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Transcript: -rivers;enns, inn,danube,mur,leitha,rhine & krunmler falls. -lakes; bavarian alps ,kitzbuhel alps & hohe tauren . -mountains ; mt.rosennock 244o m "ich mag euch alle "- wich means i dislike all of you:(... 2001, 74% of the people were Roman Catholic 17% of all Roman Catholics were active participants in religeous service -austria is a german-speaking country,characterized by its mountain village broque -the austrian flag is oneof the oldest national flag in the world -A right-wing German politician has said that police should be ready to shoot migrants to prevent them entering the country illegally -austria has a population of over 8million people climate Other Christian churches had accounted for about 0.9% of the population - has announced a limit on the number of asylum-seekers it will accept, as Europe struggles to bring the refugee crisis under control. language Natural Resources Goverment Population chart "10 Interesting Country Facts (Austria) - Passnownow." Passnownow. 2015. Web. 27 Jan. 2016. -austria's capital is vienna Refrence "Austria." Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations. 2007, Siegfried Christoph, "Austria." Cities of the World. 2002, Helen H. Frink, Payam; Muhutdinova-Foroughi Raissa Foroughi, "Austria." The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th Ed.. 2015, August Ruhs, "Austria." International Encyclopedia of Marriage;Family. 2003, CHARLES INGRAO, "Austria." Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Physical Geography. 2003, H. MIDELFORT, "Austria." Encyclopedia of Occultism;Parapsychology. 2001, "Austria." World Encyclopedia. 2005, "Austria." The Renaissance. 2008, GRIFFIN, ROBERT H.; SHURGIN, ANN H., "Austria." Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Cultures. 1999, MICHAEL KENNEDY;JOYCE BOURNE, and "Austria." Oxford Dictionary of Rhymes. 2007. "Austria." HighBeam Research, 2007. Web. 27 Jan. 2016 -Authorities say the migrants being sent back are those wishing to travel to Denmark and Sweden, where border controls have been tightened -In 1962, Austria's education system was completely reorganized under a comprehensive education law, and compulsory education was extended from eight to nine years muslims were 4.2% of the population Agriculture - products: grains, potatoes, wine, fruit; dairy products, cattle, pigs, poultry; lumber "Picture of the The Hofburg - Google Search." Picture of the The Hofburg - Google Search. Web. 29 Jan. 2016. Climatic conditions depend on location and altitude. -Temperatures range from an average of about -7 to -1°c (20 to 30°f) -in winter to about 18 to 24°c (65 to 75°f) in July. - Rainfall ranges from more than 102 cm (50 in) mostly in the western mountains to less than 66 cm (26 in) in the driest region, near Vienna. The Hofburg- palace that has the most history "Austria." Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations. 2007, Siegfried Christoph, "Austria." Cities of the World. 2002, Helen H. Frink, Payam; Muhutdinova-Foroughi Raissa Foroughi, "Austria." The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th Ed.. 2015, August Ruhs, "Austria." International Encyclopedia of Marriage;Family. 2003, CHARLES INGRAO, "Austria." Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Physical Geography. 2003, H. MIDELFORT, "Austria." Encyclopedia of Occultism;Parapsychology. 2001, "Austria." World Encyclopedia. 2005, "Austria." The Renaissance. 2008, GRIFFIN, ROBERT H.; SHURGIN, ANN H., "Austria." Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Cultures. 1999, MICHAEL KENNEDY;JOYCE BOURNE, and "Austria." Oxford Dictionary of Rhymes. 2007. "Austria." HighBeam Research, 2007. Web. 27 Jan. 2016. austria is a federal republic government geography ^ was also the seat of the kings and queens..Today it is the offical seat of austrian federal president About 4.7% of the population belonged to the Lutheran and Pres by terian churches Also they have many trips and areas to go to like the national parks,worthersee,st anton am arlberg -Also 79% speak english The president, elected by popular vote for a six-year term, appoints a federal chancellor (Bundeskanzler ) -Usually the leader of the largest party in parliament, for a term not exceeding that of parliament (four years); upon the chancellor's proposal -The president nominates ministers (who should not serve in parliament at the same time) to head the administrative departments of government. The Jewish community stood at about 0.1% of the population; and Eastern Orthodox (Russian, Greek, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian) at 2.2% "Languages, Culture and Religion." Languages, Culture and Religion. Web. 27 Jan. 2016. Introduction religion "Austria Symbol - Google Search." Austria Symbol - Google Search. Web. 02 Feb. 2016. < symbol>. -Austria Symbols. Coat of Arms: Coat of Arms: Austria's coat of arms consists of a black eagle with broken chains around its legs, and a sickle and hammer in its talons. Human Characteristics ;) Austria !!!!!!!!!!!! Current Events

