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David and Goliath

Transcript: Who are the Philistines The Origins of the Philistines has been hard to pinpoint because they were notorious sailors and left traces all over the Mediterranean and mainland Asia. However by analyzing the name and accounts of their armor historians have been able to be more precise. The name Philistine could also be translated as Phylistine, the Greek word Phyle means Tribe, and Histie is the Greek Goddess of the Hearth. This means the Philistines could have been located close to Mycenae, in the northern Mediterranean region, originally. The Goddess Histie was much more highly revered, and Hearths are much more commonly found in northern Greece. When all of this is put together it makes a quite strong case that the Philistines originate from the northern Mediterranean region (6) After The Philistines came to settle in Palestine, they set up two major cities. The two cities were Gath and Ekron. Gath, being closer to the Israelite border, was the epicenter of many wars and skirmishes. The City changed hands between the two many timtoes and was constantly in political Turmoil. Ekron was a much more stable city as it was too far away from the Israelite border for it to be fought over. Thus it was the “Capitol”, if you will, of the Philistine Territory. The Gath we speak of is not to be confused with a Canaanite city that some believe to have exist also referred as Gath in some places in the bible. (7) The Philistines first show up in history around 1200 B.C.E in Egypt, while Ramses III was Pharaoh. The Egyptians describe them as Sea People, or Pulasti, from the north. After they came through Egypt they went up north and settled by the Israelites in modern day Palestine. The term Palestine can be translated as land of the Philistines . The Egyptians Called the Philistines Keftiu, meaning people coming from Crete. Although most Historians believe that the Term Keftiu was actually used to describe the entire Mediterranean Sea region including modern day Greece. This belief is further supported because the Hebrews calling the Philistines Caphtor, Caphtor is believed to be the Hebrew equivalent to the term Keftiu. (5) The philistines and the Israelites are in their Origins very similar as both came up through Egypt and settled in Canaan. Both came through and conquered enemies and became formidable enemies to each other. The bible gives us a skewed view of this as it is written by the Jews. Although it has been suggested that in fact the Israelites were often times the aggressors in the ongoing wars between the two. (8) David vs. Goliath David on the other hand, is the exact opposite of Goliath in almost every way possible. Rather than being an enormous warrior, David is a young boy who simply took care of his father’s sheep. He was the youngest son of “an Ephrathite of Bethlehem in Judah, named Jesse” (1 Samuel 17: 12). David Figuratively speaking, the five stones that David used to kill Goliath represent five different components that make up an ego. These components are “form, feelings or emotions, cognition, volition, consciousness”(4) . However, his belief in God is what really allowed him to take on such a giant because “the lord will deliver you into my hand” (1 Samuel 17: 46). 4. Ibid Archeologists findings have showed evidence that Goliath's armor that was depicted in the Bible does not coincide with their findings from the Philistine’s actualarmor(9). Archeologist K. Galling found that the shield and helmet that "The Philistine" was supposed to be wearing is not accurate with the rounder shields of the Philistines(10). "He had a helmet of bronze on his head, and he war armed with a coat of mail" (1 Samuel 17:5). Role David and Goliath is a very well known and respected story from the Bible in the book of Samuel. There have been many controversies whether or not this story is factually accurate o r a mythical parable. Whether or not this story was truly factual accurate, the morals and ideals that have been taken away from it have much more value. His appearance makes him seem very intimidating but it also provides clues to what Goliath stands for. Looking at the statistics of his body weight, height, weapons, etc. it shows that Goliath is “six cubits high, has 6 pieces of armor, and his spearhead weighs 600 shekels”(2) . All these statistics involve the number 6, or 666, which shows the sign of the evil inside of us. In this case the evil is our own ego (3). 2. ibid 3. ibid Archeologists findings have showed evidence that Goliath's armor that was depicted in the Bible does not coincide with their findings from the Philistine’s actualarmor.2 Archeologist K. Galling found that the shield and helmet that "The Philistine" was supposed to be wearing is not accurate with the rounder shields of the Philistines.3 "He had a helmet of bronze on his head, and he war armed with a coat of mail" (1 Samuel 17:5). Role In the story Goliath is represented as a giant warrior who appears out from the Philistine camp during


