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Doctor Who? Doctor Who!

Transcript: Doctor Who first started at 1963 as a low-budget children's show After the sixth season, Doctor Who ended it's black and white era, and produced in color. It became more "modern", and more serious, gradually gained more popularity The show was canceled in 1989 after the 26th season(7th doctor) In 2005, Doctor Who finally returened with new actors, writers, and budgets Evolution from Classic to Revival! And, Doctor...Who? Doctor Who has been recognized for several different rewards such as the longest running science fiction television series by Guinness World Record Doctor Who influenced many different British TV shows after its 2005 revival Doctor Who is recognizably even emblematically British, it is part of the British culture(Paul Booth, Doctor Who) Doctor Who is planted in the nowadays British Culture Doctor Who is many British people's childhood memory, they grew up within it, and they definitely proud of it(Interview of David Tennant and Russel T. Davis and SDCC, 2009) you know? Doctor Who? Doctor Who! About the Show! Impact of this Amazing show! A British Sci-Fi show that started at 1963 Adventure through time and space with the Doctor Aired from 1963~1989, then canceled because of a low number of audience Returned on the television at 2005, Revival Doctor Who series, still on BBC today Doctor Who evolves through time, and with its audience Humanity, Morality, Promises.... We can learn and think a ton from Doctor Who The Doctor is a complex character that leads the whole story, and the reason of most people who get so caught up with this show Like me! Let's start with a short introduction! Why? 50 years! Police Phone Box? Or the TARDIS?

Doctor Who

Transcript: The longest running sci-fi show in history This also conveniently allows the character of the Doctor to continue without its previous actor, which is how the show has managed to continue all of these years. The Daleks A show that is 50 years old will obviously have a significant bit of backstory. I'll be explaining some of the more prominent points here. Patrick Troughton (January 3, 1970 – June 8, 1974) Current Interior Colin Baker (March 16, 1984 – December 6, 1986) Time Lords The Seventh Doctor The Daleks and the Cybermen Doctor Who follows an alien known as "The Doctor," who has a machine called the TARDIS that can travel anywhere in space and time. He travels around the Universe for fun, usually with a human companion. The Doctor frequently encounters people who are threatened in one way or another, and he helps them from whatever threat they're under. The Lore of Doctor Who The Fifth Doctor One character for 50 years?! The First Doctor Here is every actor who has ever played the Doctor in order of appearance. The Time Lords are a race of aliens that gained the ability to travel through time In addition to their ability to regenerate (or perhaps because of it), Time Lords have extraordinarily long lives. The Doctor is currently over 1,000 years old Nearly all of the Time Lords are dead now, as a result of the Great Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks (more on this later) Jon Pertwee (January 3, 1970 – June 8, 1974) Exterior Interior Renegade Time Lord, and the archenemy of the Doctor Originally made to be the "Moriarty to the Doctor's Sherlock Holmes" Old childhood friend of the Doctor Now wants to control as much as he can Stands for "Time and Relative Dimensions in Space" Bigger on the inside (infinite rooms) Has the ability to travel almost anywhere in space and time Created by the Time Lords (it's not unique, there's more than one) Has a "chameleon circuit" that disguises it to blend in with the environment it lands in The Doctor's chameleon circuit is broken, and his machine permanently looks like a police telephone box from the '60s Enemies of the Doctor David Tennant (June 18, 2005 – January 1, 2010) William Hartnell (November 23, 1963 – October 29, 1966) Sylvester McCoy (September 7, 1987 – December 6, 1989) (May 27, 1996) First appeared in the episode "The Daleks" in 1963, the series second episode Originally resembled humans, but mutated into an unrecognizable form. They now live in metallic shells. Main goal is "the extermination of all non-Dalek life in the Universe" Known for yelling "EXTERMINATE!" Doctor Who is a british science fiction television show that premiered on November 23rd, 1963. It's still very popular today, with a large following both in Britain and elsewhere in the world, particularly the United States. Modern Title Sequence Paul McGann (1996 - TV Movie) The Fourth Doctor The Second Doctor The Sixth Doctor The Eleventh Doctor The interior changes occasionally aesthetically. Here are a few of the looks the inside of the TARDIS has had throughout the years. Matt Smith (January 1, 2010 – present) Here is a clip of the most recent incarnation of the Master. At this point he has recently gotten himself elected Prime Minister of England. First appeared in "The Tenth Planet" in 1966 Were originally a wholly organic race of people who lived on a planet very similar to Earth Replaced more and more of their bodies with machinery, becoming cold and logical as emotion was abandoned Main goal is to convert all other life forms to Cybermen The Doctors DOCTOR WHO The End? So what's it about? Christopher Eccleston (March 26, 2005 – June 18, 2005) The Tenth Doctor Since the Doctor travels through time saving others, he's naturally made a few enemies. Here are the most prominent ones. The Third Doctor The Cybermen The Ninth Doctor Tom Baker (June 8, 1974 – March 21, 1981) The Master The Master This is all of the information you absolutely need to know to start watching the show. I will, however, probably add more onto this later. DOCTOR WHO? Peter Davison (March 21, 1981 – March 16, 1984) The Doctor is from a planet known as Gallifrey, and his people are called the Time Lords. One particularly notable ability of theirs is that when their body is dying, it restores itself to life, in the process completely changing the appearance and, to an extent, the personality of that Time Lord. This can be done up to 12 times by a single Time Lord, for a total of 13 "regenerations." The TARDIS The Eighth Doctor

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