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Digital Pulmonary Vessel Medical Presentation Template

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Vessel Presentation

Transcript: FUNction Design Name of boat: FUNction Design Trial 1&2 Trial #1 Does it float? Successful! Trial 1&2 Trial #2 It took the vessel 6 seconds to go 150 cm, the line was not straight and did not make it to the end. Trial #1 Trial #1 Does it float? Graph Graph Trial #2 Trial #2 Appearance Appearance Trial 3&4 Trial #3 It took the vessel 8 seconds to go 100 cm, the line was not straight and did not make it to the end. Trial 3&4 Trial #4 It took the vessel 7 seconds to go 130 cm, the line was not straight and did not make it to the end. Added a rudder Trial #3 Trial #3 Graph Graph Trial #4 Trial #4 Appearance Appearance Trial 5&6 Trial #5: It took the vessel 6 seconds to go 100 cm, the line was not straight and did not make it to the end. Added side supports. Trial 5&6 Trial #6: It took the vessel 6 seconds to go 100 cm, the line was not straight and did not make it to the end. Trial #5 Trial #5 Graph Graph Trial #6 Trial #6 Appearance Trial 7&8 Trial 7&8 Trial #7: It took the vessel 5 seconds to go 170 cm, the line was not straight and did not make it to the end. Removed side supports, added a flag Trial #8: The vessel fell over after I removed the water from the bottles. Trial #7 Trial #7 Graph Graph Trial #8 Trial #8 Appearance Appearance Trial #9&10 Trial #9 Trial 9&10 Trial #10 It took the vessel 6 seconds to go 150 cm, the line was not straight and did not make it to the end. Trial #9 Trial #9 Graph Graph Trial #10 Trial #10 Appearance Appearance Result Result

Digital template

Transcript: Open: adoption of original digital date by other CAD software and CAM devices Working principle Light source The necessity of powder coat spraying Operative process Output file format Company: Sirona Working principle: Active triangulation and optical microscopy Light source: visible blue light Imaging type: multiple images Necessity of coating In office milling Output format: proprietary closed Intraoral Digital Systems E4D CEREC Trios planscan Lava C.O.S iTero E4D True definition scanner cs3500 Impression Optical technology Single image camera CEREC Omnicam Preparation Hard to get to the undercuts with this technology DIGITAL IMPRESSION Planmeca Plan Scan Intra-oral Scanner Trios Widen the offering for your customers Produce in the material the dentist wants Open your options – internal or external manufacturing Open data* Dentists face problem in daily life Messy materials Tedious and time taking Tongue and saliva Discomfort to patient Make more units per day Get fast digital workflows Reduce labor-intense processes Integrates directly with their software with cone beam and digital x-rays Total integration with planmeca software Scanner is manufactured by E4D Laptop or PC compatible Blue laser Elastomers Agar-Agar (Reversible Hydrocolloid) Tooth Coating with Triangulation/Sampling 3M ESPE Active wavefront sampling Pulsating visible blue light Video Necessity of coating No in-office proprietary IOS Fast Scan Lava C.O.S Alginate (Irreversible Hydrocolloid) iTero System Compete with low-cost labs and chairside milling Increase profit per unit Expand your offerings and services Finishing Create high quality prosthetics Polyvinyl Siloxane (Addition Silicone) Polysulfide (Rubber Base, Thiokol) Triangulation/Sampling scanners require the teeth to be coated with titanium oxide to avoid light scattering These optical impression are superior in technology and know for its accuracy, saves the patients and dentists time with a few laboratory procedures and patients comfort. But it has limitations like high cast , and specialised equipment requirement. Lava COS Waxing Extra-oral Scanners Cadent company Parallel confocal microscopy Red laser ( Photographing) Multiple images Non coating No in office milling Proprietary or selective STL open . The Main Intraoral Digital Systems Silicone (Conventional, Condensation) Classification System Based on Properties of Set Materials Planmeca PlanScan classification of CAD/CAM systems Closed: All the steps are integrated in the unique system Movable - one single cable to the laptop Open .stl files Different tip sizes - all cases can be scanned, even trauma patients with difficulties to open the jaw Powder free scanning Live video capturing - ultra fast pattern triangulation Very fast surface recognition - easy to let patient rest and continue the scanning anywhere Computerized milling device iTero Water-Based Gel Communication with patients True Definition Scanner( 3M) CAM IOS Fastscan CEREC Omnicam – Scanning Simplicity E4D (D$D Technologies) iTero(cadent) 3D progress(MHT) Planmeca planscan Conclusion rapid prototyping computer-aided manufacturing. (CAD-CAM) STL files describe only the surface geometry of a three dimensional object without any representation of color, texture or other common CAD model attributes. (Wikipedia) Increase productivity Problems faced with conventional impression making CAM Classification of Intraoral Scanners Data acquisition unit: digital impression Software for designing virtual restorations Open Blue LED Powder required No color image Imaging type: filming ( video) Image acquisition unit Increase profits and stay competitive Potential benefits for Dentists, Patients and Labs CAD Laser technology Eliminating Steps at the Office Intuitive orientation in the patient’s mouth Good differentiation between tooth structure and gingival Differentiation from amalgam, gold or composite CAD/CAM Systems Advantages of chair side oral scanner Impression data can be processed with the aid of the inLab software (via Sirona Connect) or third-party software (export inLab design data via the Open inLab interface When you scan with Itero or a dental cast scanner , you get an STL file STL means stereoiithographic file. STL are wideiy used for: Why go digital? Stone Model STL are wideiy used for: 3D Progress Type of file obtained Provide more indications and materials The challenge of PVS Impressions Thank you CAM Powder-free scanning 3D impressions in natural color Casting Traditional L.Nasiry Khanlar Scanner Up to 1000 3D pictures for true geometries Polyether CAD Rigid Impression Compound (optical impression) Video camera It captures a thousands of 3D data sets in few seconds It captures a motion picture This scanner quickly captures 3D and renders a 3D model instantaneously CAD Impression Plaster DDS,MS( Operative Dentistry) ASSISTANT PROFESSOR & RESEACHER D4D Technologies company Optical coherence tomography and confocal microscopy Laser Multiple images Occasionally

