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Transcript: Subtitle goes here Presentation Headline About Introduction This is the first slide for introducing your project or idea. Idea Get to the main point of your Presentation. Second Topic Fill the Slides with Beautiful Content Example text here. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in repre henderitas in voluptate. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in repre henderitas in voluptate." We've filled the entire template with example slide designs and elements: Need Content Ideas? Security "This is example dummy text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed dods eiusmo" Mobile Friendly "This is example dummy text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed dods eiusmo" Analytics "This is example dummy text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed dods eiusmo" Innovative "This is example dummy text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed dods eiusmo" Time-Effective "This is example dummy text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed dods eiusmo" Well-Documented "This is example dummy text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed dods eiusmo" Time Present important dates and events Make a Timeline Present important dates and events 1999 Present important dates and events 2002 Learn from past mistakes 2006 Zoom in for the small details 2020 Present important dates and events 2000 Present important dates and events 2004 Present important dates and events 2011 Business This slide is meant for your boring charts and graphs How's Business? Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Item 6 Display how much you charge your customers Pricing Table Beginner $12 Feature #1 Feature #2 Feature #3 Feature #4 Expert $25 Feature #1 Feature #2 Feature #3 Feature #4 For Dummies $100 Feature #1 Feature #2 Feature #3 Feature #4 Free $0 Feature #1 Feature #2 Feature #3 Feature #4 Investor $900 Feature #1 Feature #2 Feature #3 Feature #4 Gallery Everybody loves images. Make a Gallery Add a short description of the image or project here. Image #1 Add a short description of the image or project here. Image #2 Add a short description of the image or project here. Image #3 Add a short description of the image or project here. Image #4 Add a short description of the image or project here. Image #5 Add a short description of the image or project here. Image #6 Add a short description of the image or project here. Image #7 Add a short description of the image or project here. Image #8 Show more details of a single project Single Item Project Details "This is example dummy text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed dodes eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in repre henderitas in voluptate." "This is example dummy text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed dodes eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in repre henderitas in voluptate." Map Use the world map to pinpoint locations World Map - Add details here - Add details here - Add details here - Add details here Team Who are the people working with you? You are Not Alone Gerardo M. Oliver This is an example dummy placeholder text area. Lorem ipsum dolor sit apisa kotiram ametis, cons iteecas tetureu adipiscing elit sed quia, CEO Analyst Sales Developer Karla J. Walsh This is an example dummy placeholder text area. Lorem ipsum dolor sit apisa kotiram ametis, cons iteecas tetureu adipiscing elit sed quia, Bradley Sherman This is an example dummy placeholder text area. Lorem ipsum dolor sit apisa kotiram ametis, cons iteecas tetureu adipiscing elit sed quia, Sue E. Marquez This is an example dummy placeholder text area. Lorem ipsum dolor sit apisa kotiram ametis, cons iteecas tetureu adipiscing elit sed quia, Shine some light on the important people Single Person View Senior Data Analyst Karla J. Walsh This is an example dummy placeholder text area. Lorem ipsum dolor sit apisa kotiram ametis, cons iteecas tetureu adipiscing elit sed quia, Contact How can People Get in Touch with You? Contact Details +1-202-555-0184 Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success. Change colors, rearrange topics, add your own content Customize this template: Get this Prezi Template from:

Digital Gaming

