away, Red heelers are often red-speckled with dark tan markings. They are a smaller hearding dog, they are about 17-20 inches in height once they are full grown and 35-45 lbs in weight. What Breed do people think the Sharpi are descendents from? What is the common color of a Bull Terrier? What are Red Heeler primarly used for? Where did the Sharpi Originate from? What two breeds were cross breed to result in the Bull terrier? Breeds Chinese Shar-pi Red Heeler ( Australian Cattle Dog) Bull Terrier Sources Bull Terrier In the 1800's Englishmen cross breed Bulldogs with a Terrier, Which resulted in the new breed the Bull Terrier. The common color is this breed is White with brown or black spots. Sometimes even found to be brindle. The average full grown Bull Terrier is about 20-24 inches in height and 45-80 lbs in weight. The Sharpi came about around 206 BC and is believed to be a decendent of the popular breed, called the Chow Chow due to the blue and black pigment of both breeds tounges. The typical colors of this breed is all soild colors, like brown, black, tan, grey, Etc. The average height of a full grown Shar-pi is 18-20 inches and the average weight is 40-50 lbs. This Breed was typically used as a fighting dog but was also useds as a hearding dog. Dog Powerpoint By: Jordan Minnick When Bull Terriers orginated they were more of a stocky dog and built muscular, this resutled in them being trained as fighting dogs. They were also used as watch dogs, Guard dogs and ocasionally hearding dogs. Chinese Shar-pi Red Heeler Review Red heelers are commonaly used for hearding livestock and as a compasionte partner

Themed Restaurants

Transcript: Examples Cont. Customers dine while sitting on toilets. The tables that the meals are served on are bathroom sinks covered with glass tops. Meals are served in miniature toilet bowls and drinks are in miniature plastic urinals. Rainforest cafe is another example of a themed restaurant. This cafe is located at Disney and it features rainforest waterfalls, creatures, lightning and vegetation. Hibachi is an example of a Japanese themed restaurant that allows customers to see their food cooked on an open grill. Trends By: Sukriti Ranjan Samantha Patrick In the 1930's Tiki bars became popular and inspired future themed restaurants. The Modern Toilet is a restaurant located in Taiwan with other chains in Asia, this restaurant features a unique bathroom theme Examples Examples Cont. Theme Restaurants In the late 1950s, David Tallichet began opening restaurants decorated as Polynesian islands, New England fishing villages and World War II era French farmhouses. His restaurants became very popular due to the experience he provided in them. Themed restaurants often depend on tourist business The atmosphere of themed restaurants are very enjoyable and give customers a one of a kind of experience Food is often secondary to atmosphere Prices are middle range Full table service is offered Themed restaurants try to create another place or time Origin Theme restaurants are restaurants in which the concept of the restaurant takes priority over everything else, influencing the architecture, food, music, and overall 'feel' of the restaurant.

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