Transcript: WHAT TYPE OF WRITING/ LITERARY FORM IS THE PASSAGE AND WHY DO YOU THINK THIS? We can apply the story to our lives by respecting everyone around us and to never underestimate anyone. By: MADDI DAVIS God David King Saul Samuel – Prophet Philistines Giant – Goliath Israelites King Saul army Jesse (David’s father) Jesse’s 8 sons (David’s 7 brothers) Where and when the story takes place? WHAT HAPPENS? I thought that the writing form for the passage would be a myth because giants aren't real and because you cant slingshot a rock at someones head (especially a giants head) and kill them now can you? So this is my opinion of the literary style of this bible story. It takes place in Israel. The war went on for forty days. The author of this bible story may have included the story because it tells us that good things come in small packages and not to judge a book by its cover. David proved these quotes to his father and his seven brothers by defeating Goliath. Why might the author have included the story/stories How can we apply the story to our lives today? Samuel is sent by god to Jesse to find the future king of Israel. Samuel arrives and Jesse calls upon his 8 sons, only 7 come, God tells Samuel to look into their hearts not at them. None of them are the future king, so he asks where the 8th is. Jesse says he is guarding the sheep. Samuel goes to see the 8th son, his name is David and he is playing a harp whilst looking after the sheep. HE IS THE ONE! Three of Jesse’s sons are called to go to war, and then they will fight for the people of Israel. They are blessed by their father and David is not blessed. However he wants to fight for the people of Israel too, he told his brothers that he was brave and strong but his father and his brothers did not believe him they just stopped and laughed. Meanwhile King Soul was leading the army of Israelites and the enemy the philistines had a giant on their side. His name was Goliath. David was challenged to fight Goliath. David pulled out his sling shot and rock and he fired it at Goliath. It hit him smack bang in the middle of his forehead. David had defeated Goliath. David takes Goliaths sword and uses it against the rightful owner Goliath. David slices of the giants head. David wins the fight and proved his brothers and his father wrong. CHARACTERS DAVID AND GOLIATH

David and Goliath

Transcript: David and Goliath Caraline Means Biblical Story The story begins in 1 Samuel 17 at the Valley of Elah, with the Philistine forces on one side, and the Israelites on the other. Goliath Why was everyone so afraid of him? Goliath: Philistine army HUGE height of 6 cubits & a span very strong bronze helmet bronze coat of scales weighing 5000 shekels impenetrable bronze Greaves spear's shaft was as wide as a weaver's rod and iron point weighed 600 shekels Shouted insults and challenges twice a day for 40 days 1 Samuel 17 8 Goliath stood and shouted to the ranks of Israel, “Why do you come out and line up for battle? Am I not a Philistine, and are you not the servants of Saul? Choose a man and have him come down to me. 9 If he is able to fight and kill me, we will become your subjects; but if I overcome him and kill him, you will become our subjects and serve us.” 10 Then the Philistine said, “This day I defy the armies of Israel! Give me a man and let us fight each other.” On the other side of the valley, an Ephrathite man named Jesse had eight sons: the first 3 were fighting in King Saul's army; the youngest, David, tended to his dad's sheep. Jesse asked David to take some food to his brothers and their leaders where they were stationed, and return with news of how they were doing. David obeyed. He delivered the goods to their appropriate locations and found his brothers to get the assurance his father desired. Just as David was asking them how they were, Goliath began shouting his daily dares, which interested David. The men around David began explaining to him the usual routine of Goliath, and his determination to defy Israel. They also explained the reward King Saul was offering to whoever could annihilate this giant: great wealth his daughter's hand in marriage family exemption from taxes As David’s brothers realized that he was considering taking advantage of this opportunity, they immediately grew angry with him, interpreted his bravery as foolishness, and lost all faith in him, yet David’s mind remained unchanged. Word of David’s enthusiasm reached the king, who sent for him, but quickly rejected his offer when he saw him, stating that he was only a young man, whereas Goliath had been a warrior his whole life. David, on the other hand, was not looking at his own size and ability, though, but at God’s. 1 Samuel 17 34 But David said to Saul, “Your servant has been keeping his father’s sheep. When a lion or a bear came and carried off a sheep from the flock, 35 I went after it, struck it and rescued the sheep from its mouth. When it turned on me, I seized it by its hair, struck it and killed it. 36 Your servant has killed both the lion and the bear; this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, because he has defied the armies of the living God. 37 The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.” After this, Saul no longer had any argument, and told David, “Go, and the Lord be with you.” Saul offered his armor to David, but after trying it on and finding it to be too heavy and restrictive, he politely refused, and set out to battle with nothing but his slingshot and five stones he picked up along the way. When Goliath noticed that Saul sent a young man, little more than a boy to be his opponent, he was greatly offended, and began to shout insults and threats at David. 1 Samuel 43 He said to David, “Am I a dog, that you come at me with sticks?” And the Philistine cursed David by his gods. 44 “Come here,” he said, “and I’ll give your flesh to the birds and the wild animals!” 45 David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. 46 This day the Lord will deliver you into my hands, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head. This very day I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds and the wild animals, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel. 47 All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.” With these words, the two opponents began to run toward the other, weapons in hand and ready to attack. David reached into his shepherd’s bag, pulled out a stone, slung it, and struck Goliath square in the forehead. As the stone made its impact and sunk into the giant’s head, he fell facedown to the ground. Triumphant, David returned to the Israelite army with Goliath’s sword and head in either hand. When the Philistines realized that the seemingly invincible Goliath was dead, they turned and ran. The Israelites, with their newfound bravery and fervor, surged forward and defeated the rest of the Philistine army. Sizes and Measurements Goliath's height (Bible) 6 cubits & a span 9'6" (18in cubit) 11' (21in cubit) Goliath's height (other ancient