Transcript: Two, hopefully some of the examples in this presentation will help build the bridge even more than just the game could with those of you watching this presentation. Back to the game though, to keep you interested there are objects scattered around that you might find familiar, talk to the villagers too though. It's an informative game, doesn't mean it can't be a little more fun. http://4.bp.blogspo AAAAAAAABhU/9nIa 3KsLAcQ/s640/video+game.jpg helps recovery of stroke victims How is it an art form? 1972 Sorry if I rushed but do you see both sides now? To you in class, that know me, at least sort of. Let me give you a little test... I hope this helps you all in your views on video games whether it be towards the negative or positive, the most important part is that you're informed! http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg .com /originals/6f/d6/5b/ 6fd65b35d07fcc2b8cd6ea2f4f097889.jpg Pong And many more All games go through some sort of concept process from the character, story, and game world. Look at this! These two are forty years apart. Fear Sadness The Game Being a gamer... Can increase attention to visual exercises Quicker to make decisions Higher strategic ability Reaction time Hand-Eye Coordination Depth Perception Cognitive Flexibility/Multi-task Anything Else? Online Gamers Have Saved Strangers' Lives Talking on headsets, some prevented suicides of people they've never met in person just by contacting the police and having their gamertag. These actually happened There are other aspects like emotion through story, atmosphere, characters, and the music OR lack of music, same as in Movies. These are a few I play all the time. Does that fit ? Am I a criminal? An aggressor? Not at all intelligent? Mad? The Art of Video Games? Assassins Creed 3 An art exhibit that's currently traveling. It goes through 40 years of video game history. Not only is it filled with screenshots and concept art, but also with some playable games in stations like Pac-Man. Is There A Problem? 2012 Though so did these Nostalgic Downside? Claims They Cause Violent Behavior Detrimental to the mind Antisocial/Depression Causes for juvenile crimes Inability to express due to desensitization Negatively influences player morals Can cause some antisocial behavior. Desensitization Can be someone's obsession horrible outcomes non-intentional crime detrimental to health obsession leads to aggression Controversies But How? Upside Violence? Criminal? Will be shown briefly after Digital gaming found to be more of a relaxant, not something to rile the player up into doing aggressive or criminal behavior. Violent/Aggressive children given violent games, playing calmed them down. As sales of games increased, juvenile crime rates went down. One, I've created a little game, a type of artistic medium through the use of general technology. The game is a short informative play through of different facts from different sources, don't think it's that easy though, before you can finish the game you must pass a test. http://i.img DnO8.png The problem is that there's two sides on the gaming debate, but barely any middle ground. There will be a more noticable middle ground, that video games aren't solely positive and negative on the player. Let's not stop at visuals The Misconception of Digital Gaming NC Man Saves Another Life He played America's Army, the medical portion, and used what he learned from it to save a man injured in near fatal car accident. I've yet to see any one or group make a game with the same intentions as me. Closest would be the traveling art exhibit, The Art of Video Games.

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Transcript: STRATEGY MARKETING Company Date DIGITAL STRATIGY SUMMERY "Customers have too many choices these days and they have to be constantly reminded that you exist. The best way to reach them is where they spend a good bit of time ... which is online." SUMMARY SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS Targeting WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS WHY EFFECTIVENESS THE TIMELINE TIME SPENT Numbers don't lie... MOBILE SEARCH How effective are Mobile Searches? 70% of mobile searches lead to action within 1 hour. DIGITAL THE PLAN AUDIENCE EXTENSION AUDIENCE EXTENSION Starting the Search SITE RETARGETING SITE RETARGETING Once users have visited your website, they will be followed with your ads where ever they go online- reminding them to come back and take action. CONTEXTUAL TARGETING When your potential customers are researching topics relevant to your business, we will show your ads based on the terms in that content. CONTEXTUAL TARGETING These ads will follow your customers onto other sites. MOBLIE & APP MOBLIE & APP Serves ads to mobile device browsers and also serve ads while potential clients are in apps. With this product you pick a region of how far you want to reach and it will appear on anyone’s phone in the region you chose. AUDIENCE TARGETING AUDIENCE TARGETING Your ads are shown online in your target geographic area based on the behavior of internet users. Users can be targeted based on many different characteristics such as age, interest, purchase history and online behavior. HYPER LOCAL MOBILE HYPERLOCAL MOBILE Hyperlocal Mobile also known as "Geo-Fencing" allows us to show your mobile ads to customers in very pin pointed areas using specific longitudes and latitudes. Example: If you target the BYU-I campus, your ad will be seen by people there who are on their mobile devices. PRICING FOCUS AREA 3 THE PROBLEM THE PROBLEM 75 % 35 % 10 % THE PLAN THE PLAN THE TIMELINE THE TIMELINE 2017 2008 2013 2005 2010

