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Cycle Powerpoint Template

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Cell Cycle PowerPoint

Transcript: During interphase many things occur to the organelles in the cell. The nucleus in the cell is protected by the nuclear envelope. The nucleus contains no less than one nuclei during interphase. The chromatin allows it to be easy for transcription and DNA repair in the cell. It also compresses the DNA into the nucleus during interphase. The centrioles are static and do not play a large part during interphase. When metaphase is in the process its chromosomes place themselves in the middle of the cell. The chromosomes that are still jointed in the center at an area called the centromere, are called sister chromatids. The spindle fibers on one of the poles in the cell connects itself to one of the chromosomes of each pair, called sister chromatids and the same occurs on the opposite pole. Cytokinesis The Cell Cycle Interphase Metaphase Jordan Lee Block 2 During anaphase the two sister chromatids of every chromosome are forced apart and moved to opposite sides of the cell. They were pulled apart by the spindle and were dragged by what is known as the kinetochores toward opposite sides of the cell. The chromatids play a large role in anaphase. Prophase Anaphase 11/14/14 Telophase During prophase very odd thing occurs, the nuclear membrane disappears. This occurs because it needs to allow the chromosomes to be able to stick onto the two cells that are new and forming. The chromosomes also become thicker and stronger. They also soon become visible in microscopes. Also, during prophase the spindle fibers form at opposite ends from each other. The centrioles do a similar thing during prophase they also move on opposite sides from each other. In the process of telophase, it creates a nuclear membrane which is used to seperate the cell's nuclear DNA and the cell's cytoplasm. On opposite pole nuclei begin to form during telophase. Then, chromosomes unravel and form into chromatin and the nucleolus reforms. Cytokinesis is the end of the mitosis process. In cytokinesis it seperate the two daughter cells. This process of cytokinesis makes sure to have a nucleus in each of the daughter cells. Also, cytokinesis began in the anaphase and all the way up to the telephase. All the stages helped make up the process of the cell cycle.

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