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OSU Presentation

Transcript: Goals of Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty Tight Extension Proximal HA Coated Component Design Loose Extension Loose Flexion Corail Stable Flexion Cemented Distal Femoral Jig: 9mm High Offset Trochanteric Advancement Joint Reconstruction Chalk Talk Stable Extension Total Knee Arthroplasty Great Success! Acetabular Cup Tight Flexion Osteophytes Downsize femur (anterior reference) and upsize insert Increase tibial slope and upsize insert Recess PCL off of femur or tibia and upsize insert Std. Collared Tight Extension Recut distal femur Posterior capsule release Directly Laterilze Stable Extension Summit Lengthen Neck Soft-Tissue Function Component Position Soft-Tissue Tension 40-45 Degrees Loose Flexion +/- 2 Size Tibia-Femur Mismatch Decrease Angle Recut distal femur and upsize insert Posterior capsule release and upsize insert Technical Goals of a Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty Maintain Q Angle Liner Offset Tight Flexion Gription Proximal Porocoat + Fully HA Coated Gap Balancing Matrix Femoral Sizer: 3 degrees of external rotation Prox. Tibia Jig: 3 degrees of posterior slope (PS) 5 degrees of posterior slope (CR) Femoral Stem 15-20 Degrees Downsize femur (anterior reference) and upsize insert Anteriorize femur and upsize insert Increase tibial slope and upsize insert Restore Joint Line Loose Flexion Thinner tibial insert Resect additional tibia THA Stability Variables Porocoat Distal Femoral Jig: 5 degrees of valgus Prox. Tibia Jig: 8-10mm off unaffected/2-4mm off affected Fully HA Coated Decrease tibial slope + thicker insert Recut distal femur + thicker insert Larger femoral component (anterior reference Posteriorize femoral component Tri-Lock 1. Patella resection 2. Distal femur resection 3. Proximal tibia resection 4. Femur preparation (Size and 4 in 1) 5. Tibia Preparation 6. Box preparation (If necessary) 7. Trial components Tight Flexion High Offset Stable Flexion Total Hip Arthroplasty Patella Jig: 7.5/9.5mm Dr. Li Attune TKA Surgical Process Thicker Insert OSU here I come! Implant Fixation Head Length Loose Extension Proximal Porocoat Tight Extension Loose Extension Stable Flexion Osteophytes Downsize femur (Anterior Reference) Anteriorize femoral component Increase tibial slope Recess PCL off of femur or tibia (CR) Std. Collarless Coxa Vara Actis Balance Ligaments Press Fit Proximal Gription Coated Std. Collared Restore Mechanical Alignment Stable Extension