pulmonary presentation

Transcript: pulmonary disorders 4/12/2017 prepared by :faten alsawahreh Supervised by : Dr. Reem Nabhani AGENDA By the end of this lecture, you'll be able to: -identify anatomy and physiology of respiratory system. -Identify the definition, pathophysiology and management of each topic. Objectives: -demonstrate national and international epidemiology for each disease. -identify the roles of advance pediatric nurse in each respiratory diseases. - -demonstrate national and international epidemiolo... 1-extrathoracic airway head, nasal cavity, sinuses, pharynx, oropharynx, larynx , epiglotitis. 2-inrathoracic anatomy trachea, lung, thorax 1-extrathoracic airway head, nasal cavity, sinuses, pharynx, oropharynx, lary... HOW FAR WE'VE COME resiratory physiology NEW GOALS mechanism of breathing mechanism of breathing -contraction of diaphram, accessory muscle and external intercostal muscle . -increase intrathorcic volume. -negative intrathorcic preesure -move air from atmosphare into lung inspiratory inspiratory -relax of diaphram, accessory muscle and external intercostal muscle . -decrease intrathorcic volume. -increase intrathorcic preesure -move air from lung to atmosphare expiratory expiratory Initiative 3 alveolar ventiliation alveolar ventiliation -the primary goal is to provide adequate CO2 elimination and O2 uptake during respiratory cycle. -gaz exchange anywhere in respiratory tree exept dead space. - total volume=R.R * tidal volume normal gaz exchange normal gaz exchange NEXT STEPS Pulmonary disorder Step 1 ARDS Result of direct or indirect lung injury ,specific to the alveolar capillary barrier that involve alveolar epithelium and capillary endothelium. ARDS ARDS Defining criteria for ARDS -Acute onset -PaO2/fiO2 ratio of les than 200 mmHg. -Evidence of bilateral infiltrates on chest radiogram. - Pulmonary artery wedge press less than 18mmHg or no clinical evidence of left atrial hypertension. Defining criteria for ARDS -Acute ons... islam assigment Epidemology Epidemology maha assigment Management of ARDS Management of ARDS ALTE ALTE - an episode that is fightening to the observer and that is charactrized by some sort of combination of apnea , color change , chocking or gagging. *national institutes of health. ALTE - an episode that is fightening to the observer and that ... - 0.5% to 6% of pediatric emergency visit in the united state is ALTE. -etiology remains unknown in 50% of patients. epidemology and etiology. epidemology and etiology. - fewer than 10% of suden infant death syndrome victims have a history of ALTE. * risk factor - prematurity -coupled with male gender. -respiratory syncytial virus. -history of general anasthesia - fewer than 10% of suden infant death syndrome victims have a history ... diagnostic studies. diagnostic studies. 1-physical examination must be comprehansive and detailed. 2-obsearve any delay in progression of developmental stages, dysmorphic features or failure to thrive. 3-resuscitation and stablization should following the ABC. 4-educate the family of initial evaluation of infant; home monitors. plan of care plan of care * ensure that the infant resides in smoke free surrounding . * provide a firm mattress for sleeping. * breastfeed thhe infant. *if blue spells are noticed in the infant ,ask medical advice. * avoid overheating. * never permit bed linens to cover the infant face. preventive measures preventive measures - acute acquired neuromuscular disease that cause paralysis ,affect pulmonary function. botulism and guillain barre syndrome botulism and guillain barre syndrome Infectious disease that affect the neuromuscular junction cused by spore forming gram positive bacilli; clostridium botulinum which produce neurotoxins that absorbed into bloodstream and block the release of acetylcholine from nerve ending causining paralysis. unpastreurized honey is food reservoir for spores. botulism botulism GBS is an autoimmune disease that affect the prephiral nervous system develop after mild infection illness. - immune response to the infection produce antibodies aginist myelin along periphral nerve demyelination paralysis. -epidemology 1 to 2 per 100000 population worldwide GBS GBS - continous monitoring of respiratory and cardiovascular . -maintain airway by endotracheal tube. - the only treatment for nfant botulism is human botulism immune globulin -rehabilitaion services after discharge. CARE PLAN CARE PLAN complete or near complete obstruction of the larynx or trachea will cause immediate asphyxia and death. -nonfood items are more commonly aspirated in older pediatric parients. -aspiration of food item is common to all ages. FORIGN BODY ASPIRATION complete or near complete obstruction of the larynx or trachea will cau... -more than 17000 patient visit ER department in united state as aspiration. -pediatric patient aged 9 to 30 months have immature neuromuscular swallowing mechanism , lack of moral teeth. epidemology and etiology plan of

