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Transcript: Introduction Prezi Prezi provides computer users with creation tools to create better style and effects in their presentations. Prezi uses the concept of Pathway Points instead of slides to give the visual cinematic appeal of their presentations. Advantages: • Present on multiple platforms • can share with work colleagues • Can be used by wide range of users • easy to learn how to use • Cost effective. With a free option • can work on the presentation offline Disadvantages: • Creating presentations is mainly template driven • Applying customization to slides is difficult Haiku Deck is a template based platform that allows home users and business users to create elegant looking presentations. Haiku Deck has 35 inbuilt templates and 35 million stock photos that can be used within any slide templates. This type of software has the characteristics of both CustomShow and Microsoft PowerPoint. Advantages: • Easy to use • Does not consume much computer resources • Many customization options Disadvantage: • Does not work offline • Does not allow full customization of presentations In this task I will be looking at three alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft PowerPoint is a complete presentation graphics application. It includes tools needed to produce a professional presentations. PowerPoint offers word processing, outlining, drawing, graphing, and presentation management tool. Features of Microsoft PowerPoint: • When creating a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint, the presentation is made up of a series of slides. The slides created using Microsoft PowerPoint can also be presented as photographs or slides. • In addition to slides, printing audience hand-outs, outlines, and speaker's notes. • Formatting all of the slides in a presentation using the built in slide master. • Possible to import data from other Microsoft products, such as Word and Excel into any of chosen slide. Customshow is a presentation application most commonly in businesses and companies that have more than 25 employees. This particular software allows companies and businesses to build better custom branded presentations that allow designs of a higher level than Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Advantages: • Ability to create customized and branded presentations • Slides are automatically saved on the cloud • Ability to deliver presentations online and offline • Supported on multiple devices • can upload Microsoft PowerPoint slides Disadvantages: • Consumes a lot of computer resources • Costly Haiku Deck CustomShow

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Transcript: Investor Pitch Deck 11/24/2020 Opportunity The Opportunity There are a lot of people that don't have time to walk their dog. Many people would be willing to pay somebody to walk their dog and take them outside to go to the bathroom while they are at work. The Problem The Problem People have problem No Dog Walks Dog Walking Service Happy People Sad People Some people have to work all day and nobody is home to take the dog for a walk. This leads to the dogs having accidents in the house. The Solution Mr. Kraus's Dog Walking Service offers a professional and reliable dog walking experience. We provide peace of mind by ensuring pets get enough exercise and don't have accidents in the house. We even provide waste removal services! The Solution The Market Our target market consists of dog owners that live within two miles of town. The Market Market Size Market Size $5 $5,000 200 potential customers per dog possible weekly income Competitive Analysis Competitive Analysis There are currently no other businesses offering dog walking services in our area. We have an untapped pool of potential customers and already have a list of people interested in our services. Our Solution Provide high quality dog walking, training, and waste removal services. Our Solution Product Dog walks Dog training Waste removal Product Invest Today! Earn money by helping fund our dog walking service. A portion of all profits will go to you. Why to Invest About Me About Me Mr. Kraus Experienced Dog Walker

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Transcript: Slide #5: The Current Problem (2) Slide #15: The Ask! A pitch deck cannon crescendo without a clear ask-- aka what you are looking for... What size investment are you looking for? How long does it get you? How will you spend it? What are goals before raising the next round? How else can the investors help? This is commonly overlooked but easy to create! Slide #1: The Big Idea (1) Logo, company image, Expanded company 1-liner and The Big Vision: Today and Tomorrow Slide #8: Your Solution. Why now? (2) Slide #6: The Current Problem (3) Slide #3: Why us? The Team: Why are you the right team for solving this problem? Include management team and advisers, investors. Include bios with key, relevant experience. Outline division of responsibilities. Think about this as an expanded AngelList team profile. Slide #2: The Big Idea (2) Slide #4: The Market... The Current Problem (1) Customer/ consumer pains? How are they solving today? Slide #14: What's The Future? 12months and Out So far, you've spend the deck outlining team, product and success to date. Now talk about what's next... And how it ties into the big vision and the fundraising ask. What are the next 12 - 24 months of : Product Performance People Finances Slide #13: Traction and Validation (3) Slide #12: Traction and Validation (2) Slide #10: Your Solution. Why now? (4) Slide #11: Traction and Validation (1) Your Product... Your Traction You've set the stage... now show off the product and traction/ validation: I want to know: Is the product resonating? Is it trending in the right direction? Engagement, Engagement, Engagement... engagement data leading to user acquisition! What are your KPIs? Goals? What are your acquisition, usage, retention metrics? Slide #9: Your Solution. Why now? (3) Slide #7: Your Solution. How will they solve with you? How is it different than market? Why Now? (1) Why is solution possible today? Why is it right for today, tomorrow? How big is the market? How big can you be? What value are you creating? Be realistic!

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Transcript: PGY1 Residency DI Longitudinal Drug literature evaluation activities throughout the year Spring activities shift focus to creative methods of lit eval Exploring other types of trials: harm, meta-analysis... Landmark trials series Try different discussion formats (Town hall mtg, debate) Quick take journal club: Anything but powerpoint PowToons Prezi Leader in DIY animation Allows user to create animated videos that are engaging with or without audio. Advantages: customizable, easy to use Disadvantages: may not be suitable for a live presentation Background PowToons Prezi Haiku deck Keynote Kahoot (audience participation tool) Quizlet (next time) Creative Alternatives to Powerpoint Uses ZOOM and transitions to new space on the same slide to create a unique effect. Uses the concept of Pathway Points to create a nonlinear presentation Advantages: easy to use, lots of open source templates Disadvantages: can cause motion sickness, very template driven Objectives Alternatives to Powerpoint Give it a try! Creativity takes COURAGE. - H. Matisse Creativity is intelligence having FUN... Creativity is CONTAGIOUS - pass it on! - A. Einstein Introduce alternatives to powerpoint. Demonstrate a tool to facilitate audience participation Spark interest in audience to try a ppt alternative in the future. Inspire creativity in myself and others. Introduce alternatives to powerpoint. Demonstrate a tool to facilitate audience participation Spark interest in audience to try a ppt alternative in the future. Inspire creativity in myself and others. Try something new... Example alternatives to powerpoint... Haiku Deck Objectives Open the Kahoot app on your smartphone ENTER GAME PIN Jennifer Stark, Pharm.D., BCPS Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks Template based platform that creates elegant looking presentations through constraints... Millions of stock photos readily available for use Advantages: easy to use and useful for brainstorming Disadvantages: cannot truly customize templates any way you want, not free Audience Participation with Kahoot

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