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Dance Powerpoint Template

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Dance PowerPoint

Transcript: Dance It Off! By: Maria Robinson Grade Level/Standard/Goal Grade Level/Standard/Goal 2nd grade DA.2.C.1.2 - Demonstrate listening, observing, and following skills while learning dance movements; and perform them with the teacher and alone Students will be able to demonstrate their physical skills by choosing a cultural dance and listening to the music while dancing and stop when the music stops playing Elements of Dance Elements of Dance Body Action Space Energy Different Types of Cultural Dancing Ballet Break Dancing Bharata Natyam Cancan Celestial Dancing Activity This activity is called "Dance it off". Each student will pick a cultural dance of their choice and dance with the music provided. When all of the students have chosen something, they will find a spot in the classroom and dance when the music goes off. Once the music stops the student is supposed to pause and stop dancing. If the student continues to dance while the music is off then they are out. We will continue to play this game until there is one last man standing. Assessment Assessment I will assist the students as they tell me what their dance is. Music will be provided for all of the students to dance off too. I will help the students find a comfortable and safe spot to do their dance without hurting themselves or their partners. Each student will have a couple of seconds to do their chosen cultural dance while the music goes off until I pause their music session. Materials Materials: YouTube Basket with cultural dancing flashcards Ending Lesson Ending Lesson Once the activity is complete, the students will have a chose by dancing with a partner for a few minutes. In regards to the last student to win the game, he or she will be provided with a prize of either candy or ships of their choice. Bon appetit!

Dance PowerPoint

Transcript: Ririe Woodbury Dance Co. Shirley Ririe (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr doodles By two women , Shirley Ririe & Joan Woodbury Credits Shannelle Romano notes Budapest San Francisco Shes still alive! :D Ms. Ririe has choreographed over 100 works for Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, other dance companies and professional theater companies. four daughters, 15 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren Both her parents were Actors! She retired from the University of Utah where she was a professor of modern dance and taught for 39 years Pictures! "we dance to teach education. " They both taught at the University of Utah! Performed all over the U.S.! They both had really pretty smiles (: They teach dance for education! They train their dances as artist, educators & performs! Quotes! Notes Stockholm Dance! (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Birthday: December 17, 1915 – February 22, 1989 A retired professor of modern dance from the University of Utah where she taught for 47 years A solo dancer at one point with the Agua Caliente dance company, she broke into films at age 19, her exotic beauty being her "in" to the picture business (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Double click to crop it if necessary -Joan Woodbury & Shirley Ririe Over the years, the company has grown from a local business to an internationally reownded modern dance company! They have been all over the U.S.! Also have performed in Europe , South Africa, the Philippines and the British Isles. Charateristics! Influence Of Culture! Celeste De La Cruz Lifespan Shirley's parents were both actors & while they would go to late rehearsals she would we the stay home child tender, so she began dancing in her spare time. after a while her mom put her in dance classes! outlook Period 7 Ririe Woodbury Dance Co. was foundedv in 1964 V ideos! photo frame F-U-N Facts (: Place your own picture behind this frame! (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr details Assets Free flowing Follows the accents of the music Always stay on point Very vibrant colors Usually tight & colorful costumes Boys would wear black pants wit no shirts. Girls wore tight leotards with a free flowing skirts. Light up costumes also! map Important Details Joan Woodbury

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African Dance Powerpoint

Transcript: Interesting Facts on African Dance Pearl Primus Here are some more African Tribal dances: . Kpanlogo Dance – Performed with drums & is a African Folk Dance. . Agbekor Dance – Performed at funerals . Indlamu Dance – Performed by the Zulu Tribes of South Africa where the dancer takes his left leg to the height of his head & bangs it hard against the ground. - African dancers are often separated by gender - Using drums is a big part of African Dancing, Dancing will always take place with drums in the background. - Anyone can perform African Dancing, from old to young, everyone gets involved. - Although African dancers use drums they also use their voices which are the most commonly used instrument used through their performance. - African Dancers are known to perform only for special occasions also. By Lydia, Imogen, Tonicha, Natalie and Amy The clothing is a big part of their dances and they also wear big furry boots and headwear too. Costumes - The 1500s saw the beginning of slavery as Africans were brought to North and South America and the Caribbean. - Based on a story being told - Develops the idea of polyrhythm( the use of two or more rhythms) - Historical and social traditions. - Choreography and genre help celebrate special events and festivals - Unwritten history -Some of the dances performed are to thank the gods -Winning wars was a factor towards the development of African dance History and Background of African Dance Their clothing is bright, bold and very light. The clothing has to be light so that the African Dancers can perform without worrying about their outfits getting in the way. Well-Known African Dancers The Dances & Movements The 1500s saw the beginning of slavery as Africans were brought to North and South America and the Caribbean. based on a story being told develops the idea ofpolyrhythm(the use of two or more rhythms) historical and social traditions. choreography and genre help celebrate special events and festivals Unwritten history Some of the dances performed are to thank the gods Winning wars was a factor towards the development of African dance Warrior Dance --> performed by men in battle Dance of Love --> A slow dance Dance of Welcome --> A short dance for visitors Cynthia Lonborg African Dance

DANCE DANCE DANCE dance dance dance

Transcript: Our prezi by: Devin AND JOSH!!! Dances in the 20's were fast paced and energetic just like the citizens There were 3 main dances of the 1920's. The Charleston,the Fox-trot, and the Shimmy The Charleston is done by swinging your arms, moving the right foot back then kicking the left foot back. both arms and feet return to starting position then right arm moves forward and left arm moves back. Little hops are done between steps. The Fox-trot is done by 2 partners. This dance is built off of constant steps, forward, backwards, and side to side. No special moves for this dance The Shimmy is done by standing still and moving your shoulders back and forth. when the right shoulder is back the left one is forward. This is done with a slight bend in you elbows and arms held out Dance marathons were main events on the weekends for most young adults held in most cities across the U.S. The marathons consisted of MCs, Bands, Nurses, Doctors, Cots (type of bed), Dance floors, Barbers, Manicurists, and Podiatrists. Dance marathons were contests where couples would dance for often hundreds of hours, sometimes for months to win prize money. Many people died at these dance marathons so in retaliation, most states outlawed the marathons due to being unhealthy and life risking. The dance marathons effected the african americans because they created the marathons so it gave them something to do on their spare time. THE END The marathons in different cities usually had different rules.

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