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Design Concept Presentation Template

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Design Concept Report Presentation

Transcript: Team Progress? Concept complete except for determining the means of turning our propulsion weight. More Drama? Leanne’s bleeding finger Steven’s OCD Lacey’s unnecessary sweaters Cody’s speech and debate Lucas’s Minecraft addiction & Hair trouble Engineering Analysis: Circuit Engineering Analysis: Propulsion Technique Future Plans Progress: Most design concepts finalized Everything purchased except for propulsion equipment Next Steps: Test fans and batteries Fabricate deck Attach fans and balance Steven DelaCruz, Lucas Gray, Leanne White, Lacey Kremer, Cody Geil-Crader Engineering Analysis: Battery System Overview 2 fans, connected in parallel. 1 pack of 10 AA batteries. Engineering Analysis: Lifting Fans Transportation Time Conflicts Structural Subsystem: $14.82 Axial Fans for Pressure Calculations Gap Height = .13 inches Weight = 4.76 lbs Pressure = .24 in H2O Air Flow = 170 CFM 2 fans (UH) will produce approximately 240 CFM. Hovercraft Sketch Power Subsystem: $34.69 The Megazord: Preliminary Design Concepts 1) We need an effective way to turn the gears with a 3V motor. Progress: We are trying to create a pulley system small enough to turn gears with less force. 2) Anchoring gears to hovercraft. Progress: We got a thicker deck so we could cut into it and rest the gears inside. Team 91: Pressing Issues Current Budget projected to be $186.41 Introduction Overall Status Light Sensor on Front to Reverse Key Issues Foam Board Deck & Skirt Two Gears + Bar + Weight = Thrust Each fan requires 12 volts and draws 1.6 amps of current. We chose pack of 10 Energizer Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries connected in series. Total of 12 Volts and 2.45 Amp-hours. Will sustain our hovercraft for 46 minutes. Square Hovercraft Levitation Subsystem: $126.95

Concept Design Presentation

Transcript: Concept Design Presentation Unit 10 - Engaging An Audience Concept Overview Brief Concept Overview my concept for this unit is to create social media adverts for Neal's Yard in order to gain attention from younger people. social media is some of the most effective ways to advertise products to potential customers and to gain attention from different audiences. i want to create an advert that catches a persons attention and therefore makes them want to look more into Neal's Yard as a company and even think about and then purchase a product. i am also creating an advert that fits their current advertising style as to keep within what they're already doing. their adverts are simple, natural and beautiful to look at. Types of advertising Adverts I've been thinking about several different advertising options and the best platforms to create adverts for. My preferred options are Instagram stories and Twitter as i use those most often and that's also the places where i get most exposure to different types of adverts. One of the things i'm going to have to work around is coming up with the advertising ideas by myself as Neals Yard currently doesn't have have any social media adverts. I will be looking at their other current adverts to get inspiration. Targeting an audience One of the things I've learnt from my research but also from myself being a consumer is that what works and attracts one age group definitely doesn't work from another. That's one of the reasons I've chosen to do a social media advert, it will attract and target a younger demographic. Targeting An Audience I need to create an advert that is going to capture the persons attention long enough to stop them from continuing to scroll. By doing research i can look at the best adverts that seem to engage younger demographics then incorporate as much as i can then into mine. When thinking about this project i wanted to make sure i was doing something i could be inspired doing and something that had an amazing message or ethos behind. Ethos Company ethos As customers you can expect to see: - fair pricing - efficient and knowledgeable service - straightforward descriptions of products and services - freely available information about products and suppliers this means that from the products you are buying you can expect good quality products that have been made with both the enviroment and the staff behind them in mind. And know that behind the scenes staff can always expect: - stimulating working atmosphere - a fair share of responsibility - opportunities for career and personal development - transparency around the companies’ policies and actions questions?

Design Concept Presentation

Transcript: That's pretty much it Design Concept Presentation “Fortnite” / Modern Dances Choreography For Sense and Sensibility The concept and inspiration came from a form of dance called the Renaissance Period. I did a lot of research with Brady on trying to figure out what dance moves I would use. Fornite/ Modern dances better shown in a video Renaissance Dance Class The shoot is a stupidly popular dance that is best described with a video I also used the Orange justice dance move from fortnite which is also best shown by a video One cool idea that Brady had was mixing the Renaissance Period with our modern “Fortnite Dances” which I thought was funny, but it worked out really well. The dances I choreographed were super easy and fun to do especially since theater kids are so uncoordinated watching them was pretty funny The finished project was pretty cool, but I hope that the actors remember the choreography because I need them to get this right and not put dirt on my name These dances were learned and perfected by nobles and others of upper class status to be performed at parties or other social gatherings There is also a lot of turning in these types of dances. Mostly just a switching position of the lines. The more modern dances that I used come from a stupidly popular games called fortnite I used the dab, along with the shoot dance I also used some of the more common dances like The Caballo El Dorado. A mexican line dance, but I turned it into a partner dance making it seem more “period” fitting I also used the classic hand jive which is a crowd favorite and it gets people thinking that they know the moves The last dance I used was Macarena which everyone knows and it is especially funny when being used seriously in a period specific play like this one. The dances from this time period are very simplistic and they were more or less reserved for the upper class people in the U.K Most dances involved two lines . (one completely male and the other female.) The lines faced each other and bowed signaling the start of a dance. Renaissance Dances

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