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Transcript: Going Beyond Cars South Cone “Four wheels move your body, two wheels move your soul.” Nicola Miller Landscape Buenos Aires ecofriendly transportation system is collapsing Ranked among the most bike friendly cities in 2015 and 2017 No other bike service other than the city’s public bikes (10,000 – 12,000 average trips per day) The electric scooter market is going through major shifts What’s in it for us? The LATAM region has grown 31% YOY and on top of that, Argentina is one of our worldwide High priority markets. Those countries delivered Gross Bookings growth in Q4 2019 that was more than four times the company’s overall metrics If we can catch half of the average trips per day, we could be talking of up to 5M increase in net sales. Bike User Profile 4,000 bikes spread in 379 stations Male users represent 54% of total registered users Around 75% of users sit in the 20-40 years old range Around 10,000 to 12,000 trips per day Average trip last 20 minutes Electric Scooter landscape Competition is not big – Lime has just abandoned market Approximately 300,000 travels last year per data from competition Public transportation market saturated, especially in peak hours Room for improvement in terms of market share: only 34.7% of Lime users took the scooters to commute, and 23% of those users thought that it was the fastest way to travel Market Research Research question: would a new transportation service be embraced by the citizens and be profitable for us? Key metrics to be evaluated: operating expenses, sales amount and ROI Market research budget: 50,000 USD Analytics research needs to be carried out to determine the likelihood of the response if we launch our bikes or scooters. A more thorough market research will allow us to fully understand the Buenos Aires ecofriendly transportation landscape. Final business case consolidated and put forward for approval. Questions? Next Steps Thank you!


Transcript: WHAT MEDIA CHANNELS WILL PROMOTE THE BUSINESS? My product will be different from the rest and stand out, as no-one has ever thought of designing or creating a product that its first priority must benefit the public and their views on it. As my product is something new and unique, I will be launching and introducing my product by having trials and giveaways at dance studios and gyms, as a result of recognizing the product not only as a picture on flyers but actually having the experience with the brush, making the product desirable to women. Starting up my business, I will not require any employees as it only needs one person for operation, so all I need is myself as the manager. Preparing For Lift-Off. ELEGANT A manager, or accountant to assist with the financial side of the business. BUSINESS PLAN Preparing For Lift-Off. SAVINGS; BLUE GRANTS; ORANGE WHO ARE THE TARGET CUSTOMERS? Considering my product is make-up based, I have decided that my target customers will be females 15-24, ranging from middle to high income, for the purpose of the product will be expensive and only affordable to those that earn a reasonable amount of income. My product will be immediately globalised through social media as social media has a great impact on the world today, meaning everyone will be able to have a view of the product. FLOOR-PLAN FOR THE BUSINESS: WHAT DO YOU NEED TO PURCHASE BEFORE DAY ONE OPERATION? HOW MANY EMPLOYEES WILL BE NEEDED? KEY FEATURES OF THE FLOOR PLAN: Location, location. An Australian Business Number (ABN) is required, as my business needs the ability to claim back goods and services tax and making deals with other large businesses, creating a smoother path. Business idea. As the manager I will need the following skills and experiences to operate a successful business. Communication and leadership skills; having good communication skills in a work place is all about being able to convey the information to people clearly and simply, in a way that is understood and tasks get done, as well transmitting and receiving messages clearly, and being able to address your audience. Planning and organisational skills; a manager needs to be on top of everything, making it easier to run a successful business. Administrative and computer skills, as my business is online, I will need to be able to operate a computer and develop knowledge. With all these expectations, I will be able to run an efficient business. Business idea. CRUNCH THOSE NUMBERS: Business idea. start- up costs: FLYER ADVERTISING: Location, Location. Social objective: To help build confidence within active women worldwide. WHY THAT LOCATION FOR THE BUSINESS? PROS AND CONS? Preparing For Lift-Off. My floor-plan has key features that my office provides a work place that comforts myself with a sense of relaxation throughout the room, with suitable couches, shelves with books and warm colours painted along the walls, presenting a stress free environment, and a work place you want to enjoy and work everyday. Business idea. To advertise my product, I will be using a media channel that is reachable to all, and saying that I have decided that an online service on the internet will promote the product dramatically as well as using YouTube to view the product in action, to those overseas or international. Preparing For Lift-Off. Within my business before the first day, I will need to purchase the following office furniture; a desk, worth $350 for an available work space as well as a computer as my business is operated online worth $750, a couch for a sense of relaxation accompanying the office will be worth $250. A set of Shelves will be purchased for storage of paper work and books worth $800. Office equipment’s needed to be supplied are; a printer worth $1,000, Stationary include pens, notebooks, etc worth $200. Toiletry including toilet paper, soap, air fresheners, hand towels etc, worth approximately $200. Kitchen supplies including plates, coffee cups, Oven, Microwave, Fridge, Utilities, etc, worth approximately $100. My original product that I will be introducing to the public is an all in one make-up brush. Why go through all the trouble to find or either pack away all your brushes when you can have access to your own all in one make-up brush that always supplies you with variety of different sizes and thickness in one case, it benefits you from losing your brushes and packing them away. BUSINESS IDEA OR PRODUCT? This product will be successful because it fulfils the public’s needs, I as the creator thought about the public and why they need it not what they need. People that believe what you believe are successful and work for you through blood, sweat and tears, and I believe this product will be useful to all. 80% of woman lose their brushes when applying their make-up in a rush, living a normal yet busy lifestyle, to then needing to pack them away. It’s a

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