Department of Agricultural Economics

Transcript: Dr. Mark Welch & Dr. John Robinson 979-845-8011 AFCERC.TAMU.EDU 979-845-5911 AGLS 371 Extension Programs Farm Assistance Program ADM American Cyanamid Caterpillar John Deere Capital Farm Credit Multi State Effort Financial Planning Graduate Studies in Agricultural Economics Requires 32 - 36 credit hours A thesis or professional paper is required Specialties include: Finance, Policy, Marketing, Trade, Resources, Commodities, etc. May enter with or without master’s degree Two field areas: Markets and Information Economics and Resource and Environmental Economics Aggie REPS Graduate Studies in Agricultural Economics Undergraduate Organizations What is Taught? Developing and implementing a marketing plan Basic and advanced marketing strategies Fundamental and technical analysis Marketing discipline Weather impact on market prices Over 2000 participants from around the world 25 years of success Networking and follow-up through the Association of Ag Production Executives, AAPEX Over 70 programs each year Over 50,000 students and adults PhD in Agribusiness and Managerial Eocnomics Department of Agricultural Economics HEB Monsanto Tyson Swift Brands AFCERC Asset-based strategies Regional resource alignment Lowell ‘76 & Linda Raun Jim Astin ‘74 John Zacek ‘82 Atlantic Pacific REO Jack Valerius ’87 Steve Chapman ‘74 Aggieland Apartment Finders Frank ‘00 & Misty ’00 Heifrin IRM-SPA & James McGrann ‘73 Bubba Moser ‘01 Doctor of Philosophy Kids & Kows & More Financial Planning Undergraduate Organizations Industry analysis Event impacts Venue/business impacts Rural Entrepreneurship Program The Master Marketer Program Registered program with the CFP Board of Standards Courses are available online Students earn academic credit or extended learning credit Financial Planning minor is in approval process Masters of Science Guest Speakers: NAMA invites speakers from the surrounding community to share their innovative marketing strategies at monthly meetings Extension Programs The Department of Agricultural Economics has 140 graduate students in four programs. These students are representatives of 12 states and 15 countries, including The Master Marketer Program Advanced Agribusiness Management Skills What is a Master Marketer? Instructors are from universities and the private industry Participants include producers, bankers, and elevator and gin managers Goal of understanding market forces and marketing techniques for advantages in the future US International Trade Commission Undergraduate Organizations AES is an organization that embodies Agricultural Economics in its entirety. Members learn about career opportunities from speakers and participate in social events and volunteer activities to get better acquainted with each other and the faculty. AES is the representative of the national Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA), and is involved in the Academic Quiz Bowl held each year. Agriculture & Climate Change Joe ‘74 & Shirley Swinbank Bierschwale Land Company Aaron ‘99, Carmen ‘02, Justin ‘02, & Paul ‘75 Bierschwale Murray ‘73 & Kathi Edwards Goddard-Corrigan Foundation Bill Corrigan ‘01 Global Event Catering Matt ‘99 & Cassie Bobbitt Texas AgFinance Jimmy Wright ’72 & Mark Miller ‘87 Ed ‘74 & Dianne ‘74 Rister Rocking S Ranch Jaret ‘01 & Cassie ‘01 Schulte SKYP Lunches Graduation Reception Hosting Visiting Faculty/Prospective Students Fall Kickoff Aggieland Saturday College of Ag T-Shirt Sales Faculty Appreciation Extension Programs Undergraduate Organizations Employers of Doctoral Graduates The Society of Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate (F.I.R.E.) Employers of Masters Graduates Rural Entrepreneurship Sponsors and Donors Texas A&M Financial Planning Program TAMU Ag Eco Participation in Major Policy Reports National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) Agribusiness, Food, & Consumer Economics Research Center Public/Industry Partnership Agricultural Awareness Marketing Team: Members compete with over 30 universities in a national marketing competition every spring Local Community: NAMA is currently involved with Lemonade Day, which introduces entrepreneurship to kids in the community Our organization seeks to introduce students to career opportunities in the fields of finance, insurance, real estate and related areas such as law, banking, and energy. We encourage our members to build professional relationships and network with industry professionals and employers. Programs rotate between Texas and Oklahoma Approximately 100 attendees for each conference Financial impact of attending the 2014 Conference was estimated to be $6,520 per respondent. Financial Planning for Professionals Insurance and Estate Planning Tax Planning Investment Planning Retirement Planning Financial Planning Capstone Protecting the Environment, Enriching Youth, Improving Health, Growing the Economy, Feeding the World

OSU Presentation

Transcript: Operational Set-up Intro Why? Why? To achieve and maintain a sustainable vertical start-up Without OSU Brewery is finished. Now what? €1.4 mln loss per line Only realising the value of OSU once in "firefighting mode" Without OSU With OSU Training, Safety plan, maintenance plan, .....etc. in order Reduced pressure in later stages With OSU Start OSU Sustainable performance Efficiency Without OSU OSU Gains Gains Estimated loss 1.4* MEur per line Who? Who? Heineken GSC GP&E PMOS OSU YOU OSU Team is divided in dedicated streams that work together to achieve vertical start-up OpCo OpCo OSU Operational Set-up POD People Set-up & Training SHE Safety, Environment & Waste Management QA Quality & Food Safety Maintenance Maintenance Production Production and Utilities Processes WHSE Logistics & Warehouse S & OP Planning Sales & Operations Planning Infrastructure Infrastructure PM ENGINEER Global OSU GP&E GP&E Supplier Supplier What is available for OSU to achieve the goal? What? Capability What? Capability Parallel to Project Roadmap OSU Roadmap OSU Roadmap Conceptual design Basic Design Procurement Realisation Operation Initial Assesment Initial Assesment Leadership and Strategy Leadership and Strategy Planning and Risk Assesment Planning and Risk Assesment Basic Foundations Basic Foundations Start-up Start-up Performance Confirmation Performance Confirmation Sustainable Performance Sustainable Performance OSU Dashboard Deliverables list Job Descriptions Tools Tools Must Win Battles How? To a faster and cheaper start-up followed by sustainable performance Across all battles: Team working and Green behaviors Continuous improvement and Learning from past experience Leadership - Resources Select the right OSU Manager on time. Establish capable OSU team with enough time/OSU as priority. Define project succes as brewery/OpCo priority. OpCo Commitment OpCo Commitment OSU Manager Job Profile OSU Manager Job Profile OSU Team Structure OSU Team Structure Scope - Budget Select/Define Macro-deliverables Exhaustive OSU Budget: This is an investment one off Investment for Succes Investment for Succes Navigator - Best OSU Strategy Navigator - Best OSU Strategy OSU Fund Application Checklist OSU Fund Application Checklist Team - Sustained OSU Know starting points: Current operations / Country assesment Define target for the whole project (5M) based on business need First year results follow up Target Setting & Results Target Setting & Results Current Operations Assesment Current Operations Assesment Target Setting Workbook & Governance Target Setting Workbook & Governance First Year Workbook & Governance First Year Workbook & Governance LOI Resolution Speed Up LOI Resolution Speed Up Start up - Risk Assesment Issue a clear planning in line with equipment planning Detailed start up (5M) planning Highlight and manage risks OSU progress reporting Planning to Readiness Planning to Readiness OSU Deliverables Roadmap & Checklist OSU Deliverables Roadmap & Checklist Detailed Start up (5M) Planning Detailed Start up (5M) Planning Streams Planning & Risk Assesment Workbook Streams Planning & Risk Assesment Workbook OSU Progress Report OSU Progress Report Change Management Training Strong recruitment process Operators will determine final results --> Involvement in project Succesfull PRACTICAL training and development process Early People Engagement Early People Engagement People Set Up & SCALE Training Process People Set Up & SCALE Training Process Operators Questionnaire Operators Questionnaire 3 Pillars 3 Pillars Training Training Achieved Achieved Available docs Available docs Next steps Next steps Brewery Support Brewery Support Achieved Achieved Available Docs Available Docs Next steps Next steps PM/CAPEX Roadmap PM/CAPEX Roadmap Achieved Achieved Available Docs Available Docs Next Steps Next Steps