Digital Gaming

Transcript: What is Digital Gaming? 1994: Rating system established 56% of parents say video games positively affect their children From what used to be: 1993: State Senators from Connecticut and Wisconsin investigate violence in video games Digital Gaming Statistics Playstation 4 and Xbox One currently own the market as far as consoles go Digital Gaming consoles have incorporated an "app" system so that they can be used as multi-purpose home entertainment centers Now, not only can you watch Netflix, you can simply pop in a videogame and be playing within five minutes Smartphones have transitioned through the "app" system into digital gaming devices You walk around every day with a potential videogame controller in your pocket Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Flappy Bird Digital Gaming has b Grand Theft Auto 1958: Willy Higinbotham invents first "digital game" 1986: Nintendo NES hits the U.S market followed shortly by its competition, the Sega SMS Does gaming have negative effects on people? Digital Gaming Over 59% of Americans participate in digital gaming Average age of the gamer is 31 29% of gamers are under 18 74% of K-8 teachers use digital games in the classroom Four out of five U.S. households own a device which can be used to play video games Video game players are spending 39% - 47% less time watching T.V. and movies in recent years 1975: Atari's "Pong" becomes best seller for Christmas. 1980: - Intelevision is released to compete with Atari - Activision becomes first independent game developer - Pac-Man is released by Namco Digital gaming and violence cont. A 2008 survey on the gaming habits of about 2,500 young people, conducted by psychologist Douglas Gentile, found that children and adolescents who played violent video games were more likely to report "aggressive cognitions and behaviors" It also found that 8th and 9th graders who played these games more frequently displayed "greater hostile attribution bias," and got into more arguments with their teachers. To be exact: Action-adventure video game series Elements include shooting, racing cars, sneaking around and fighting Created by David Jones and Mike Daily (1997) Owned by parent company: Rockstar Games Story follows protagonist as he tries to rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld Adult and violent themes History of Digital Gaming Importance of Digital Gaming References Digital gaming includes any type of game that is played electronically through a computer, Ipad, phone, console, etc. Including games that can be accessed virtually, without any hardware. 33 million users in 224 countries GTA5 brought in $2.3 billion 32.5 million copies of GTA5 sold 96.10% on learning tool: 74% of K-8 teachers use digital games in the classroom Digital Gaming History Cont. Violent video games have become a controversial topic over the last several years Some argue that those who play violent games are more likely to engage in violent crimes However, research has found that there is more of a correlation between these games and aggressive attitudes rather than a spike in violent crime rates. Modern Digital Gaming Grand Theft Auto Cont. 1995- Playstations is introduced by 1997 it will be considered the most popular game console on the market 1999- Columbine Shootings bring the effects of violent videogames on adolescent minds to the discussion; Sega shuts down production of a gun-shaped controller 2001- Xbox introduces the first wave of "next generation consoles" the Xbox 1989: NEC and Sega both release 16-bit systems, open doors to games like Contra, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Digital Gaming History Cont. More History 2008- Grand Theft Auto 4 breaks sale records by selling 6 million copies in its first week 2013- PS4 and Xbox One released. This is the latest wave of "next generation consoles" on the market New games give us the convenience of not getting out of bed and still being entertained. digital gaming is everywhere - Angry Birds March 2015: National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham, England - 5-story gaming center opens (£2.5m to local economy during the next 5 years)

