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Transcript: Only 19.99$ plus tax! You wake up in the morning and realize that you're running late for school, and can only grab your backpack before having to leave the house. But, oh no, you have a very important meeting with your teacher that day and can't have bad breath. Solution? The Dentron! Designed to help people manage their time better and create a better teeth cleansing routine, the Dentron 2000 is a quick, on-the-go way of brushing your teeth thoroughly and quickly. An important part of this invention is the dental cleaning. We wanted a product that was both practical and actually cleansing, and we made one! Proven to be very sufficient when it comes to teeth cleaning by scientists and doctors, the Dentron successfully does a thorough rinse of the mouth, with small water squirts in the disc itself and then continues to brush the teeth with the brushes attached to the robotic arms, that have toothpaste added to them before use. The microchip inside the disc of the Dentron works very well in telling the arms where to move and where to clean the plaque off the teeth. Tests and studies have also shown that the Dentron can be up to 20% more effective than people brushing their own teeth, because the Dentron's microchip finds absolutely everywhere on the teeth and tongue that needs to be cleaned and won't stop until no more plaque is found. This product will have your teeth looking brighter in no time! *Also, as a bonus gift, each Dentron is included with a pack of toothpaste recommended by dentists all over the world to be used with it. During the cleaning, it starts with the arms spreading around the toothpaste to the other arms. Once every arms has toothpaste, it begins cleaning. The arms receive messages from the microchip in the disc on where to clean, and the arms quickly take care of it by traveling through your mouth. Each tooth, however, has a separate brush, so it is easy to reach each one. Once that is done, the machine vibrates to let the person know that now the miniscule jets of water are going to spray. The jets of water rinse off any excess toothpaste and finally, the procedure is done! Special thank you to you all for considering my product! *Conditions apply. See store for details. Description of the Product Plus, buy a Dentron today and receive a free bottle of toothpaste recommended by doctors all over the world! How Does It Work? THANKS FOR LISTENING! Have you ever woken up in the morning too late to brush your teeth? Ever needed to multi-task at night or in the morning and not be able to because brushing your teeth takes both hands? Ever wanted to brush your teeth at school more easily? Well, now you can!! Introducing the Dentron! The Dentron is a small machine that you can place in your mouth that has small robotic arms used to brush your teeth for you, saving you time and hassle in the morning, afternoon, or late at night. Now you can finally avoid putting down a good book to get up and brush your teeth, and maybe even save you a couple of minutes of sleep! Ever wanted to do your bathroom routines at once? Well, now you can! Simply place the Dentron in your mouth, and your ready to go! Operating this machine is nice and simple. Start with the toothpaste. Add a small dab of toothpaste to at least two of the arms. The toothpaste will spread in your mouth onto the other arms, so it is unnecessary to go above this limit. Now, you simply place the machine into your mouth carefully, so that the logo is facing the roof of your mouth. Close your mouth, and you will find that the disc part of the machine sits on the top of your tongue. Leave it like this, and let the arms move around in your mouth. Keep your mouth shut as the arms move around. Once you feel the arms stop moving, and the disc gives a vibrating feel, it means the cleaning is over. Now, water will spray from the machine in small squirts to rinse off any extra toothpaste. Spit the machine carefully back into a safe container. Done! THE DENTRON! So come and buy your Dentron today with 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! THANKS FOR LISTENING! THE DENTRON! By: Claudia Doyle Purpose To make this product usable for all ages and conditions, Dentrons are freely customized. Everyone has a different size according to how many teeth they have and how big their mouth is. The number of robotic arms varies for each person, depending on how many teeth they have so that this product can be used for all ages. People with braces can get special Dentrons with more precise brushes as well, and younger children get more sensitive ones, meaning that they don't brush as hard as adult ones. Adult Dentrons are larger in size than the children ones. Also, everyone can pick a colour and design for the disc of the Dentron! (Some designs and patterns may vary, solid colours available as well.) Dental Cleaning Customize What Happens During The Cleaning? The Dentron is a fantastic tool to use when your on the go, or simply just too busy to brush your


Transcript: Progress SugarCRM delivers a fully transformed, personalized user experience that is immersive, engaging and intuitive. Sugar fuses the straightforward simplicity, mobility and social aspects of a consumer app with the business process optimization of conventional CRM. Nurul Adilah TASK ALLOCATION & PROGRESS Joyful Trading's Hierarchy 40% Objective of project To create a Vendor Management System (VMS) that allows you to monitor existing vendors and rate their performance as well as get a recommendation based on products and services you are looking for. To customize SugarCRM to the VMS process. 1. Vendor Management a) Create, Modify and Delete Vendor details b) Vendors with existing contracts are monitored on their expiry date and warnings are provided for contracts expiring soon 2. Vendor Evaluation a) Rate the performance of a vendor b)Blacklist a vendor 3. Vendor Recommendation a) Search for a recommended vendor based on products or services 4. Document Depository a) Store documents Requirements of project Business Process Modelling - Support & Maintenance - Integration of all departments Task 100% Introduction of SugarCRM Objectives Requirements Company’s Background (Joyful Trading) Company’s Hierarchy Benefits of VMS Business Process Model Use Case Diagram Task Allocation and Progress Content 100% TASK ALLOCATION & PROGRESS Joyful Trading TASK ALLOCATION & PROGRESS Nur' Ain Task Benefits of Vendor Management System Introduction of SugarCRM USE CASE DIAGRAM TASK ALLOCATION & PROGRESS Develop Project Charter Provide excellent service Improve reliability of supply Provide cutting edge of technology trends Alternative sources Single point of contact Gain control of supplier base Access to large number of vendors Reduce admin load and costs Joyful Trading is the one Copying Service Business Centre that you can count on for high quality and efficient printing services. Their wide range of services spans from full color or black & white Plan Printing, Photocopying, Bookbinding (ring/tape), Color Copying and Scanning services. They are able to provide professional, efficient, reliable and quality services to their clienteles in corporations, government entities as well as learning institutions by leveraging on their wealth of industry experience and knowledge for technological advances. Task Gather information from Joyful Trading Customize SugarCRM to support Vendor Management Nurul Shayunis Nurul Khalidah 100% Use Case Diagram Progress Gantt Chart Use Case Diagram 50% 100% Customize Vendors in SugarCRM: - Logo - Import Contacts in CRM as csv file - Create, Modify & Delete vendors - Rating of Performance 40% Business Process Modelling - Purchasing Management 100% Progress Customize SugarCRM - Vendor Details; .csv file - Edit various fields Business Process Modelling - Finance Management 40% 100% Task Progress Business Process Modelling - Operations Management Compilation of Business Process Modelling 100% 100%

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