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Customer Service Training

Transcript: By: Chelsea Kocherhans Based on Lessons from a Mouse Customer Service Training Customer Service Customer Service Why is Customer Service important? What Customer Service skills does your company do well? What Customer Service Skill does your company need to improve? Disney has shown countless times that their trainings produce the best customer service oriented employees. I have found that this can be applied to any company and have successfully trained more then 25 orientation leaders in this training. Lessons from the Mouse Lessons from the Mouse Lesson #1: Never let Backstage come Onstage Lesson #1: Never let Backstage come Onstage What's O'Crowley's Irish Taco Onstage? Backstage Backstage This is the behind-the-scenes locations where Disney Cast members ate, drank, smoke, complained, truck deliveries, costume changes, composting, company meetings etc. This is anything you don't want the public to see. Backstage Environment What should be happening backstage? What type of behaviors are okay backstage? Should the customers ever see backstage? Backstage Environment This is where the show takes place. This is every spot in Disney where you would find a guest. This is where the magic happens Onstage Onstage What is O'Crowley Irish Tacos Onstage? Onstage Environment How should you act? What is your "costume"? How should the environment look? Onstage Environment Show-Ready What does it mean to be show-ready for O'Crowleys? Show-Ready How can you ensure that O'Crowley's is always show-ready? Lesson #2: There are no stupid questions Lesson #2: There are no stupid questions Some customers questions may seem off the wall but their intended question are legitimate. Disney Example: What time is the three o' clock parade? What a guest really wanted to know was what time the parade got to a particuluar spot. Customer Questions Customer Questions Our Guests may not always be right, but they will always be our guests. Examples of O'Crowley Questions Let's discuss together what a customer may really want to know when they ask silly questions. Examples of O'Crowley Questions Never respond in a sarcastic way. Try to listen for the need behind the question, empathize, and answer in a way that perserves our customers dignity. If we are going to have loyal customers we need to think of them as not stupid. Look at the situation through their eyes. Responses to Questions Responses to Questions Jargon Jargon is when you respond to a question using terms that the customers may not understand. What is some of your internal jargon that should be avoided? Jargon

Customer Service Training

Transcript: COMPETITION It can be heard over the phone if you are smiling, preoccupied, or bored. Remember: If you ask if there is anything else you can help with you, you better be ready to help :) and hopefully were helpful in the first place. You get out what you put in - participation is greatly appreciated Play with the toys Help yourself to the food Think outside of the box Use Their Name Put On Your Customer Hat Can be earned, but only if... Confirming vs. Asking United Breaks Guitars Sincerity is the new black 10% isn't that bad The Journey to Customer Happiness "Every interaction you have with your customers- inbound calls, outbound marketing calls, on-line contacts, mail orders, or face to face purchases- is a moment of truth" -Jon Carlzon, pioneer Salvation Army $180 Million! Silly Slide Show Rules Instant gratification takes too long Humor, Hospitality, & Homlessness Internal customers + tell 3 people - tell 14 people (negative has always traveled faster) Turnaround time 1 week Put On Your Customer Hat Strengths Doing what we say we are going to when we say we are going to do it Undivided Attention Our Strengths As a customer, what expectations do you have when you spend money in your favorite stores? How do the companies that meet your expectations do it? How do companies fail to meet your expectations? What could LEO's learn from these examples? Why is customer service important to us anyway? For example: How was your summer break? Did you enjoy your long weekend? Power of One What differentiates our strengths from our competitors? start time!! -staff- setup location, volunteers, you will be there about an hour early) Always Paraphrase Always ask to put someone on hold Get lots of info Golden Rule: Be Pleasant Think about your last, best experience as a customer What did the company do to create a great experience for you? Are there other companies you'd like to see match that experience? Which companies do you think are creating new and positive expectations across industries? Any Questions?? Don't freak out! Empathize Commiserate Listen Customer Service vs. Customer Experience The conversation always comes back to business, but take the time to engage them as a human Falling in Love with Customer Service Our competition HONESTY Ask yourself, "If I were the customer, how would I expect this to be handled?" Transparency builds trust with customers over time Accept responsibility when things go wrong No excuses! Create an Advocate or an Angry Customer "The customer satisfaction of internal customers is nowadays recognized by many organizations as a precursor to, and prerequisite for, external customer satisfaction." Tansuhaj, Randall, & McCollough One day it hit me... Dialogue Consistency Honesty Using their name Undivided attention Create conversation Be Sincere United lost an approximate 10% of their market cap due to Dave Carroll's music videos Phone Etiquette Diehards Steady Eddies Serial Killers Start Time!!! -Staff start time! Setup location Volunteers You will be there about an hour early Who recognizes you by name? Who treats you like they know you even if they don't remember your name? How do they do it? How do you feel about them? Does that keep you loyal to them? What more could they have to do to increase your loyalty to them? What actions on their part would cause you to interact with them more frequently? Production Flow Example: All American School Photography - Monday Data Entry - Tuesday CC/Printing - Wednesday Packaging - Thursday Service/Specialty Items - Friday How long do we have to produce a job? ...Our relationship with the customer is Phone etiquette How much is your time worth? Of clients who defect, 80% are actually satisfied Food for thought Overview Competition What are internal customers and why do they matter? Be Sincere Put your customer hat on CONSISTENCY RESILIENT (3 types of customers) Not just other photography companies -Last best experience Create Conversation What do I do when a customer is upset? Internal Customer Exercise From the service industry to Non-Profits and back LEO's Conclusion: Customer Experience Internal Customer Service Major Strength: Time Turnaround time 3-4 weeks Listen well Paraphrase Make note of important details DIALOGUE Find Commonalities Building STRONG Relationships vs. Our customers Dave Carroll's decision to make the videos Predictability and security