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Transcript: Hands Free devices By David Holmes In this short presentation I will be talking about hands free devices and their uses. An example of a hands free device is the well known; VR headset - the Oculus Rift What is the Oculus Rift? Mainly used for gaming, the Oculus Rift is a hands free, virtual reality, head mounted display that allows the user to interact real-time with a game they're playing. This means, that while wearing the Oculus Rift, because of the in-built G-motion sensors in the device, if you move your head in RL (looking around/tilting your head etc...) you can move your in-game character's vision in much the same way. Another example of a hands free device is the Kinect, for xbox What is the Kinect? The Kinect is a piece of hardware for the xbox that is a hands free device, it sits on top of the TV and by using built in cameras and a microphone to 'see' and 'hear' users. The Kinect allows the user to move their body and affect what is happening in-game, so for example, if they're playing a sport game, their movement allows them to move their in-game avatar. Also, the Kinect allows the user to interact and operate the xbox UI with voice commands and hand gestures. Also, the Kinect uses voice and visual recognition to identify users. What can you do with hands free devices? And what are the benefits of using them? With hands free devices such as the Oculus Rift and the Xbox kinect, you're able to control aspects of software i.e games, and become a part of it, that is impossible to do with just a monitor (or two). While using a hands free device, you get a different sense of immersion, a feeling that you can actually be apart of the world you see, not just an observer. The future of hands free technology. Speech People who have smartphones are used to the fact that in one way or another, they can use speech as a way to carry out commands on their phones, from calling someone, to adding a memo. But, an ongoing problem is that even though speech software can hear us, it cant understand us, also, if you're in a crowded place (school, town etc...) speech is extremely unreliable, because it cant fully 'hear' what you're saying because there is too much background noise getting in the way of the software understanding what you're saying. Facial recognition and eye tracking. Eye-tracking is a relatively new concept that has only really taken form over the last half-decade, so we have only just started to scratch the surface of what it can do. A Swedish company has designed a piece of software that allows the user to select items, control aspects of a demo game, and scroll through documents without the need of touching the mouse with near perfect precision. Eye-tracking works well not just because of accuracy, but also because of compatibility. Our eyes may wander across a screen, but our gaze always rests on a point of focus. That point is specific, so it can be used to activate interface elements as if it was a mouse cursor. Existing UI's work well with this technology, and that means it’s easier to adapt, so people wont have to spend ages working on compatibility. Motion tracking. Hands free motion tracking is already used at home, thanks to the xbox Kinect, but its fairly limited by its use only on a few games and applications. Also, with motion sensing, if you did something too slow or too fast, the device would be less effective at processing what you just did. But, soon, you'll be able to operate a huge variety of commands just by sitting on your couch and slightly moving your fingers and having perfect precision. But there are two devices that are unique in such a way that they make the Kinect look inferior. The first is called LEAP The Leap Motion Controller tracks all 10 fingers up to 100th of a millimeter. So that makes it a lot more sensitive than the xbox Kinect. With its wide 150° field of view and a Z-axis for depth, while you're using one of its apps, or your own compatible software, you can move your hands in 3D, just like you do IRL. With Leap Motion apps, you can reach out and grab objects move them around with pin-point accuracy, and no dramatic movements. Some of the things you can do with it include: Browse the web, read articles, flip through photos, and play music just by lifting a finger. Draw, paint, and design with your fingertip. You can even use a real pencil or paintbrush. Slice falling fruit and shoot bad guys with your finger. Steer cars and fly planes with your hands. Sculpt, mold, stretch, bend, and build 3D objects. Take things apart and put them back together. Reach into the universe, grab the stars, and soar around the sun. It’s a whole new way to learn. Pick, pluck, strum, and drum. Play air guitar, air harp, air everything. For real. And finally, the next product is the Myo armband. Here is a short video showcasing what it is about