Vessel Realibility Presentation

Transcript: 9 FACTORS CONTRIBUTE TO JM VESSEL'S REALIBILITY Maker Bassnet VESSEL RELIABILITY PRESENTATION WH Inventory Breakdown Analysis DCRP TEAMWORK Teamwork Technical Department = Vessel inspection, troubleshooting, compliance to PMS. Resources: 5+5 TS & TA. Ratio: 1 TS:5 Vessel DPA = Good and effective communication between vessel and shore management Audit & Compliance (A&C) = ISM compliance and housekeeping inspection. Marine Personnel Department (MPD) = Manned the vessels with the competent and professional crews. Operation Department = Vessel inspection on bridge & navigational equipment, PMS for deck/bridge equipment/DP system etc. Docking Team = Independent team to focus on vessel docking, based in Port Kelang. HSE = Promote Safety Program, LSA FFA Service, Inspection. V&V V & V Master Weekly Inspection Management / Superintendent Visit Top Management Visit Housekeeping Inspection ISM Internal Audit ISM External Audit (Class) OVID / OSVIS Unannounced visit: Mardept / Flag Roving Program WAREHOUSE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Vessel and Warehouse update on monthly basis their critical / non critical parts Minimum stock - Reorder 6 Vessels using CAT C28012 engine 3 vessels using MAK8M32C engine 8 vessels using YANMAR engine 4 vessels using CAT3603 engine Good strategy having many sisters vessels, in terms of keeping stock for the similar engines. WAREHOUSE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT MAKER Good support and after sale service from engine maker, supplier and repairer. In most cases (out 10 cases) 5 cases settle by phone call 3 cases require spare parts 2 cases specialist attended BREAKDOWN ANALYSIS Breakdown / Failure Analysis Report We share the lesson learnt with all staff, crews, and vessels: Email Crew Induction Briefing Face to Face & Top 4 Officer Monday Weekly Briefing During HOD / Super Visit During Top Management Visit Safety Committee Meeting HOD Meeting Management Review Meeting BASSNET BASSNET One of the powerful tool available in the market for PMS. JM utilized the system since 2010. Super monitor and verify vessel’s PMS. Tracking pending DRA, PMS Analysis, and etc. DEFECT CLOSURE REPORT PLAN (DCRP) Defect Closure Report Plan (DCRP) Vessel will submit the report on monthly basis. Super will prioritize the requested job, depending on criticality of the job, and subjected to Management approval. Another effective tool make job arrangement in priority order. AUDIT & COMPLIANCE Audit & Compliance Audit & Compliance (A&C) Department plays a big role to ensure the vessel reliability. Housekeeping Inspection that covers deck and engine. Conducted twice a year to all JM Vessels. Give award to the best vessel. ISM Internal Audit – To identify the gap of compliance with SMS. TRAINING Training Several training program were identified for the crews, specifically for vessel reliability: Top 4 Officers Training Face To Face Bassnet Training Maker's Training On Job Training (OJT) Brainstorming with the officers Timeline Action TIMELINE ACTION SHORT TERM SHORT TERM 1. Hull Maintenance - Regularly chipping / painting / underwater cleaning (diver) 2. PMS - Coaching / Health check / maintenance day to minimize downtime 3. Fuel Management – Full compliance with power