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significant digits

Transcript: This rule causes the most difficulty with students. Here are two examples of this rule with the zeros this rule affects in boldface: 0.00500 0.03040 Here are two more examples where the significant zeros are in boldface: 2.30 x 10¯5 4.500 x 1012 Hopefully, this rule seems rather obvious. If you measure something and the device you use (ruler, thermometer, triple-beam balance, etc.) returns a number to you, then you have made a measurement decision and that ACT of measuring gives significance to that particular numeral (or digit) in the overall value you obtain. Hence a number like 26.38 would have four significant figures and 7.94 would have three. The problem comes with numbers like 0.00980 or 28.09. the end dawson mertens accuracy is hitting the target Rule 2: Any zeros between two significant digits are significant. sinificant digits Rule 3: A final zero or trailing zeros in the decimal portion ONLY are significant. Suppose you had a number like 406. By the first rule, the 4 and the 6 are significant. However, to make a measurement decision on the 4 (in the hundred's place) and the 6 (in the unit's place), you HAD to have made a decision on the ten's place. The measurement scale for this number would have hundreds and tens marked with an estimation made in the unit's place. These are sometimes called "captured zeros." PRECISION in this prezi you will learn the rrules of significant digits precision is not hitting the target but hitting the same area else every time rule 1-Non-zero digits are always significant. accuracy significant digits


Transcript: Digits Just Who Are Our Students? The Net Generation born 1982 - 2003 2nd grade to graduate school Nearly 90 million 1/3 of U.S. population What Do We Call Them? Digital Aboriginals Digital Natives Dot.Com Generation Echo Boomers First Digitals Generation Y Millennials Net Generation Nexters Trophy Generation Media -- education's biggest competitor! They spend: 4 1/2 hours a day watching TV 2 1/2 hours a day listening to music 1 1/2 hours a day playing video games How do we tap this resource? 85% have home access to internet 2/3 have cell phones 1/3 have theirown laptop How many words have they never used? dial, tune, type, card catalogue, penmanship, spelling, history? How many words will baffle your parents or grandparents? internet, on line, server, laptop, interface, download, ipod, podcast, ipad, chip, You Tube, hardrive, software, BTW, LOL, G2G, OMG Your Net Gener Profile: 13-15 “With-it” 9-12 Maybe 0-8 No Way Did you know? The internet is the fourth information revolution in history Social media can now bring down governments. The three largest nations today? China, India, and Facebook. There are 7.5 new face book users per second. School kids never knew a world without wikipedia and Facebook. -- Eduardo Ochoa, US. Department of Education Assistant for Post-Secondary Education Digital Devices change the way students think and learn Digital learners are texting, listening to an Ipod, surfing the internet about Egypt while they are supposed to be writing a paper on The Scarlet Letter. Have you thought about this? Wikipedia creates a decentralized pedagogy where the teacher is a coach instead of a designer of the process. Horizontal replaces the vertical, heirarchical approach to learning. Individualized learning is making institutional learning obsolete. If learning is now a 24/7 lifelong experience --- How do schools maintain relevancy when the collection and dissemination of knowledge is no longer closed and controlled? -- Eduardo Ochoa, US. Department of Education Assistant for Post-Secondary Education How do They Learn? inductive discovery and trial and error multitask everything short attention span live on instant gratification respond quickly expect rapid feedback Communicate visually Crave social face-to-face interaction Emotionally open Embrace mullticulturalism and diversity Prefer teamwork and collaboration Prefer typing to handwriting Refer to it as multimedia presentations instead of powerpoint. Avoid the repetitious slide show by linking movies, web sites, etc. science teacher --rock dating game. bachelor #1 metamorphic #2 igneous #3 sedimentary bachelorette is a diamond asking them questions. math teacher --assign watching a ball game, record stats literature teacher -- watch tv show/movie. map plot development, character contrast composition teacher -- Are students writing? Yes they are, in different forms. music teacher -- kinesthetic learner can interpret with dance, students who like to write can do it with lyrics punishment for cell phone use in class? take ten pictures of right angles, send a text of lyrics of ??? class rules? have kids produce it on Photostory 3 or iphoto. Twenty-first century philosophical questions created by technology Does the good person need to use technological tools in a good society? Has the purpose of education changed? What should everyone learn in the 21st century? What is the modern nature of learning? Does multi tasking shorten attention spans and hamper learning? What now constitutes excellent teaching? How should schools bridge the digital divide? How do We Teach Them? Learn the way they think, how they behave, their interests, and their culture Establish a connection through engagement and gaining their trust Tap their multiple learning styles by leveraging their interest in media -- games, movies, music, social media, TV, You Tube How Tech Savy are They? 99% use the internet for homework 97& own a computer 94% own a cell phone 92% multitask while texting 89% use search engines 87% use news websites 75% have a facebook account 57% create media 53% own an MP3 player 49% download music

Falling, Falling, Falling

Transcript: Falling, Falling, Falling Investigation Answer or ask a question by raising your hand. Which one fell faster? What do you think determines how fast an object falls? Prediction Discussion Were you able to make the coffee filter and ball hit at the same time? Challenge: A force that pulls objects towards the center of the earth. What do you think determines how fast an object falls? Objective Conclusion Air Resistance Why did it not fall straight down? Larger objects with greater surface areas fall slower because they hit more air as the fall. They have more air resistance. Objects of the same shape hit the ground at the same time because the air resistance affects each object equally. ? ? ? What did you learn about our original question ? Do you think the air had anything to do with how slow the coffee filter fell? Experiment Time! The force of air pushing against a moving object. Students will predict and experiment with two objects to see which will fall faster using the characteristics of the objects. Good Scholar The shape of an object affects the motion as it falls. Why do you think the ball fell faster? What path did the coffee filter take as it fell. Can you think of any other objects that might catch air? ? ? ? Gravity causes objects to fall. What did you see? Behavior What are some object that have seen fall. If your group needs help or to ask a question patiently raise your hand and wait for me to come over. How can you get the ball and the coffee filter to hit the ground at the same time? What do you think made the coffee filter fall slower? Why do you think some objects fall faster? Gravity

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