Digital Gaming

Transcript: i tuitive Table of Contents Instructors Phil Trumbo Thomas Abbott Karen Holum Jason Sobottka Alexandra Vaschillo Digital Gaming Program Description of 4 Classes Investigative Students may start DGM program ANY quarter Personality Traits "The Architect" By: Erica Birkeland, Gavin Gregory, and Carter Rogers Shigeru Miyamoto MMDP 153 - Introduction to Web and Mobile Design MMDP 215 - High Resolution Sculpting II MMDP 266 - Character Animation II with Maya MMDP 272 Game Development - Team Projects T Program Visit Work Load Academic Core Requirements - 20 Credits ENGL 101 English Composition I 5 credits MATH 107 Math in Society 5 credits Humanities 5 credits Social Science 5 credits Enjoys creating things, ideas, projects etc. Shows emotions easily and avoids rules Satoru Iwata hinking MMDP 134 3D Materials and Textures 4 credits MMDP 138 Introduction to Environmental Art 4 credits MMDP 127 Level Editing 1 4 credits MMDP 137 Lighting and Effects 4 credits OR MMDP 150 Character Animation I 4 credits MMDP 191 Portfolio Foundations 4 credits MMDP 216 Business for Creative Professionals 4 credits MMDP 148 Concept Art - Digital Painting 4 credits OR MMDP 130 Concept Art - Characters 4 credits MMDP 210 High Resolution Sculpting I 4 credits MMDP 290 Portfolio/Job Search 5 credits MMDP 296 Capstone Team Project 4 credits OR MMDP 297 Multimedia Internship 1-4 credits N Holland Code Program Requirements ART 121 Introduction to Drawing 5 credits MMDP 101 Digital Foundations 5 credits MMDP 122 Image Editing 1 w/ Photoshop 4 credits ART 102 Design I 5 credits ART 203 Intermediate Drawing 5 credits OR ART 205 Human Life Drawing 5 credits MMDP 108 Interactive Media Design 5 credits MMDP 124 Introduction to 3D 4 credits ITAD 105 Programming Concepts 5 credits OR For Non-Programmers ITAD 111 Computer Programming 5 credits Fundamentals Work Place Values Digital Gaming & Media erceiving Works Cited Hands on vs. Lecture? Homework load? Individual vs. group work? What is Digital Gaming? Advertising Broadcasting Film Total Program Credits 107 credits What is Digital Gaming? History of Career/Program Required Classes Learning Environment Ideal Person Workplace Values Ideal Personality Traits Ideal Person Holland Code Conclusion Influential People in the Field Teaches students game development and design Uses skills in animation, website design, and video production Digital media designers create things that move onscreen Industries that hire digital media designers are film, television, video games, online businesses and advertising Digital Gaming & Media Course Requirements Technical Electives - 5 Credits (See faculty adviser/instructor for pre-approval) MMDP 153 Introduction to Web and Mobile Design 5 credits MMDP 215 High Resolution Sculpting II 4 credits MMDP 266 Character Animation II with Maya 4 credits MMDP 272 Game Development - Team Projects 4 credits Entry Level Jobs Classroom Learning Environment . I Enjoys analyzing situations Books and research Prefers to work on own Brown Box Course Outline - Required Classes (Cont.) Future Jobs 3D Model Designer Project Manager Concept Artist Assistant Designer History of Digital Gaming & Media Average Salary Course Outline - Required Classes $39 per hour $6,590 per month $79,084 per year Course Outline - Required Classes . The Professional Life of Room T414 A-D ntrovert Artistic John Carmack P Outside Jobs

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Transcript: Open: adoption of original digital date by other CAD software and CAM devices Working principle Light source The necessity of powder coat spraying Operative process Output file format Company: Sirona Working principle: Active triangulation and optical microscopy Light source: visible blue light Imaging type: multiple images Necessity of coating In office milling Output format: proprietary closed Intraoral Digital Systems E4D CEREC Trios planscan Lava C.O.S iTero E4D True definition scanner cs3500 Impression Optical technology Single image camera CEREC Omnicam Preparation Hard to get to the undercuts with this technology DIGITAL IMPRESSION Planmeca Plan Scan Intra-oral Scanner Trios Widen the offering for your customers Produce in the material the dentist