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Transcript: Warping Ripping or distressing of jeans, though also arising naturally as a result of wear and tear, is sometimes deliberately performed by suppliers - with distressed clothing sometimes selling for more than a non distressed pair. ... Inspection Flow chart of Denim Manufacturing Denim Gold rush Yarn Dyeing Train tracks The used or "acid wash" look is created by means of abrading the jeans or treating them with chemicals, such as acrylic resin, phenol, hypochlorite, potassium permanganate, caustic soda, acids etc. Top 10 Manufacturer of World Denim Denim product's Spinning Size Box Chemical treatment Denim coat for dogs and pets Winding Finishing Expected to become 58.2$ billion by 2016 Global demand growing at 5%, supply at 8% Global Denim fabrics production in 2014-2.7 billion Between Eu, Us and China, 70% of world jeans consumption Estimated share of jeans purchase by - North America: 39% - European Union: 20% -Japan & Korea: 10% - Rest of the world: 31% Top Jeans Brand’s by Sell Levi Strauss & Co Diesel Wrangler Pepe Jeans London Lee Lee Cooper Calvin Klein G-star Armani True Religion Warp sheet Sizing Winding Whiskers Used and distressed looks Used and distressed looks tent Coiler Faded Appearance United States Of America European Union China Japan Korea Stacks Bags Capri pants Dresses Hats Socks Shoes Skirts Shirts Delivery History of Denim Sizing machine Stretch Poly Ring Bull Printed Slub etc. Sandblasting Denim Helmet Dryer Global Denim Statistics Nime in 17th Century Denim Wedding dress Creel Products made of Denim Yarn Dyeing Type of Denim Folding and packing Waxing Device sail Sizing Top Importer of World Denim Combs or honeycombs Weaving Heat setting Sandpaper Pumice stone Yarn Collection from Spinning factory cover Patterns of fading in jeans, caused by prolonged periods of wearing them without washing, had become the main allure of dry Denim. Such patterns are a way of "personalizing" the garment. Patterns of fading China North America India Brazil Turkey Pakistan Italy Bangladesh Japan Srilanka Weaving History of Denim Manufacturing of Denim Special treatments International Market Physical treatment Warping


Transcript: Milan Fashion Week TREND BOARD April Harper's Bazaar Content Analysis HISTORY DENIM x DENIM January: Gigi Hadid wearing a Bebe jumpsuit. Tommy Hilfiger Raw denim School time This is where denim on denim started. Workers didn't just want pants that were durable, they wanted whole outfits. Denim overalls and jean jackets were paired with denim pants. Large presence of denim in high fashion ads Denim accessories as a major Spring trend Dressed up denim: the new power-suit January... DENIM x DENIM Karen Walker Raw denim Coats & trousers 70’s vibe Free People Denim Shop Elvis with a double-denim look in 1962. Burberry High light of the fashion week Denim jackets Sense of ease and casualness Traditional denim is dyed a shade of blue or indigo - ranging from light blue to dark indigo Black and white denim has become mainstreamed as well. Levi Strauss Co. originally made denim for working miners. January 1 Model wearing head-to-toe denim from Gucci Spring '15 Free People: Denim Shop In 2001, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake appeared at the American Music Awards wearing all denim - everyone was in total disbelief. Little did we know that 15 years later the trend would return in full swing for Spring 2015. Brian Johnson of AC/DC February: Denim originally was brought to America by the French. In the 1800’s denim really exploded in the work force. Many miners, farmers, and railroad workers used denim because it was durable and withstood water. New York Fashion Week In the 1950’s, denim became socially acceptable to wear. Big names like John Wayne, a famous western cowboy, introduced denim as casual wear. EXPERT OPINION Vogue Content Analysis 2010 H&M Advertisement DRAPED DENIM February 15 March 9 Printed Denim Continued trend of luxury and tailored denim Height of trend's exposure First mention of head-to-toe denim being a trend for women over 40 Featured in both Gucci ads Less exposure than in March Primarily shown as a trend for women 40 and older Direct comparison to the seventies Double denim really exploded in the 70’s and 80’s. Between hippies and rock stars, everyone was decked out in denim. They wore flare jeans paired with chambray shirts and tight denim pants paired with denim vests; any double-denim look was acceptable. from her new single “FourFiveSeconds.” This look was actually created by featuring artist Kanye West; the belted oversize coat came from Mr. West’s own closet. Rihanna described the outfit as “some Sean John throwback vintage jacket that is f@#*ing major.” (Ostroff) Paris Fashion Week Celebrity Spotlight: The good girl gone bad has reached fashion icon status and pulls off even the most avante garde with elegance. She is no stranger to the Denim on Denim trend and seems to have even perfected the look adorned in denim in many promotions of her upcoming eighth studio album R8. WHAT TO LOOK FOR Printed Denim Draped Denim Formal Wear HEAD TO TOE IN DENIM Beyond pants and chambrays Ray-Ban sunglasses Louis Vuitton bootie VW Bug paint in “Stonewash” & soft top in denim-look The Oskosh B’gosh classic denim-on-denim look How Marques'Almeida Gave Jeans a New Life Chloé Military inspired with pockets Denim skirts, shirts, knits & jumpsuits Color palette January 2 Denim Finishes April 8 April: Editorials and Advertisements Repeat of Levi ad Similar styles The '70s as a current major trend Editorial showing a model in

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