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Transcript: During his and his successor's reign the tax system of payments of agriculture products was reformed in favor of the population: taxes during this period were among the most moderate in Chinese imperial history. In 1646 the state examinations are re-established . They had been discontinued during the period of dynastic transition. He appointed bondservants as officials in charge of the internal palace administration and supervisions of the imperial workshops that produced porcelain, and other luxury goods for imperial use. Rule of Emperor Yongzheng (1723-1735) QING DYNASTY "WHEN" Political Events During the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912 Te'Andrea Mauldin 9th Grade Ms.Thronton World History 3rd Period Qing Dynasty "When" But the Manchu army successfully re-gained control of the southern territories that had rebelled against the rule in 1681. They enlarged commented edict had to be recited publicly twice a month at the local Confucian temples. MS.THRONTON 3RD PERIOD Two years later, in 1683 Taiwanwas forcefully integrated into the Qing territory and the rule of Coxinga's son ended. Rule of Emperor Kangxi (1662-1722) In 1676 the new dynasty lived through a major crisis, when three military commanders, including Wu Sangui, the general who had called the Manchu army for assistance against rebel Li Zicheng in 1644, tried to unite their military forces against the Manchus. In 1724 the emperor commented elaborately on the Sacred Edict. The process of conquering southern China lasted until 1660 , when the last emperor of the Southern Ming, the loyalist court that aimed at reestablishing the Chinese Ming Dynasty, had to flee to Burma where he was caught in 1661 & brought back to China. To establish unquestioned authority in his empire, he wrote an imperial edict called 'Sacred Edict', a set sixteen ethical guidelines for exemplary behavior to be followed by the population, which had to be studied by everybody after its publication in 1681. Rule of Emperor Shunzhi TE'ANDREA MAULDIN

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Transcript: Story He was born as James Gatz but changed his name to Jay Gatsby. The character has become an archetype of self-made American men seeking to join high society. Gatsby purchases a 12-bedroom mansion in the fictional West Egg of Long Island to impress the love of his life: Daisy. Gatsby Emiliano Reyes Galindo A01207427 Erick Martinez Dominguez A01208448 Rodrigo Calzada Rovirosa A01208635 Our favorite character He is a 16 year old. Got kicked out of his school and started to wander in the streets of New York. He sees himself as the Catcher in the Rye between adulhood and childhood. Batman Biography Halden Caulfield Group: 10 Tzitzitlini Martinez M Introduction of the IT Archenemies The Joker Bane The Riddler Poison Ivy The Penguin Scarecrow Cat woman Two face Involved in illegal activities, and he was stuck in the past. Gatsby drove a yellow car He liked to wear suits. While Gatsby was living in East Egg, he threw lots of party. Personality Lifestyle Batman Best Films His real name name is Bruce Wayne, he was born in Gotham City and his current alias is Batman. His parents were killed when he was just a kid. He decided to protect innocent people from all Gotham threats. The team Biography Holden has become an icon for teenage rebellion and angst. His powerful hate for "phony" qualities, a term for all the perceived hypocrisy. It is this cynicism that causes him to distance himself from other people. - Batman Begins (2006) -The Dark Knight (2008) -The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