wants Open your options – internal or external manufacturing Open data* Dentists face problem in daily life Messy materials Tedious and time taking Tongue and saliva Discomfort to patient Make more units per day Get fast digital workflows Reduce labor-intense processes Integrates directly with their software with cone beam and digital x-rays Total integration with planmeca software Scanner is manufactured by E4D Laptop or PC compatible Blue laser Elastomers Agar-Agar (Reversible Hydrocolloid) Tooth Coating with Triangulation/Sampling 3M ESPE Active wavefront sampling Pulsating visible blue light Video Necessity of coating No in-office proprietary IOS Fast Scan Lava C.O.S Alginate (Irreversible Hydrocolloid) iTero System Compete with low-cost labs and chairside milling Increase profit per unit Expand your offerings and services Finishing Create high quality prosthetics Polyvinyl Siloxane (Addition Silicone) Polysulfide (Rubber Base, Thiokol) Triangulation/Sampling scanners require the teeth to be coated with titanium oxide to avoid light scattering These optical impression are superior in technology and know for its accuracy, saves the patients and dentists time with a few laboratory procedures and patients comfort. But it has limitations like high cast , and specialised equipment requirement. Lava COS Waxing Extra-oral Scanners Cadent company Parallel confocal microscopy Red laser ( Photographing) Multiple images Non coating No in office milling Proprietary or selective STL open . The Main Intraoral Digital Systems Silicone (Conventional, Condensation) Classification System Based on Properties of Set Materials Planmeca PlanScan classification of CAD/CAM systems Closed: All the steps are integrated in the unique system Movable - one single cable to the laptop Open .stl files Different tip sizes - all cases can be scanned, even trauma patients with difficulties to open the jaw Powder free scanning Live video capturing - ultra fast pattern triangulation Very fast surface recognition - easy to let patient rest and continue the scanning anywhere Computerized milling device iTero Water-Based Gel Communication with patients True Definition Scanner( 3M) CAM IOS Fastscan CEREC Omnicam – Scanning Simplicity E4D (D$D Technologies) iTero(cadent) 3D progress(MHT) Planmeca planscan Conclusion rapid prototyping computer-aided manufacturing. (CAD-CAM) STL files describe only the surface geometry of a three dimensional object without any representation of color, texture or other common CAD model attributes. (Wikipedia) Increase productivity Problems faced with conventional impression making CAM Classification of Intraoral Scanners Data acquisition unit: digital impression Software for designing virtual restorations Open Blue LED Powder required No color image Imaging type: filming ( video) Image acquisition unit Increase profits and stay competitive Potential benefits for Dentists, Patients and Labs CAD Laser technology Eliminating Steps at the Office Intuitive orientation in the patient’s mouth Good differentiation between tooth structure and gingival Differentiation from amalgam, gold or composite CAD/CAM Systems Advantages of chair side oral scanner Impression data can be processed with the aid of the inLab software (via Sirona Connect) or third-party software (export inLab design data via the Open inLab interface When you scan with Itero or a dental cast scanner , you get an STL file STL means stereoiithographic file. STL are wideiy used for: Why go digital? Stone Model STL are wideiy used for: 3D Progress Type of file obtained Provide more indications and materials The challenge of PVS Impressions Thank you CAM Powder-free scanning 3D impressions in natural color Casting Traditional L.Nasiry Khanlar Scanner Up to 1000 3D pictures for true geometries Polyether CAD Rigid Impression Compound (optical impression) Video camera It captures a thousands of 3D data sets in few seconds It captures a motion picture This scanner quickly captures 3D and renders a 3D model instantaneously CAD Impression Plaster DDS,MS( Operative Dentistry) ASSISTANT PROFESSOR & RESEACHER D4D Technologies company Optical coherence tomography and confocal microscopy Laser Multiple images Occasionally

