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Transcript: replace with your selection # # Oakley Cote I talk about the same theme of the original song but instead of saying women are worse than men I have more of a empathitic take on women for having to go to hell and back. Standard Music example(s): Research your song selection and enter your results and a citation to the source. # Pirates aren't really as large of a threat today as they once were. Instead I rewrote the lyrics to reference terrorists and our eventual conquest over them. Checklist Ballad Name Ballad Number Historical research (50 word minimum) Source Citation Media example New recording add with your recording Jiacui Sheng Your New recording Standard Music example(s): Standard Music example(s): The story is about: A knight meet a woman under a tree who tells him a boar has killed her lord and 30 of his men. The knight kills this pretty spotted pig and annoys its owner, a giant wild woman. She flies fiercely at him for revenge. He cleaves her into two in the end. “The Death of Queen Jane” is an English ballad written around 1612, assumed to be about one of King Henry the VIII’s during childbirth, but there is no evidence to back this. Jane had been going through an extremely painful labor and eventually gave birth to a son. She would eventually die from infection 12 days later. Research your song selection and enter your results and a citation to the source. #18 Sir Lionel Your New recording : The Anglo- American Ballad: A Folklore Casebook by- Dianne Dugaw (page 124) “ There is a wild boar in these woods, Dellum down, dellum down, There is a wild boar in these woods, He'll eat your meat and suck your blood. Dellum down, dellum down. Bangrum drew his wooden knife Dellum down, dellum down, And swore he'd take the wild boar's life. Dellum down, dellum down. The wild boar came in such a flash, Dellum down, dellum down, He broke his way through oak and ash. Dellum down, dellum down.” Ward the Pirate Lyric should reflect modern themes Historical Information add with your recording After a long day, and low pay, He heard the voice of Lucifer and he began to say, "I won't say it twice, I just, came for your wife, Who's the bane of your existence and the torment if your life" I cant believe it, I must be tripping, But Satan wasn’t playing cause he took her down with him, * yeah he took her down, took her down, took her down with him, * (REPEAT)* She didn't even send heaven prayers, She just made her self at home in all 7 layers yeah, after the first night there, I swear, I thought Satan had his first night mare, Yeah its fact he threw her on his back and didn't think twice, Cause she's the bane of his existence and the torment if his life So take note, don't be mean to your wife Cause they've been sent to hell and then kicked out over night Your New recording Child Ballad Title Historical Information Standard Music example(s): # Queen Jane was in labour For six days or more, Till her women got tired And wished it were o'er. Good women, good women, Good women if you be, Will you send for King Henry, For King Henry I must see. King Henry was asent for, King Henry did come, For to meet with Queen Jane: My love, your eyes do look so dim. King Henry, King Henry, King Henry if you be, If you have my right side open'd You will find my dear baby. Queen Jane, my love, Queen Jane, my love, Such a thing was never known, If you have your right side open'd You will lose your dear baby. Will you build your love a castle And lie down so deep For to bury my body And christen my dear baby. King Henry went mourning, And so did his men And so did his dear baby For Queen Jane did dien. How deep was the mourning, How wide were the bands, How yellow, yellow were the flamboys, They carried in their hands. There was fiddling, there was dancing, On the day the babe was born, While the royal Queen Jane Beloved lay cold as stone. replace with your selection # Historical Information replace with 2 media examples -oldest version -newest version Lyric should reflect modern themes Historical Information Join me men of arms To fight the greatest enemy We must eliminate the threat That lurks in the wasteland wreck What greater fear is there Than attacks brought here We must kill those men To guard our own children A truck sped by unnoticed Fast, throwing up mist Loaded with our loved ones Rigged to blow, with explosive tons Unable to save For those we slaved Animals, monsters, beasts On their bones we will feast The next level, we take this fight In darkness and in light Through weakness and with might Honor no mercy plee Until achieved is victory By sword, pen or trickery The Sun on the horizon When we found their base We fought for hours Until light had left my face Down they would not go Their cause they must show Our front cannot be undone For death of family is second to none With hearts of iron And guns of steel Their position no longer ideal The war of

