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Transcript: Why Case? By: Layal Dairi Family & Friends Family & Friends Family Family People who know me know that my family means everything to me. My family has taught me the importance of hard-work, humility, generosity, and compassion. Friends Friends "Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity." -Khalil Gibran I value friendship and loyality. I am grateful for the friends I have, and take pleasure in socializing and meeting new people. Selfie fun! Selfie fun! My 2nd Family Music Music Music has always been a big part of my life. During my free time, I enjoy playing the piano as well as listening to music from all around the world. Handy (Wo)man Handy (Wo)man My favorite part about putting pieces together is working with my hands to watch the item come to life. Shadowing & Volunteering Shadowing & Volunteering By shadowing and volunteering I appreciated the versatility that dentistry encompasses. This includes: Buisness Philanthropy Healthcare Language & Culture New Hobbies: Summer 2017 New Hobbies: Summer 2017 This summer I took it upon myself to learn more fun activites! Overall, based on my skills and interests I believe Case Western and I are a perfect match. Perfect Match Perfect Match CWRU's DMD program and I have similar core values and goals. The diversity, challenging curriculum, group work environment, and tight-knit community provided by CWRU will be recipricoated by my desire to learn, leadership & team work experience, and appreciation as well as passion for dentistry.

CWRU Portfolio

Transcript: Why Case? Natalie Wen PHOTOS The Complete Smile Case Natalie Inclusion Community Curiosity Culture Curiosity Inclusion Community Resilience Resilience Creativity Creativity ABOUT ME Case and I share the same passions, values, and interests. Inclusion Culture Community Creativity Resilience Curiosity Inclusion Case Gies Award WU Thinker on a Rock I came from a community of scholars who valued advancing our learning collectively as one. Case provides the same supportive environment. 2017 show Co-choreographer for 2018 show CULTURE Finding my place on the cultural spectrum as an Asian American alongside a diverse student body has helped me to better understand and interact with people having different backgrounds, values, and beliefs. Community (El Paraíso, Honduras January 2017) Charla Team The service our medical and dental brigades provide is not for the community members, but rather provided WITH the community. Through community service, volunteers learn and grow alongside the people they help. Creativity Acorn squash pie! Strawberry white chocolate tart Paper lily flower + blue Pikachu Taro and beef with star anise Steamed pork ribs with black bean paste Growing up with an appreciation for nature and the outdoors has influenced me to develop an open-minded, flexible way of thinking that has been essential to connecting with tutees and will be essential to forming relationships with patients. Resilience High school chemistry research paper about tooth loss as one ages (2013) Set on dentistry since middle school even though parents still trying to steer me towards different career Volunteered at Red Bird Rookies Health Fair in St. Louis during summer breaks Dental booth Hand out floss and toothbrushes, teach kids how to properly brush teeth WU Pre-Dental Society Give Kids A Smile Clinic Curiosity Curiosity fuels assertive learning such as research. Washington University School of Medicine - Department of Psychiatry Heat map I recently created in R. Additional manuscipt submitted late June: Desikan, Rahul et. al. Immune-related genetic enrichment in frontotemporal dementia. (2017). PLOS Medicine. In Review. I have also participated in problem-based sessions called Peer Led Team Learning for chemistry and calculus and thus find Case's problem-based discussions appealing. Case Western Reserve University SODM is the crown of my pursuit for dentistry. I have established my roots and developed my passions in the supportive WUSTL community; Case, with it's REAL curriculum, emphasis on self-learning, and vibrant Cleveland spirit, will allow me to continue pursuing my passions, values, and interests as I strive to become the best dentist I can be. CONTACT INFORMATION Phone: (262) 337-2505 Email: Contact Information


Transcript: Top 5 reasons for why I would like to attend CWRU School of Dental Medicine By Anita Nasseri “REAL” curriculum The curriculum at CWRU School of Dental Medicine is one of the most unique aspects of the school. It would be an honor for me to experience the REAL curriculum and be a part of this groundbreaking education system. The team-based and problem-based learning styles would allow me to improve my critical thinking ability while collaborating with my colleagues. I highly believe that the REAL curriculum will prepare me to provide the best treatment plan and care to my future patients. “REAL” Curriculum Strong clinical experience Strong Clinical Experience Being able to get early clinical exposure is a valuable opportunity for every dental student. It is amazing that at CWRU students have the opportunity to see patients during the first year through the Healthy Smiles Sealant Program. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art clinics, high-tech equipments, and learning in groups that operate like mini-practices will prepare me to be a skilled and confident dentist. Research opportunities Research Opportunities Another aspect of the CWRU dental program that greatly interests me is the variety of research opportunities. I’ve been conducting research since my first year of college and would like to pursue research in dental school, too. It is impressive and fascinating to learn how CWRU's faculty and students contribute to the improvement of oral health and new treatments. I would love to explore interdisciplinary research opportunities throughout my dental education and contribute to the improvement of oral health. Community outreach programs Community Outreach Programs The numerous community outreach opportunities play an important role in my decision to choose to apply to Case Western. Serving and giving back to my community has always been an important aspect of my life and Case Western will allow me to integrate community service in my dental education. Through opportunities such as the Healthy Smiles Sealant Program, Cleveland Free Clinic, CWRU Day of Giving, and Give Kids a Smile Program, I will be able to learn more about the barriers to accessing oral healthcare while gaining clinical experience. Moreover, through these experiences, I will be able to leave long-lasting impacts on many communities and contribute to the improvement of many individuals' oral health. Commitment to excellence and leadership Commitment to Excellence and Leadership Through CWRU's challenging but rewarding curriculum, I will learn how to set goals for my professional excellence and how to take responsibility for my own learning experience. CWRU-educated dentists are not only excellent professionals, but they are also confidant leaders in healthcare. Being an excellent leader that positively impacts the community has always been one of my most important professional goals, and I believe that CWRU will help me achieve that goal. TOPIC TITLE As I have learned more about the CWRU School of Dental Medicine, I have become more confident that it is the best fit for my career goals. I believe that CWRU will provide me with a comprehensive education and all the opportunities I need to become a successful dentist. Throughout this presentation, I not only showed you why I am interested in CWRU's dental program, but I also showed you another passion of mine, photography! All the photographs within this presentation are pictures that I have taken. TOPIC TITLE Lastly, I would like to thank you for the invitation to interview. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to meeting you. Thanks for your time, Anita Nasseri


Transcript: Healthy Smiles and Family First programs Case has already given me an endless amount of happy memories. (REAL) Lifelong Smiles Participating in the outreach opportunities provided by CWRU SODM will allow me to get a head start on my professional dream to work in a free clinic. Family First Home Not only is Cleveland a spectacular city to live in, but it also provides a diverse patient population. Head Start Program Outreach Clinics It would be a privilege to attend CWRU SODM and continue to call Case my home. Cleveland Trips to Dominican Republic and Jamaica (REAL) Exposure to diverse patients while learning in the clinics allows students to be prepared when entering into their own practice Healthy Smiles Why CWRU SODM? Simply put, I love CWRU. Early clinical exposure while helping real patients Cleveland Free Clinic Curriculum Shannon Rice AADSAS: 20160213154 Top 10% of schools in terms of hours dedicated to practice management education High level of preparation for owning my own practice DentSim and KaVo Learning techniques on state of the art technologies Incorporates first and second year students Early exposure to clinics establishes confidence when treating patients the future Preceptor works with students to create treatment plans and assess skills Provides students with guidance while giving them the freedom to succeed on their own Patient Care Coordinator helps students manage patient appointments and information Teaches students how to work collaboratively in a realistic practice setting

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