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Transcript: The adsorption of contaminant molecules by catalysis The improvement of light absorption The improvement of charge separation and transportation ZnS QDs by precipitation method ( Zinc acetate, Sodium sulphide) ( T= 90º, t= 2h) (NaOH was used as a surfactant) (Low crystalyity) ZnS NPs by hydrothermal method ( Zinc chloride, Thioacetamide) (T=140º, t=5h) ZnS microspheres by hydrothermal method (Zinc chloride, Sodium thiosulfate) (T=180º, t=12h) The strongest material ever Optical Properties Synthesis of pure ZnS Secondary, the use of certain organic acids as additives (Formic acid) , in order to inhibit the growth of moulds, bacteria and yeasts. Graphite : narrow peak (2θ = 26.8º)(d=0.33 nm) ZnO nanorod : high intensity peak (002) (2θ = 34.331º) (JCPDS 00-001-1136) ZnS : sphalerite (111), (200), (220), (311) (JCPDS 00-001-0792) Graphite The mechanical and wear-resistance performance of the coating. 1 Morphology PL : The excessive of rGO can act a center for the recombination of electron-hole pairs instead of providing an electron pathway Solar cell device Synthesis of ZnS-based organic (graphene and polypyrrole) composite The intensity of the absorption peak of MB at 663 nm decreases with the increase of irradiation time D(%) = [(A(MB)0 - A(MB)t)/ A(MB)0] × 100 ZG-0 = 0.27% , ZG-1 = 59%, ZG-2 = 68%, ZG-3 = 79%, ZG-4 = 63% UV-vis absorbtion spectra Na2S + 2H2O 2NaOH + H2S (1) ZnO + H2S ZnS + H2O (2) Hummer's method Research Main Points The rule of graphene 300 times stronger than steel and much harder than diamond! Examples for nanomaterial that already used as a reinforcement in the coating XRD Pure ZnS QDs Publications Nanotechnology solutions hexagonal arrangement of carbon in layer stacked to each other One-pot synthesis Multi-step syntheis one-pot synthesis Multi-step synthesis synthesis of Graphene oxide nanosheets. ( Hummer's method) Graphene nanosheets (GNS) - Titanium dioxide composite Graphene Graphene : (2θ = 25.63º) PPy : amorphous (2θ = 26º) ZnS : Sphalerite ( 111), (220), (311) Insertion for a desired properties ZG-0 ( 0% GO), ZG-1 (0.5% GO), ZG-2 (1% GO), ZG-3 (1.5% GO), ZG-4 (2% GO) Synthesis of ZnS-based inorganic (ZnO-ZnS core-shell) composite Absorption XRD Characterization Morphology Synthesis of pure ZnS ZnO-ZnS core-shell nanostructure By Khaled El Sayed Mustafa The morphology of the core-shell structure is a mixture of round and rectangular shape Uv-vis absorption of ZnO-ZnS core-shell Photocatalytic measurement: Mild steel substrate XRD Characterization Improvement of high-surface area of catalysis (BET) Selective adsorption of the aromatic dye on the catalyst ( π electrons ) qe = ( Ci – Ce )V/m GO Intense and sharp peak ( 2θ = 10.6º ) (001) (d=0.83 nm) rGO very broad ( 2θ = 24.31º ) (002) ( d= 0.36 nm) very weak peak ( 2θ = 42.53º ) (100) ( d= 0.21 nm) ZG-0 Zinc blend ( 2θ = 28.609º, 33.153º, 47.591º, 56.473º, 59.227º, 69.583º, 76.894º ) (1 1 1), (2 0 0), (2 2 0), (3 1 1), (2 2 2), (4 0 0) and (3 3 1) ZG-0 Wurtzite ( 2θ = 27.081 ) Graphene : ideal ohmic ZnS nanoparticles : two fold light response, resistance of 3.23 × 10 23 Ωcm2 ZP : resistance of 2.81 × 10 23 Ωcm2 GZP : 1.35 × 10 23 Ω cm2 Hexagonal ZnO ZnS (111) Experimental XRD Characterization One-pot synthesis of ZnO-ZnS core-shell nanostructure Electrodeposition of rGO by Mg(NO3)2 Electrodeposition of ZnO nanorod arrays (ZnCl2, KOH, 1mM) anealing on the high purify Argon gas Sulfidation process ( thioacetamide) Photocatalytic Silo Corrosion failure The Anticorrosion Effect of Ni- RGO -TiO2 Nanocomposite Coating on Mild Steel in Neutral Environment The ZnS shell with an estimated tickness of 18 nm is observed Cathodic Protection synthesis of graphene nanosheets ( microwave assisted t=5min, 15 micro liter Hydrazine) PPy nanotube ( Pyrrol monomer, Fecl3, Methylene orange as a template) A red shift and increase in absorption edge of the UV-Vis spectra of ZnS were observed in the presence of graphene. The PL emission of ZnS-graphene decreased compared to the pure ZnS due to the presence of graphene the PL emission of the ZnO-ZnS core-shell nanostructure decreased due to the presense of ZnS shell and formation of type-II band alignment structure in the hetero-interface which is beneficial for solar cell devices. The presence of rGO in ZnS-rGO composite gives significant improvement in the degradation of methylene blue under visible light irradiation compared to pure ZnS, due to the increased adsorption of the dye, decrease in the band gap and stepwise structure of the energy levels in the composite. The presence of graphene and PPy in the GZP turnary composite lead to higher photocurrent response due to the creation of an interfacial separation between the graphene and the PPy by ZnS nanoparticles, which act as a bridge, and due to enhanced charge transport by graphene. ZnS microsphere-rGO composite Corrosion Inhibitors Crystal structure Bridging effect Charge separation Research Assistant Environmental Modifications Pt foil a counter

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