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Customer Service Presentation Template

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Customer Service Presentation

Transcript: Because we have delivered more than our customers expected... ...our customers now expect more than we have delivered! It's time to look at things.... OUR STAFF HAVE SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE TO SHARE! THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SECTION OF THE INTRANET SHOULD BE A STEP AHEAD... .....THE POSSIBILITY OF STAFF HAVING HOME ACCESS OPENS GREAT ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES! LOOK AT THE POSSIBILITY OF USING NEW TECNOLOGY, SUCH AS We have become a victim of our own success. CHANGES IN CUSTOMER SERVICE Smartcards will continue to evolve. Due to our great successes, passenger expectations rise. Customer service experience becomes more important than ever. The company aims for Investors In People Gold Award. ENGAGE, SINCE 2004 HOW DOES CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING ADAPT TO THESE CHANGES? INSPIRE Thank you for your time. UPDATE AND ADAPT OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING SO THAT OUR STAFF FIND IT RELEVANT AND USEFUL. THE BEST TEACHERS INSPIRE THIER STUDENTS TO LEARN Changes in Technology. INSPIRE! FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE! Scotrail starts to use new technology and social media to engage with our customers. CO-OPERATE WITH ALL DEPARTMENTS, TO FIND AND SOLVE PROBLEMS REGARDING IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW S.O.M. Any questions? SMARTBOARDS ARE EASY TO USE AND CAN BE USED TO PRESENT MULTI MEDIA TRAINING COURSES, WHILE PROJECTING A PROFESSIONAL IMAGE TO STAFF AND VISITORS. Introduction of new S.O.M. makes customer service part of competence assessments. Blackberrys introduced to on train staff. Scotrail promises to deliver the best service for Scotland every day. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE..... CUSTOMER SERVICE COMES NATURALLY TO SOME, BUT NOT TO ALL. EDUCATE LISTEN TO THE EXPERIENCE OF OUR STAFF. EDUCATE, TRAIN OUR MANAGERS TO HELP THEM ASSESS CUSTOMER SERVICE COMPETENCE STANDARDS. BE CREATIVE IN HOW WE TEACH CUSTOMER SERVICE, LET OUR TRAINEES EXPERIENCE GOOD AND BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Safety, Integrity, Quality, Accessible and Professional. Customer Service plays an integral part in our Visions and Values. The commonwealth games come to Glasgow giving us the chance to showcase our customer service. USE THE INTRANET AND POSSIBLY KINDLE TO ENGAGE OUR STAFF. OUR STAFF ARE OUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET Looking towards, and beyond the end of the current franchise. INNOVATIONS SO FAR..................... ENGAGE EDUCATE OURSELVES, BY LOOKING AT WHAT OTHER SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES DO. UTILIZE OUR CURRENT TECHNOLOGY , SUCH AS SMARTBOARDS, TO EXPLORE NEW TEACHING TECHNIQUES. WHEN WORKING FOR GADGETSHOP, I WOULD SEND NEW STAFF TO ASK QUESTIONS AT THE APPLE STORE, AND REPORT ON THE SERVICE THEY RECEIVED. THIS WAS INVALUABLE IN SHOWING THE STANDARD I EXPECTED FROM MY STAFF. How we have performed in the current franchise. TVMs and Smartcard ticketing are introduced. Scotrail starts to deliver on all fronts. Punctuality and reliability improve. Modernised facilities and ticketing systems are introduced. Scotrail introduces great value products. First transforms the Scotrail brand. Vision and Values put customer service at the core of the company.

