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Transcript: Leong Company Risk-Mitigating Strategies Private Residential Estates Branding Complementary Stores Successful Expansion Experience Services and Products Manpower Issues Quality Service, Quality Products Location Store design Rationale Need for Expansion Risk Diversification Provide risk-mitigation strategies Ability to obtain high-quality goods Attracted many foreigners Implemented strategies to reinforce the promise Promise - "meeting the customer's home improvement needs" (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Stress Risk-Diversification Securing Customer Support People associated Home-Fix with High-quality products and services The Rail Mall Mr Barry Chua Years of Experience Affordable rental Database of Customer Details Tuition centres Methodology Strategies are easily adaptable Home-Fix is a home-grown company, having a successful expansion experience Personalized Services Increased Brand Presence Differences minimise costs - lower rentals location Similarities Proposed Strategies Supermarket Why? Thank You! Higher Revenue Tight Budget Wrong Location Choice of topic Case Study: Home-Fix Increase in Customer Visitations Brand Presence Rationale Interest in Expansion Rely on Supplier Relationships Sacrificing Family Time Offers for shop leases from malls Affects the Choice of Location Target Customers Economies of Scale Home-Fix Mr. Leong Kwok Tho Collaboration with Alexandra Ikea Complementary products and services Unpredictability of Demand Positive Sales Strong relationships Mitigating the Risk of Business Expansion Expanding in Places with Potentially High Demand Dining Options Similar Expansion Process Duplication of Services (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Growing DIY market Hire and Train more Staff 22 stores in Singapore 12 stores in Regional Countries Affordable Rental Price Economies of Scale Aims & Objectives Lack of Sleep Risk of business expansion for small hardware retail businesses Profitable Economies of Scale Offer effective personalised service Capital Similarities and Differences Primary Research Increased business sales Increase Product Range Restricted Operations Multiple Award-Winner Lack of Customer Support Environment Mr Leong's assistant as training & development head Guide small hardware retail businesses aware of the type of product demand in private residential areas Ms Sarah Lim Core Strengths Creating a clear & strong brand identity Staff uniforms Private Residential Estate Choosing the Right location Store in Tanglin Mall Secondary Research Limitations Why local expansion? Establishing a strong brand identity Expanding to Places where Complementary Businesses are Located Target Group: Leong Company Pte Ltd Train new staff Family-friendly Superior Product Knowledge Clear Market Leader Lessons Learnt Absence of Competition


Transcript: Phase 3 & 4 7: Fill in the heart with the second color by making two knots to the right with the second string and two knots to the left with the seventh string. Join them in the middle. 8: To form the bottom of the heart, take the first string and knot it around the second and third strings going right. Next, take the eighth string and knot it around the seventh and sixth strings going left. Join the first and eighth strings in the middle. Phase 1 & 2 1: Lay your strings out as shown. The color of the first and eighth thread will be the color of the heart shape. 2: Make your first row by following the instructions for making a row of knots going right and then left. Remember to join the two threads you were knotting with in the middle. 3: Make a second row of knots in the same way, this time with the second color. 4: Take the second string and knot it around the first string going left. Then, take the seventh string and knot it around the eighth string going right. You will need embroidery thread in two colors. Measure the thread using twice the length of your arm (from your fingertips to your shoulder and then back to your fingertips) for each string. Cut it. Do this two times for each color, fold them in half and knot them to form a loop. 5: Fill in the space between the knots you made in step 4 with the first color by knotting the second string around the third and fourth strings going right and then the seventh string around the sixth and fifth strings going left. Join them in the middle. This step forms the top of the heart. 6: Take the second string and knot it around the first string going left. Knot the seventh string around the eighth going right. This step forms the outermost points of the heart. Phase 5 & 6 DIY : spread the love: heart pattern friendship bracelets Phase 7 & 8 Needs : 9: Keep repeating these steps until you’ve made a bracelet. Have fun! Phase 9 :

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