OSU Presentation

Transcript: Your Crops are talking to you... Are you listening? About Us About Us 3 years of experience Worked in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California We also do: pile calculations, assisstance with land surveying, 3D modeling, video production, live streaming, ect. Drones/UAV/UAS Drones/UAV/UAS Drone: Common Term UAV: Unmaned Aerial Vehicle UAS: Unmaned Aerial System Types of Drones Types of Drones Sensors Sensors * Sensor: Detects light spectrum that can be seen by the human eye. * Uses: Aerial Mapping and imaging, photogrammetry ( i.e. 3D modeling), plant counting, elevation mapping, ect. RGB/Visual RGB/Visual Multispectral Multispectral NDVI: Normalized DIfference Vegitation Index * Not to be confused with False NDVI This is done with normal RGB cameras and the results are not NEARLY as accurate. Uses: Determining plant health, count individual plants, ect. How NDVI Works As the plants become stressed the chlorophil becomes less reflective and shows a lower reflective value on the final processed scan. These reflecitve values are then color coded into a easily read map. How NDVI Works Collecting the immages: We come out 2-3+ times a year to scan the fields and retrieve the immages. Then process them. ***Aprox 500 immages taken Donna Delparte, a professior at the UofI, recently came out with a study on using NDVI scanning to find PVY in Potatoes with a 90% accuracy * The Future of NDVI The Future of NDVI Thermal Thermal Uses: Heat signature detection, Livestock detection, water temperature and water source detection, haystack evaluation Lidar Lidar What is?: laser light to densely sample the surface of the earth, producing highly accurate x,y,z measurements Uses: 3D Immaging, vegitation annalysis, highly accurate readings, object detection ect. Drones in Agriculture Drones in Agriculture Crop Monitoring Crop Monitoring • Diseases • Insects • Weeds • Crop Progress • Crop Stress Mapping Replanting Decisions Drainage Issues Crop Insurance Claims Yield Estimation Soil/Vegetation Moisture Monitoring Creation of variable application rate shape files Checking for Equipment malfunction Mapping Horizontal red lines show areas where the planter malfunctioned and missed planting entire rows of potatoes What else? What else? Plant counting Shape files for Variable Rate distribution (seed, fertalizer, water, pestasides, ect) NDVI maps can be overlaid with: Soil maps Shapefiles variable-rate spreader maps Visible image mosaics Harvest yield maps Google Earth maps GIS survey maps Aerial Imagery becomes more valuable over time Aerial Imagery becomes more valuable over time Regulations Regulations Commercial flights of any kind require the pilot to be liscenced through the FAA. (Note: The FAA considers commercial ANY flight that benifits your buisness with or with out monitary compensation) Commercial Commercial Private/recreational flights must still abide by many of the same regulations as commercial pilots. Registration of your drone is still undecided by the FAA, please check the regulation to keep your self up to date. Private/Recreational Private/Recreational Drones Vs. Satelite Drones Vs. Satelite Factors Influencing the Data Cloud cover Wind Sunlight Intensity Sun Angle- SUNSPOTS! Time of Day Time of watering crops Pros and Cons of Drones Pros and Cons of Drones Pro's: Less expensive than traditional aircraft Can scan on cloudy day Scans can be scheduled around watering, delayed, or otherwise moved. Resolution of aprox 1 pixel per 2 inches or less Use less chemicals and water Improve productivity/yield Con: Slower scan due to limited battery life Less acerage can be scanned in a day in comparison to satellite Cost of purchase of equipment FAA liscencing More Expensive than satelite Pro's and Con's of Satellites Pro's and Con's of Satellites Pro's: Less expensive due to 'bulk' selling Can accomplish more accerage in a day Use less chemicals and water Improve productivity Working with a large buisness for your scanns Con's: Working with a large buisness for your scanns Cannot scan on cloudy day Resolution of aprox 1 pixel per 6-15 feet Little to no operational flexibility due to rotations arround the globe Factors Influencing the Data Cloud cover Wind Sunlight Intensity Sun Angle- SUNSPOTS! Time of Day Time of watering crops Immagry Differences Immagry Differences Best Practices How to get the best quality drone scans Best Practices How to get the best scans... How to get the best scans... Consistent time of day or each scan Reflectance can cause sun spots in imagery Avoid adverse weather conditions Can affect image quality, and safety Scan arround watering schedule (before or after) Watering Schedule Watering Schedule Water and nutrient application can change results rapidly Examples Examples Quinoa Quinoa 1st Scan 2nd Scan Final Scan RGB of 2nd Scan Soil Conditions Potato Crop Dusting Issue Overspray From Neighboring Crop Potatoes Misc.