Customer Service Presentation

Transcript: Practice, Practice Practice...Role-Playing! Who is Responsible for Customer Service? Interests and hobbies Occupation Education Cultural diversity Technology skills Location or community Access point: online, in-house, Affiliates, outreach To provide a basic introduction and understanding of the concepts of customer service. To give examples of good customer service, and how to achieve it. To explore the different aspects of good customer service (staff, facilities, collections and programs). To enpower staff to make the best customer service decision for each individual and each circumstance. To provide coping techniques for staff encountering the confused, dissatisfied and angry customer. To learn from and help each other. How to deal, cope and have each other's back! Angry Customers = Angry Staff? Questions? Handling Stress Navigating the Customer Service Experience SAY "what I can do is," INSTEAD OF "I can't." SAY "Yes, and," INSTEAD OF "Yes, but." SAY "Let's see if I can find out," INSTEAD OF "I don't know." SAY "Here's a list of organizations that may be able to help you," INSTEAD OF "We can't do that." SAY "You may want to look at the information I have," INSTEAD OF "You are wrong." SAY "I don't have the expertise to give you advice on that subject, but I can find you information," INSTEAD OF "I can't give advice." Create... Escape clauses in rules and policies. This is the Captain Jack Sparrow principle: "They're more like guidelines, really." You Are Here Pick up the phone ASAP, but don't pick it up just to stop the ringing, and continue your conversation with someone else. Say your name and identify your library. Remember to smile when you're speaking. Callers can "hear" the smile in your voice. Speak clearly and not too fast. If you have to put the customer on hold, ask if they can wait or would they rather call back. If you have to take the customer's name and number, write it down legibly (that's my biggest issue!) and repeat it back to the customer for correctness. Customer Service and the Mentally Unstable Frontline Customer Service Who Are Our Customers? Anger is contagious. Remember, it probably has nothing to do with you! Anger is a secondary emotion. The annoyed, frustrated, grouchy and mad. They...have the wrong library; are in a hurry; just need to check their email or print one form; "but they told me I could!" Anger is in the body. The body reacts to "fight or flight." Blood leaves the brain, and thinking stops. Hopefully, by not allowing customers to draw you into their anger, they will see that you are trying to resolve the issue and will calm down. But...This doesn't always work and the customer leaves angry. The customer is NOT always right...but they do have the right to express their opinion. Just do the best you can and move on. Customer Service: Facilities, Collections and Programming Effective Communication GOALS! Discretion allows for assessing each situation as unique. Are there any circumstances where you might: Waive fines? Check-out materials without the library card? Extend computer time limits? Allow customer use of staff equipment? Enpowerment doesn't mean disregarding the policies of the Library or PINES. It does mean weighing the customer service benefit of "exceptions" to the policy, versus strictly following it. Knowledge Customer Service and Enpowered Staff The Angry Customer Stay calm and don't take it personally. Speak in a lower voice. Don't argue. Apologize for the situation: "I'm sorry if you feel that way;" "I'm sorry if you were given the wrong information." Focus on what can be done, instead of what can't be done. Use S.E.T. Support, Empathy, Truth Support: Use statements that begin with "I". "I want to help you" or "How can I help you?" Empathy: NOT pity, but awareness and validation of their feelings. "I see that you're angry and I understand that this is frustrating" or "I understand how you must feel." Truth: A realistic and honest assessment of the situation, NOT the person's subjective experience. "This is what I can do for you" or "Here are some of your options." Try to remember to use "Support" and "Empathy" before "Truth", or the customer may become even more angry. Performance. Do customers always get correct information from the library? Availability. Can we put the latest bestseller in a customer's hands? Ease of use. Is it easier to search the library's catalog or for a book? Reliability. Can we perform the promised service dependably and accurately? Responsiveness. Are we willing to provide prompt and courteous service, with a smile? Empathy. Do we care about their needs and are willing to provided individualized service? The Angry Customer Children Young adults Homeschoolers Adults, including Seniors Businesses Ethnic populations Disadvantaged populations College students (26,000 at GSU alone!) Everyone! It happens in every part of library operations. In every service provided by the library. With external customers (library

Customer Service Presentation

Transcript: It is important to understand our customers’ individual needs and wants Personalization of service is key to a happy and content customer Strike up a conversation by asking questions about their trip and destination Vacationer? Point out some landmarks on the way Local? Information about local traffic could help redirect path for a speedy and safe drive This helps build trust between driver and customer, and in turn a relationship is started Anyone and everyone in an organization can make a difference for the organization Smile Make eye contact Be Polite Say Please and end with a Thank You Very easy and simple, and can make a world of difference for a customer to be treated this way Service Model: RIDE Use your imagination to rejuvenate your work efforts continually This helps keep you happy and in turn our customers happy Everyday is a clean slate and you choose your theme for the day Remember we are in the business of helping people Study the maps to know side streets Keep yourself informed about all new road construction and traffic Knowing more than one route to a destination helps keep each drive different and your work from being redundant Problem solving is the key to creating and establishing value for our customers What is the quickest and safest path to our customer’s destination? Sometimes the quickest path is not the most conventional path Inform the customer the route you intend to take and the reason why This builds credibility and value for our customers because it shows that you are knowledgeable and prepared to help the customer get to their destination Establishing value brings back customers Principle: Create and Establish Value Sanborn, M. (2008, February 8). How to Provide Extraordinary Customer Service: The Fred Factor. YouTube. Retrieved from Sanborn, M. (2013, March 25). Be A Fred. Retrieved from The Fred Factor: by: Josellyn Osuna MKTG210 06/05/2013 Providing the Best Customer Service Look to the service model based on the four principles to help you remember how to create the best customer service experience: References R- relationships I - imagination D - difference E - establish value Principle: Build Relationships Principle: Anyone Can Make A Difference Principle: Invent and Reinvent Yourself Regularly

