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Cyber Bullying Powerpoint Template

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Bullying powerpoint

Transcript: bullies like to pick on people who do not have a lot of friends they feel they are alone they feel no one is willing to help out and cannot reach out to anyone Signs of bullying include: their peers do not want to lose status by associating with them or because they do not want to increase the risks of being bullied themselves peers of victims often do not say anything because they are afraid they will be bullied others are scared of becoming an outcast -Difficulty conforming to rules. -Impulsive behavior -Hot-tempered and quick to anger -Little empathy -Enjoys fighting Work Cited administrators should be able to punish students for harassing others online let students know staff will not tolerate cyberbullying and have ways of discovering if someone is being bullied online cyber bullying gossip/rumors exclusion physical bullying emotional bullying INTRO TO BULLYING -Encourage administration & faculty to to write no-bullying policy handbook. -Inform parents. -Always show respectful behavior towards students. -Include all students in class activities. -Lead discussions on bullying. -Support students who speak out about bullying and need extra help. staff needs to have a policy where they encourage students to speak up have a place where students can freely talk about bullying without feeling uncomfortable Warren has a hotline CYBERBULLYING POLICY BYSTANDER POLICY VICTIMS OF BULLYING Banks, Ron. “Bullying in Schools.” ERIC Digest (1997): 1-4. Print. Duncan, Arne. “Key Policy Letter from the Education Secretary.” Letter. 14 June 2011. TS. To the Elementary & Secondary Education, U.S Department of Education Kan-Rice, Pamela. “School Bullies Are Often Also Victims; Feeling Safe Reduces Youth Bullying.” UC Agriculture and Natural Resources News and Information Outreach (2003): 1-2. Print. Olweus, Dan. “A Profile of Bullying at School.” Educational Leadership (2003): 1-8. Print. Quintero, Connie. “Bullying Questions.” Warren High School. Downey. 26 May 2015. Lecture. TYPES OF BULLYING BYSTANDERS What Schools Should do to Prevent Bullying Bullying Policies bullying is more common to appear in schools as many as 7 percent of America’s eighth-graders stay home at least once a month because of bullies in order to make kids feel safe at school there needs to be rules Identifying Bullying

cyber bullying / bullying

Transcript: by ; haley burton they have either been through the same thing that there putting the person they are bullying through. they are having other problems & decide to take it out on them. most cyberbullies get motivated by anger , depression , and revenge. Sometimes they honestly just like to embarrass people so they bully them over the internet instead of saying it to their face. cyber bullying / bullying prevent bullying with polices stop rumors , tell an adult , stand up for the person , encourage the person getting bullied to talk to an adult , offer support. stand up for victims Bibliography how to ignore bullies don't let them get to you , just try & laugh it off ignore comments they say have confidence in yourself don't listen to the bully block them out cyberbullies bullying is clearly defined as criticism, discipline, and motivation makes teachers fearful to turn every corner in there school building bullies hurt themselves

Bullying Powerpoint

Transcript: Physical Bullying Cyberbullying Definition of Bullying The Bully Problem Putting someone down by damaging them physically and or mentally through words and actions. A student shall not intimidate or harass another person through words or actions for any reason, including race, religion, or sexual orientation such that the actions substantially interfere with a student’s educational experience, create an intimidating or threatening educational environment, or disrupt the orderly operation of the school and/or the overall educational environment. School Bullying Policy Stop Bullying! *If you're being bullied by someone, just ignore them and walk away. *If you see someone else being bullied, seek out an adult who can help. *Don't try to deal with the problem on your own. *Help stop bullying on the spot. "As a counselor I have seen different types of bullying occurring in campus and especially in social media. An example of the different types of bullying I have seen are physical bullying, verbal bullying, relational bullying, and the most common one cyber bullying. The issue with cyber bullying is that teenagers, more than half percent of the time are in these social networks and it is a problem. I’ve seen numerous of times where a person's profile gets hacked and the bully posts embarrassing images, rumors about the victim, or even statuses. The consequence of cyber bullying includes being suspended from school and being removed from sports teams and school organizations. Depending upon the acts and motives of the bully, there are legal consequences of cyberbullying and charges that may be filed against him or her. Educating bullies and showing them consequences of cyber bullying, may help reduce incidents of cyberbullying." submitted by counselor Advice Cyberbulling is bullying that takes place using electronic technolgy. Examples include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles. Physical bullying can include harassment like name calling or stalking behaviors, and more violent abuses like hitting or intimidating. By Patrick Larlar, Hector Coronado, Mariah School Personnel