david and goliath

Transcript: Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr by maggie crespo And Finally Introduction david's benefits a jewish story david had to plow the land and heard the sheep david was a peasent goliath had to fight in wars and make sure they win golaith was a nine foot tall warrior just because you cant do one thing does not mean you cant do some thing other Benefits goliath's benefits david had stabed the 9'' beast and saved his town. this proves that eney on could do any thing Goliath was a nine-foot-tall soldier from Gath. He bragged that he could beat any Israelite soldier who would fight him. But all the Israelite soldiers were afraid to fight him. David was a young shepherd boy who believed in God. He said, "The Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear, will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine." David took his sling and five smooth stones from the brook. Then he went to fight Goliath. King Saul wanted to put his heavy armor and helmet on David. He also tried to give David a big sword, but David said he could not wear them. He knew that his strength and protection came from God. Goliath cursed the boy coming out to fight him. David said to the Philistine, "You come against me with sword and spear and javelin; but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied." David threw a stone with his sling at Goliath. It hit Goliath in the forehead and the giant fell face down. Without a sword in his hand he struck down the giant and killed him. David believed in God, and God helped him win over the giant. the story david and goliath

David and Goliath

Transcript: Sources 1 Samuel 17:1-57 from the New American Standard Version Image Sources By: Eric Bushue The Israelites are at war with the Philistines. Jesse, David's father sends his eldest sons to battle but keeps David behind to tend the sheep.The army of Israel is taunted by Goliath the giant but no one dares to face him. David is sent by his father to bring food to his brothers and sees Goliath. He hears Goliath's blasphemy and and tells King Saul that he will go to fight the giant. David persuades King Saul to let him fight Goliath and Saul equips David with his armor and sword, but the armor was too big and David chose not use them. David instead went to a brook and chose five smooth stones and a stick as his weapons... The Story of David and Goliath Goliath is Defeated by Faith One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest David and Goliath David the Shepherd Boy Goliath had the overwhelming advantage of strength, experience, and efficient military weapons so logically he should have one David faced the impossible challenge of killing the giant Philistine but was able to succeed because of the power of God David realized the power he possessed by showing faith when he killed the lion and bear and by using this confidence in the power of God he had the courage to face the giant It was David's faith that gave him the ability to defeat Goliath and without it he would not have stood a chance Text jsdahfds Point 4 The Story of David and Goliath continued... Since David was left to tend the sheep instead of being sent to fight in battle like his brothers one can assume that David was young and lacking in physical strength or any battle experience David came from humble beginnings and was obviously the underdog in the fight against Goliath The physical strength which David lacked was made up for by his strong faith in God David approaches Goliath and immediately Goliath mocks him for his size and curses him. David ran at him and slung one of his stones which struck Goliath in the forehead. When Goliath fell from the blow David took the giant's sword and cut off his head. The Philistines then fled in fear and the Israelites chased after them and killed the Philistines. Goliath was a giant Champion Philistine from Gath His height was six cubits and a span (roughly ten feet), his armor weighed 5,000 shekels of bronze (125 pounds), and the head of his spear weighed 600 shekels (15 pounds) Goliath had immense strength and military prowess which made defeating him in one on one combat a virtually impossible feat, especially for the young sheppard boy David Goliath the Giant Philistine

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