OSU Presentation

Transcript: City of Columbus, Software Engineer Start Here! Open a Browser, Navigate To: Jaclyn Cardillo ABOUT ME What does a software engineer do? - Jack of all trade - Database administration - Build & Manage Applications - Design Systems & Provide Solutions - Work with Servers & IT Infrastructure Background MY BACKGROUND Grew up in Florida Attended UCF Played Soccer Graduated in 2011 Cooking Traveling Moved to CBUS CBUS GIS CITY OF COLUMBUS GIS STATS - Esri based software - Support over 40 Applications - 350 ArcGIS Desktop Users - 7 Databases with over 340 datasets - 32 Servers DEPARTMENTS DEPARTMENTS Street Maintenance (Public Service) Utilities Police & Fire Rec & Parks Building & Zoning Development Health Other - Attorney's Office, HR, Civil Service ROLES / APPS GIS ROLES Managers Engineers (Software) Technicians APPS Analysts ArcGIS Online ArcGIS Desktop Third Party Applications ArcGIS Server Development - Public Input App Recent Projects Recent Projects Utilities - Lead App Street Maintenance - Snow Plow App Enterprise - Routing App REGIONAL GIS CBUS GIS Community Regional Partners - MORPC - OSU - COTA - Columbus 2020 - Columbus Partnership State Agencies - ODOT - OGRIP - EPA - DNR Other Governments - Dublin - Westerville - Gahanna - Grove City Counties - Franklin - Delaware - Fairfield - 85 others in Ohio SCHOOL TO JOB TIMELINE May 2011 Jan 2015 April 2012 NOW SCHOOL TO JOB CHALLENGING Big Career Decision Point Second GIS Job! Meetings & Conference Self Learn & Portfolio Dec 2011 Dec 2012 2010 2013 OPPORTUNITIES Job Growth 2016 - 2026 19% 30% Cartographers and Photogrammetrists Salary $63,000 Bachelors Degree #Jobs 12,600 - Bureau of Labor Statistics Software Developers and Applications Salary $100,000 Bachelors Degree #Jobs 1,256,200 System Administrator Specialty Service Desktop User IoT Augmented Reality GIS Areas of Focus / Specialization SECTORS INDUSTRIES Where can GIS take you? Business Insurance Retail Manufacturing Real Estate Banking Media & Entertainment Supply Chain Government Natural Resources Public Safety Transportation Utilities Other Agriculture Climate, Weather, and Atmosphere Conservation Environmental Management Forestry Mining Oceans Petroleum Water Resources Emergency Call-Taking, CAD, and RMS Emergency/Disaster Management Fire and Emergency Services Homeland/National Security Law Enforcement Electric Gas Pipeline Telecommunications Water Utilities Education Non-Profits Health & Human Services Mapping Statistics Imagery Sustainable Development Airports & Aviation Highways Ports & Maritime Public Transport Railways Federal, State, Local Defense Intelligence Resilient Communities Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Economic Development Elections & Redistricting Facilities Land Administration Public Works Survey Urban & Regional Planning Q and A Q and A Top 3 Tips Find what you are passionate about Get Experience Show up, do great work & have a good attitude

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