Customer Service Training

Transcript: ...tell 22 people about their bad experiences. Activity 1 "Thank you very much for hosting us and making us feel so welcome." "Residence life staff was very helpful." Satisfied Customers: ...tell 9 people how happy they are. By: Lisa Warnock Information Connection We did have a few minor problems with housing, including having to make four requests to have graffiti removed from the dorm lounge bathroom. That is the bathroom that our campers' parents use, so it is important that it looks good. **Remember, happier customers, make you happier in return. It makes your job that much easier and also sets the tone for future experiences and makes people want to return.** Activity 2 I project a positive image and energy. What would you have done? "Residential staff is always very accommodating with on-site changes." Most of our experiences were good. We did have a few problems...some of the dorms did not seem clean from a previous camp. The Easy Way I am courteous and respectful to all guests, including children. So the question is... How can we prevent bad experiences and provide great customer service? We had an enjoyable experience and our needs were met. Unsatisfied Customers: Providing Exceptional Service Disney Service Basics I go above and beyond. . Were these "bad" experiences preventable? How could they have responded differently? . Summer Conference Training 2015 I stay in character and play the part. Everything was wonderful, as always!

Customer Service Training

Transcript: After completion of this training you will be able to: The Four R's This material belongs to Payday HCM. This material may not be reproduced, altered, or distributed without the written consent of an authorized representative of Payday HCM. Actively listen Be present Remember the goal! Angry Customers Keep in mind........ Your customers!! What is Customer Service? Customer service is the act of taking care of the customer's needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer's requirements are met. Customer service is meeting the needs and desires of any customer. By being professional Customer Satisfaction A happy customer is more important than the customer being right How do we deliver? Communication Scheduling Appearance Workflow Be professional Actively listen to customers Have a great attitude What is our policy? Timely Response Stay polite Time out Allow customer to vent Identify the problem Be honest & positive Resolve the problem Follow up Follow through Show appreciation Learn Disclaimer "Our customers are our most valuable assets. Each of us represents El Patio De Albuquerque Restaurant to the public. The way we interact outside this company is a direct reflection on our organization. Assisting customers and potential customers is our first business priority. We ask employees to be courteous and respectful to customers and members of the the public while conducting company business." Is the customer always right? Recognize that we all have customers and share responsibility for customer satisfaction Handle customers' issues effectively Re-energize your attitude toward providing excellent customer service Improve overall customer satisfaction Customer Service Training Presented by Vanesa Trujillo, HR Generalist Retention Referrals Reputation Revenue Summary Who pays you? Training Objectives Listen to the voice of your customer How do you define great customer service? Be Helpful

Customer Service Training!

Transcript: Non-Verbal communication Pictures Activity! - Pointing - Fixed eye contact - Smiling - Nodding/Shaking head - Waving - Arms behind your back - Smart clothing - Good posture Born: 1st April 1908 Died: 9th June 1970 Documentation Completion of documentation is what it says. You have to make sure all appropriate documents are complete right. For example, tickets have the right information on it. A example could be when a customer books a holiday the travel agent will need to make sure the details are correct and the form is completed before they depart. Customer Service Training! - Slouching - Legs crossed - Looking down - Elbows on hospital - No facial expression - Rolling eyes Developing a conversation Abraham Maslow These employees specialize in working on the electronics systems on an aircraft. These people must make decisions to solve overbooking but do it so they do not effect the organisation negatively. These people work on providing good customer service and ensure the safety of customers. These employees make flight plans, consider weather changes, think about the expected fuel consumption and do this to ensure safety on an aircraft. A couple turn up to the travel agents you work at. They are thinking about booking a holiday with your company but want a good deal because they do not have a lot of money. They like to go out for trips but do not know what they want to do yet. Your job is to find out what holiday is suitable for them and you need to make sure it meets their every needs. Think of a list of 8 effective questions you could ask them and write them down on the flipchart paper that is on your table. You have 3 minutes! - Make an effort to listen to customers - Ask questions do carry the conversation on and show an interest - Show an eager tone of voice to show you want to carry on the conversation – bored, condescending or angry tones put off customers and they want to stop talking to you. - Make sure your non-verbal communications are positive e.g smiling, good body posture, eye contact. - Ask open ended questions – This means that you will have to ask questions that have a long and descriptive answer for example, ‘What did you do on your holiday?’ - Do not use closed questions because it will lose the conversation and make you seem less interested. It will also make it harder for you to carry on the conversation and you will not find out as much from the customer. An example of this type of question is, ‘Did you have a good flight?’ Asking Questions What should he have done to succeed in selling the product? Flight Attendant Operations Agent Avionics Technicians Flight Dispatcher Think about... Overcoming objections, establishing customer needs and product knowledge.

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