Service Presentation - Template

Transcript: There is a difference between fast and efficient service. Do not continue to do things the same old way because that is “how they are done”. You were hired to use your experience and skills to better the organization – take that challenge seriously. It may not always be possible to say “yes” but the customer must know that you have done everything possible to help them accomplish their goal. Make eye contact, smile, and speak (when appropriate) to every customer you encounter. No exceptions. Customers of government agencies do not choose to do business with us, they have to. The only way to overcome this challenge is to provide exceptional service. The implementation of process improvement requires a global perspective. Know what the agency does. When you do, you will know that your work has purpose and that “That’s not my job” shouldn’t be part of your vocabulary. Ask and offer. Your professionalism is judged based on your appearance, your attitude, your manners, your knowledge, and your abilities. It is a package, fail on just one count and you risk making a bad impression. Use your knowledge, skills, and resources to respect your customers’ time, but never rush – it is disrespectful and it dramatically impacts both the relationship and the outcome. Keep your eyes open. If you see something that doesn’t work the way it should, take steps to make it right or at the very least, call someone’s attention to it. Customers care how many people they have to talk with to get the answers they need. If you need to transfer or hand off a customer, make sure it is to the right person, and be sure you’ve prepared that person to ensure a seamless transition. Your career and your livelihood exist because of the customer in front of you. Be grateful and appreciative. To provide accurate information, you must know your job and have a thorough understanding of agency processes. Engage with your co-workers, ask questions, keep up with your industry. There is always more to learn – attend training when it is offered. Respect your customer’s concerns about dealing with government. Resolving an issue or completing a request may take longer, but acknowledgement of the request should happen the day it is received. Know your business. Do not overpromise or under-deliver. Manage expectations by setting reasonable goals. Give careful thought to timelines and make your word your bond. Moreno Valley Service that Soars Never assume you know what your customer needs. Good questions evoke good answers, but only if you’re listening. Resolve not to interrupt. Exercise patience, be polite, and pay attention. Venture outside your world. There is no better way to gauge your success than to ask for feedback. There is no better way to demonstrate your commitment to the customer than to provide a card and offer your continuing assistance. A customer is not a football. Connect. Keep a bad mood to yourself. Respond within the same day. Say “Thank you”. Remember, first impressions matter. Treat customers like they have a choice. Put a human face on the customer’s dealings with what is often considered a complex bureaucracy. Customers enjoy doing business with people they like and trust. Yes, it is your job to make customers like and trust you. Keep your word. Remember who you work for. Ask, then be quiet and listen. Question the status quo. A customer should NEVER have to deal with your difficult day. Everything is your job.

Customer Service Presentation

Transcript: Customer Service Presentation Skills Skills Every employee needs to display these very important skills in the workplace so that customers will be happy and the restaurant will be successful. Responsibility Responsibility Being responsible is extremely important. You have to be responsible to make sure you job gets done and it gets done on time. If you want to be promoted and given more responsibility, you have to show that you can be responsible for you duties that you already have. Time Management Time Management In order to be a good employee, you have to manage your time well. It is important to know what you have to do and how much time you have to do it. When you manage time well, you can finish tasks quicker. Attitude Attitude Your attitude towards other employees and customers affects how they will behave towards you. If you want to have a good relationship with your coworkers and/or get good tips from customers, you have to have a positive and happy attitude. Communication Communication Communication involves giving ideas and opinions, but also listening to others. With good, and positive communication, jobs will get done and everyone will have a chance to be heard. Respect Respect Respect is important for employees to show to other employees and customers. Respect is treating everyone fairly. Servers and hosts/hostesses must treat all customers kindly and efficiently. Employees need to be respectful of the jobs their coworkers are doing. Listening Skills Listening Skills Sharing ideas is important, but you have to be able to hear other peoples suggestions and ideas. Additionally, you need to listen well to your managers you will give you jobs to do. If you aren't good at listening, their will be problems with communication. Accepting Criticism Accepting Criticism Sometimes your managers or coworkers will offer constructive criticism regarding your work. You should be respectful of their opinion and if possible try their suggestions, they only want to help. Leading Leading Being a leader means you take charge in difficult situations. You show your coworkers what to do and exhibit a great amount of responsibility. Leaders also have to be respectful of others and understand that they don't have all the answers and rely on their team to do their jobs too. Energy Management Energy Management In order to come to work awake and ready to work you need to make sure you: -eat a balanced diet -exercise -get plenty of sleep This way you won't be tired while working your shift. Handling Customers Handling Customers Sometimes customers will have bad days, or simply just be upset. Be extra careful when serving these customers. Be polite and respectful and do what you can to make their experience here enjoyable. If needed alert a manager to a extreme customer and they will handle that customer.

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