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Diverging Arrows Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: - occurs when two plates collide into each other - means to come together - can form mountains depending on what types of crusts collide - also known as destructive boundaries as rock is destroyed - when oceanic crust collides with continental crust the oceanic plate will sink - this process is called subduction - the continental pleat becomes distorted and may form a volcano and a deep ocean trench is formed - the plate that subducted diving into the earths mantle and this generates heat and this heat is hot enough to melt the crust and form magma - when to continental crusts collide both are pushed upwards as they are equally dense which forms very high mountains - mount everest was formed by this - Diverging Boundaries move apart from each other - mid ocean ridges for diverging boundaries - a rift (deep crack) is formed when plates separate - magma then rises up from the asthenosphere into the rift and solidifies when it cools down - the solidifies magma forms new crust - diverging boundaries are sometimes known as constructive boundaries - diverging boundaries also form on land (the Middle-Atlantic Ridge runs through Iceland - the Island is widening as new crust is produced) - Iceland because of the Rift has frequent Volcanic euruptions and flows of magma from the rift and widens by 2-5cm per year - Diverging boundaries also formed in East Africa (Great Rift Valley) - there is no crack at the moment however the land is subsiding scientists predict a possible ocean could be formed *Whenever there is an ocean ridge there are also diverging plates Plate Tectonic Movement Diverging Transform Boundaries - where 2 plates slide parallel each other but in opposite directions. The plates move very slowly and then suddenly slip quickly past each other = earthquake On land, a transform boundary usually has fold mountains along its length and also many cracks in the rock, called fault lines Fold mountains and fault lines also occur under the ocean where transform boundaries exist Fault lines usually don't form one continuous crack in the crust along the plate boundary - instead there are many cracks parallel to each other There are two tranform faults in the San Andreas Fault in California, United States and right through New Zealand Transform Converging


Transcript: Frederick Douglass Sojourner Truth This was a time when religious feelings/beliefs was brought up again. This increased religious confidence and more individuals started attending churches and missionary societies. Harriet Tubman Angelina and Sarah Grimke Prison Reform and Care of the Disabled Daughters of a slave owner who gave lectures of how slavery was evil, in the North. A vocal abolitionist and publisher of the newspaper "The Liberator". The American Anti-Slavery Society in 1833. Second Great Awakening Temperance Movement Reform Movements He was a slave that escaped, leader in the abolitionist movement and gave lectures that were against slavery. Also, he created his own newspaper, "North Star" in 1847. A former slave that spoke out against the evils of slavery because she was inspired by the acts of Frederick Douglass. During this time, women did not have many right such as: voting, their wages belonged to their husband, property belonged to their husbands, and no law stated was against husbands abusing their wives. This angered Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton (daughters of a judge). So, they hosted a national women's rights convention. The organizers of the convention wanted the Declaration of Sediments on the Declaration of Independence. Another convention in 1848 (Seneca Falls Convention) demanded equality for women. Many abolitionists/activists attended this event like Douglass, the Grimke sisters, and Susan B. Anthony. William Lloyd Garrison Many children at this time could not afford to attend school. Horace Mann wanted to change this condition, so he spoke about how public education was important and how it could improve the society. This lead to people agreeing to build better schools and increasing teacher's salaries. However, African Americans were not allowed to attend school and few girls could only attend. Artists and Thinkers Reform is to make change in something Dorothea Dix was a Boston schoolteacher who agreed to teach at a jail on Sundays. When she visited the prisons, the treatment of the prisoners surprised her. The children and adults did not have enough food, cells were crowded, and the mentally ill were being abused. Due to these unfortunate conditions, Dix wrote a report to the state legislature which prompt them to create a hospital for the mentally ill. In addition, Dix outlawed cruel punishments, stop debtor's prisons, and made a special justice system for children. Civil Disobedience is a peaceful protest, usually individuals refuse to obey laws or refuse to pay taxes. Henry David Thoreau supported people who refused to obey the laws they considered unfair. Abolitionists Women's Rights Movement An abolitionist who helped slaves secretly run away on the Underground Railroad. Men, women, and children were very exposed to alcohol. So, around the 1820s, the public campaign against alcohol, the temperance movement, was initiated. However, this movement was being repealed and not focused on. This conflict was beginning to come back in the 1900s though. The temperance movement, during the 1900s, was lead by Carrie Nation. Later on, alcohol was banned in the 18th amendment in 1919. Public Education


Transcript: Arrows "I would most likely skip some sections using just the top buttons, whereas using the side arrows I would hit each section" "Once I noticed them I liked them a lot...I cannot name one website that uses this design to change their main subject pages" These are the arrows: Findings Consumers tended not to prefer the Large Grey arrows, some felt they were actually too big while others thought they too light in color Next steps Possibility: Use Large Black arrows, but change hover color to correspond with section rather than white on-hover state Most consumers would like the arrows to give them a clue into where the arrows will take them. Some suggested changing the color to correspond with the section colors, some suggested text hovers and one said "just add 'NEXT' to it". Methodology Based on consumer reaction and preference for the Large Black arrows, suggested next step is to move forward with A/B testing the Large Black against Current arrow design to see which receives higher consumer engagement To determine which arrows are most likely to be noticed and/or used by consumers Oh, and... Consumers seemed generally indifferent to the Grey w/Black arrows, they weren't disliked but they weren't preferred or noticed much either Overall Impressions The end. The Large Black arrows were the preferred design and the one most noticed by consumers. They stood out most and by far, received the greatest reaction by consumers. The Current arrows were least preferred and least likely to be noticed. Consumers felt they were just too small. Most Likely to be Noticed Goal: Consumer tests done on 10 participants Approximately 15 minutes in length Fielded from March 12-14, 2013 Consumer given variety of tasks that would encourage them to interact with various arrow designs Consumers shared thoughts and opinions about four arrow designs What about the other arrows? BUT! Once they noticed the arrows, they really liked them! The arrows did what they expected and most said they'd be likely to use them. The arrows were not noticed by consumers without prompting (except for one "power user" who was very familiar with the site). Consumers default to top nav bar when asked to navigate to a new section. Current Grey w/Black Large Grey Large Black Large Black

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