Sheep Presentation #SHEEP

Transcript: This is a picture of a pasture plant (something a sheep might eat). energy All living things have cells. Sheep are also living so they must have to have cells to be considered living. 5) Sheep are known to self-medicate when they have some illnesses. They will eat specific plants when ill that can cure them. On the righ there is a picture of the food sheep eat Sheep don't only grow in size. Sheep don't only grow in size from baby to adult but as it grows it will start growing producing more and more wool. Sheep need to move. Sheep have a strong instinct to follow the sheep in front of them, so if you are trying to lead a group you only need to control one of them to lead the rest of them from point A to B. The picture to the right shows a herd of sheep, with all the sheep following each other. Sheep respond to their surroundings like many other living things (all). When they are frightened they will run from what frightened them and then band together in large groups for protection. Sheep maintain their homeostasis like many other animals. Sheep maintain their homeostasis by using their wool, the wool not only keep them warm in the winter but keeps the hot air out in the summer. 3) Sheep have very good memories. They can remember at least 50 individual sheep and humans for years. They do this by using a similar neural process and part of the brain that humans use to remember. homeostasis grow Water Reproduction respond Baby sheep compared to adult sheep 4) Contrary to popular misconception, sheep are extremely intelligent animals capable of problem solving. They are considered to have a similar IQ level to cattle and are nearly as clever as pigs. movE 2) Sheep have ben shown to display emotions, some of which can be studied by observing the position of their ears. has Cells This is a photo of a family of sheep. Sheep like many other animals drink water. They get their water from steams, ponds, and other clean body's of water. It also uses smell to locate water. 1) Egyptians believed that sheep were sacred. They even had them mummified when they died, just like humans. They start reaching puberty within 5-12 months. They start to mate after that period of time. The gestation time/period is 152 days. Shelter Food CHARACTERISTICS OF SHEEP This is a picture of a animal cell. This is a photo of sheep drinking water out of a river. Wild sheep shelter is mainly under the trees in the forest This is something a band of sheep will look like. A giant group of sheep also known as a herd. All living things use energy. The main two ways sheep use energy is by walking/moving and producing wool. Sheep get their energy from the glucose in grass. Sheep eat grass, clovers, and other types of pasture plants.

Sheep Presentation

Transcript: In Australia Department of Primary Industries By Ed, Oliver, Max and Charlie Wool Production Makeup of a Sheep Different breeds are suited for different climates due to their unique characteristics. Characteristics are; whether they require to be shawn, what weather conditions they can live within, dietary requirements (amount of food) and how many times they can reproduce. Culling is performed within flocks to ensure that ideal conditions are kept to maximise profit and improve offspring. Cross breeding to create a more suited animal to the conditions of operation. Border Leicester Marno's Dorper Sheep Breeds Parts of a Sheep All of the muscles and bone structure of sheep help the animals posture and animals stance increase the sale value. Fat scoring is used to measure the quantity of meat on an animal, rating from 1 being the skinniest to 5 being the fattest and most valued. All animals parts play a part in the presentation of the animal. Broken or misfigured bones, etc decrease the value and are risky to not cull. Parts of Sheep Reproduction The oestrus cycle lasts for 18 to 48 hours. Release of the eggs occur 24 to 36 hours in to the estrus cycle, late section of the cycle. Watch and regular checks on stock while the flock gives birth as some lambs will get stuck while coming out they can be suffocated. Rams fertility can be decreased from injury to the genitals, illness, nutrition, disease, stress and whether the animal receives enough food and water. Reproduction Management of Sheep Nutrition & Digestion Sheep have a ruminant digestive system this means they have four stomachs It can take between 10-14 days for food to be process through the ruminant system. Sheep are herbivore which means they only eaten grasses and plant material. Pastures such as lucerne, clover and mixed sward of clover and grass. These plants provide good proteins, energy and fiber all essential for growth Management Managment Techniques Calender of Operations: Managment Tech: 5 in 1 vaccinations Strong and secure fences Overgrazing managment Diseases Diseases Co. D Footrot: Bacterial infection and formed through dermatitis of the skin between the claws. Highly contagious disease Footbath the sheep using Radicate or you can use zinc sulphur with formilan Flyblown: NSW alone it cost farmers $30 million dollars in treatments methods Dilute Coopers Diazinon with water and pour on infected area. Green patches and wet looking patches in the fleeces of the wool. Wool and Welfare Wool Processing The process of Wool takes along tedious time as there are many factors that have to come together perfectly and all has to be consistent with the requirements that are made by retail shops, designers and other people wanting to purchase fleece. There are a total of nine stages that play an important role in the industry. Animal Welfare Animal Welfare Five animal freedoms Freedom from Hunger and Thirst. Freedom from Discomfort. Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour. Freedom from Fear and Distress. Wool Quality Livestock Agent at Delta Agribuisness - David Corcoran Careers and Consumers Supply and Demand Last year 3 billion dollars worth of wool was exported 400 thousands kilos of wool produced a year Australia exported almost 250 000 thousand tonne of lamb The most popular consumer preferences when it comes to wool products are bed linen, cloths and carpet. We export around 75% of the total export wool to china Careers in the sheep industry Careers 43 760 farms in australia that have sheep located on them 100 thousand people with jobs and careers Over 100 jobs that the sheep industry provides Shearing, stock agent, farmer, farm assistant, abattoir worker, wool classers and butchers Thankyou for listening Conclusion

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