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Transcript: Hello and welcome ~ Damon Albarn every day robots - Purple The reason i choose this song is I love the artist Damon aLBARN. aLSO I LOVED THE VISUAL AND THE MUSIC IT SELF IS SO NICE AND TALKS ABOUT today's attachment to technology, and i think the song itself is brilliant and amazing Hobbies : Writing Well I listen to melancholy, clam and relaxing music. I like listening to this type of music because it can help me sleep and clam me down when in a bad mood. I mostly listen to music when I am going to bed because it helps me sleep, I also listen to music when I want to focus on working it helps me not get distracted, ( I have a short attention spand) Welcome to my Website Movies : Nujabes - Aruarian Dance + Rainy Mood Media A piece I enjoyed completely was a book I wrote almost 3 years ago. I did write it online and got 1.5k reads, 41 votes/ likes, and 36 comments. It was a fan fiction to an anime I watched and really liked I thought that I could write a really good book because of all the ideas I had. I was really touch on how popular it got. I reread it a while a go and all I saw was mistakes I was really surprised on how popular it got with it being that bad. The reason I liked it was because it was a experience even though I only did 3 parts it was fun and I enjoyed it Reading I don't have a graph to represent how much I read. But I can tell you I read from dusk to dawn everyday I get up an hour early to read. I read any time I have a free moment. I think I read too much where my social life is declining. My ideal weekend is where I read without any interruptions, and there be rain. Though I do enjoy reading as much as the next guy I find that if I read to much I just can't handle it and I will go thou like 30 books before I find a book I enjoy This website is mostly about my likes and dislikes. Also about reading , writing ,and media that I enjoy Favorite Books : Most of the Books I read are online and there are to may to choose from Media Reading Most Books I read I just can not put down there has been some books that I could not stop reading and I stayed up late reading bur most of the time I can not put most books down unless its poorly written. My Point is every night I stay up reading. There has not been one night that I have not stayed reading. Reading Favorite Subjects : Howl's Moving Castle Main Theme Color: - Gorillaz - Nujabes - Fat Jon Damon Albarn Writing Pizza Hut End - Tech/ Wood working - Auto Canada Canada 3 Rabbits , 2 Dogs ( St bernards ) 2 Sisters There wasn't a single text that got me started on reading, how I started reading was in grade 9 someone told me about this website that lets you read anything you want. If you want to read a fanfiction, humor, action, etc. I loved the fact that it had anything you wanted to read there. The fact that I can read anything that intrust me is what really got me reading. I have been reading for 3 year and I have read over 2,000+ books and still going. About Me - Reading -Cooking - Knitting Reading I don't have a phone that can text but. I only send 2-10 messages a day. Some bad habits a writer could get is when text they could get in the habit of short forms and there spelling could go bad because auto correct would cause the writer to relay on auto correct to spell correctly as I am writing this now you wouldn't believe how much auto correct is actually correcting. - Howl's Moving Castle - Spirited Away - The Cat Returns Writing Table Of Contents Media . As you can see from my cover page I like the band Gorillaz, Daft Punk, Damon Albarn, the movie Howls Moving Castle, and the studio that made Howls Moving Castle Studio Ghibli I choose this song because I love the cooperation between the rain and the instrumental. It is just incredibly relaxing despite it being an hour long song I love it. I feel that the instrumental dose not over power the rain and vice verse. Welcome To My Website Media Born : Lived: Pets: Siblings: Summer job/job : I choose this song because I love the instrumentals in this song. I also choose this song because it is from one of my favorite movies Howl's moving castle I don't really watch t.v because of reading there are probably 30- 40 commercials probably more depending on how much you watch t.v in a/an night/day. I think that the commercials should be about more important stuff then just "but our product". Yes some of there scare tactics work to influence consumers to buy there product. There is one that caught my attention and it was one for high blood pressure or diabetes, and its a guy in a doctors coat saying stuff about how your to busy to do this test and then reminds you that you are sitting on a chair watching t.v, I don't remember what else he says but It was very to the point. Reading helps me because when I read I can read how to add details to a text your/I will write. It also helps to understand character development in the text. It also helps with

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Transcript: Its price ranges from $9-10. Which isa good and affordable price to many. the magazine although isnt situated in africa since its an american based magazine. So africans who would like to know about pop music in the world, would have to order the magazine. Music magazines Bruce Oyugi. This presention was brought to you by Double spread page. To whic age, race, religion etc. Cover pages Since I have chosen the topic music as my coursework. I chose magazines similar to my topic. Billboard magazine is a worldwide famously known magazine that features celebrities from allover the globe. like the ones above. A magazine featuring the famous model Kim Kardashian, and the famous rappers Rae Sremmurd entices the reader to buy the magazine. Billboard magazine isnt aimed to any specific age group, color or religion. Its a magazine for everyone, and since it features other magazines for older people to read, and not to be left out in the music sector it hs als magazines for middle aged people and more. Magazine Price. Content Page. The double spread page of this billboard magazine is quite catching. Its the famous female superstar rapper Nicki Minaj, since shes so famous. Many of the people shes inspired or have taken her to be their role models, would want to know how she reached there and what she did and what risks she took. basically theyd like to know about her life and the double spread page has so much about her. The content page is quite eye catching due to the many ontents the magazine has. the reader would enjoy reading it and finding out whats new to the music industry. And billboard magazine has one unique feature that other magzines dont have, it features all new songs and the top 100 songs in the world in the content page.

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