Bullying PowerPoint

Transcript: More at In this photo, a group of kids are verbal bullying a girl by laughing at her, and pointing. Bullying is a form of abuse that hurts a victim and can happen in different forms at different ages. Works Cited - - - - - - - - A boy is being physically bullied by a older boy grabbing and hurting the young boy. Bullying Physical bullying involves harmful actions against someone’s body, or interference with someone else’s personal property. -Stop Bullying -The Bully Project -It's My Life -Schools Antibullying Web Gateway -Stomp Out Bullying How Can You Tell If Someone Is A Bully? Why Do People Bully? Texting someone is a way of cyber bullying. Cyber Bullying Verbal Bullying Verbal Bullying What Is Bullying? Verbal includes name calling, making offensive remarks or ‘joking’ about someone’s religion, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or by the way they look. 46.5% of bullying is when a bully is verbally insulting or teasing someone. -2 out of 3 teens are harassed physically every year -24% of bullying is physical bullying or personal belongings being destroyed. -Over 71% of parents reported their child being physically bullied, 32% required medical attention, and 3% involved weapons! -Surveys show that 77% of students are bullied verbally. -Over half of today's teens have been bullied online. -33% experienced cyber threats online. -52% of teens didn't tell their parents or a trusted when cyber bullying occured. People Bully Because... Cyber bullying is a type of bullying that came with technology. It includes being bullied in chat rooms, online, messaging on a mobile phone or even emails. It is done by a bully sending a victim pictures or information that will hurt the victims feelings or scare the victim. Facts About Bullying People bully because they are jealous of others, or they think that bullying will make them popular, or they bully because of their personal lives. Bullies pick on people who are different than them, like if they are bigger, shorter, wear glasses, wear certain shoes, basically anything that makes them different. Here a girl is being cyber bullied, by a bully messaging her something that hurt her. You could tell if someone is a bully by their personality traits. Bullies have greater than average aggressive behavior patterns, the need to be in control, they have no feelings for others or they don’t care about how other people feel. Physical Bullying They want to be popular, and they think bullying is cool and will make them popular. Sometimes the bully does not have a loving or caring family to help and support the bully, Physical Bullying Organizations

bullying powerpoint

Transcript: Daniela Gonzalez Icebreaker/Video Bullies Say No To Bullying! Definition of Bullying What is bullying? Bullying is the use of force or a threat to abuse, make someone feel bad and sometimes hurt others. Usually the reason why kids bully others is just because they feel bad about their self. Types of bullying: >Physical bullying >Verbal bullying >Social bullying >Cyber bullying hitting, kicking, slapping, and pinching. name calling, insults, and teasing. lying and spreading rumors. posting/sending hurtful texts, emails, images or videos. Bullying can affect any and everyone, many people don't realize that they are actually bullying someone. They maybe think it's a just a joke but to the other person it could mean a lot more and really upset them. When kids are bullied, most of them hide it, but keeping it to yourself only causes more problems. As bullying continues kids often want to hurt themselves or take it out by bullying someone else. Effects of Bullying What to do? What to do if you or someone you know is being bullied? -Ignore the bully as much as possible -Tell friends, teachers, or family -Don't hide the fact that you are getting bullied because it is not an embarrassing incident Kids become bullies because: Bullying is wrong! People bully for many reasons and some of them are.. - To escape their own problems. - To look tough or feel powerful. - To make themselves popular. - They are jealous of you. Question When i see someone getting bullied i should...? Laugh at who the bully is picking at B Tell an adult A Join the bully Just watch the bully C D Video Thank you for watching!!

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