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Diagram Presentation

Transcript: By: Noah Glazier Gravlin Tech 1 Class 4th Hour/Block Hand Crafted Balls Linings go between the cover and the bladder to provide structure and shape. The best soccer balls usually have four layers of cotton and polyester. Cheap soccer balls will usually have two polyester layers. The Lining Improvements were made to strengthen and enhance control of the ball by adding a carcass made from strong materials inserted between the bladder and the outer casing. Older balls also had a problem with water absorption. So by coating the soccer ball with synthetic and non-porous materials, balls absorbed less water. And a new valve replaced the laced slit on the sides of the soccer ball. The bladder holds the air in the soccer ball. High-end balls usually have a latex bladder, which offers a superior feel. Balls with latex bladders will require more frequent inflating than less-expensive soccer balls with butyl bladders, however. As far as valves (the part where you insert the air pump into the bladder) go, butyl valves are most common, but silicone-treated valves will perform better. Hand-crafted soccer balls were a work of art. Problem was, they were neither safe nor reliable. A team was lucky if a soccer ball made it through a game. And varying grades of leather made choosing the right ball a strategy unto itself. In fact, it's thought that the outccome of the first World Cup played in 1930 between Argentina and Uruguay had a lot to do with the quality of the soccer ball used by each team. The cover is the exterior of the ball that makes contact with your foot, and the best soccer balls usually feature a synthetic cover. Improvements The Cover Diagram Presentation The Bladder

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