management / Crew briefing 4. Critical spares – Maintain min. spares onboard & warehouse + reorder level 5. Site verification – Super visit or roving 6. Continuous training - Crew briefing on Bassnet 7. Provide incentives to the crews 8. Close monitoring crew TOD – reach 45 days (75%) 9. SSW onboard (50%) MID TERM MID TERM 1.Docking – Full repair as recommended by class/maker/charterer 2.PMS – Overhauling ME/AE/other equipment as per running hours/maker recommendation 3.Roving program by Superintendent- Coaching on FMP / Bassnet / Safety etc. 4.Revised the critical spares inventory and maintain spare quantity. 5.Increased no of technical staff, to reduce Super workload by giving 1 technical assistant for each Super. 6. Training on MAK & CAT main engine and generators between September to December 2019. 7. Provide incentives to the crews. 8. Provide regular crews to client. 9. Close monitoring crew TOD – reach 45 days (100%) 10. SSW onboard (25%) 11. Crew competency (75%) LONG TERM LONG TERM 1. PEOPLE - Continous training/coaching on PMS/Bassnet/Spares parts management etc. 2. SUPPORT - Full support from technical and office on whatever issues or problem onboard 3. BUDGET – Increased budget where and when necessary ,case to case basis 4. WORK PROCESS - Proper planning, spare parts, schedule, work execution, job order etc. 5. TECHNOLOGY - PMS , Maintenance vs Breakdown statistic/root cause/, Accountability, reporting etc. 6. Work process. Previously, 1 TS assigned to 5 vessels w/out assistant. Now they have technical assistant/super. 7. Bassnet full compliance. 8. Provide incentives to the crews. 9. Provide back to back crews (100%). 10. No SSW on onboard. 11. Crew Competency (100%)

Vessel Presentation

Transcript: Vessel Presentation Made by Maddy M Amela R Jessica b Austin H. Yanley Created by: Maddy M Jessica b amela r Austin H. Yanley Design Background research Materials Sponge tape Hot glue and hot glue gun Skewers plastic bag Aluminum foil sewing string Popsicle sticks water bottles Distance and time of the vessel Time- 1st 20.21 seconds 2nd 22.22 seconds 3rd 12.64 seconds Distance-4 meters or the size of the pool Construction Successes and Failures MATERIALS SUCCESS: Floating water bottles because it helped keep the boat afloat. FAILURE: bob skewers was the base but it alone without the water bottles the sale could not reach the fan.along with that without the water bottles the boat was sinking because the skewers had so many spaces that cause the boat to turn into a submarine. DESIGN SUCCESS: Making a small boat made out of popcicle sticks made its lighter and would not sink FAILURE: Using sponges did not work because it absorbed water and wieghed the boat down and cause problems with which way the boat turned.then we tried wrapping foil around the sponges but that made the sponges diffrent sizes.which made it turn even more. WEIGHT SUCCESS: The boat went straight when the weight was equally distributed FAILURE: The boat tilted to the right because one water bottle was we took the deflating one off.we tried it with just one bottle it was even worse.So we put two bottle back on and it worked alot better. D Graph Double click to edit Graph Made by Maddy M Amela R Jessica b Austin H. Yanley

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