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Customer Service Powerpoint Template

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Customer service

Transcript: Do these measures of productivity identify changes in the quality and quantity of service produced (number of meals or room sold)? Customer’s perception doesn’t change because the Hotel hasn’t got the policies of giving free room or free services. For the company is more important to solve the problem immediately instead of giving free services. Does the company measure employee satisfaction and can it be linked to customer satisfaction measurement, to establish trends? Person Does the company recognized employees based on customer satisfaction mesurements? Sincerely they don’t have any type of recognitions but they should to satisfy the customers Principals Characteristics Why do customers defect? Are customer satisfaction data gathered? The Hotel has different ways to update each customer profile. They use a computer program called ServiceExpress, where Call Center notes each customers complains and at the end of the day they send it to the General Manager. Are employees satisfaction criteria based on what customers and managers want? Yes because there are some rewards for increasing the productivity of the hotel The company of the hotel is MELIA( the most important company in Spain and the 3 in Europe) Has a lot of Strenghts: Localization, variety. Meeting rooms Service profit chain Employee loyalty The function of guest management Computer program called ServiceExpress, where Call Center notes each customers complains and at the end of the day they send it to the General Manager. Empowerment staff Are there listening posts to collect customer feedback? The hotel receives the complains through: Calls Email Front desk Does the company leadership develop and maintain a corporate culture focused on service to the customer and employee? Are employees satisfied the support they receive? Yes, All the employers have all the facilities to work in a important company like Melia who offers a lot of elements for their staff THE REQUISIT IS: 20 NIGHT OR 20000 POINTS IN THE YEAR MAS GOLD Late check out until 16h Guaranteed room until 5 days before Business center discount 20% Discount on airport transfer How much does the company spend on retaining customers? What are the most important relationships in the company’s service profit chain? Yes they do, Hotel Melià tries all the time to keep their goals as high as they can and still being the leader. They try to have the best work environment to transmit their satisfaction to all the customers, that it is how they create a loyalty customer. Person PROFITS How is the information regarding value perception shared with those who design products or services? Person Privileged location : Located 20 minutes from Barcelona airport and 5 minutes from Sants - AVE high speed train station Close to exclusive shopping centres and fashionable boutiques. The Meliá Barcelona Hotel has one of the city’s largest and most modern business centres Exclusive Yhi Wellness Spa Exclusive The Level Service Free-access gym for customers Meliá Barcelona has been awared the Biosphere Hotel certificate Policies Each employee has a personal card that they can use in all the company which has different prices and discounts in all the brand, not only for the employee but also to their family and friends. CONCLUSIONS MAS PLATINIUM CARD MAS BLUE The receptionists can gain several fees in order to their upselling’s (Suites, city views and level services). HOTEL MELIA BARCELONA How does the company define loyal customers? (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr MAS BLUE CARD What are your recommendations to improve the service profit chain of the company? The company has a very good policies and values, but there is always something to improve in my case I will say that, they could give “empowerment” to every employee, not only to supervisors. Also Human Resources could keep on taking care of each employee’s complain such as a computer program to optimize in time. Points earned for every € spent in the hotel Free newspaper 50% Discount on breakfast Free night for birthday Exclusive customer service Late check out until 14h 10% Discount in the restaurants 10% Discount in Spa 25% discount in upgrade to a superior room Guest Manager THE REQUISIT IS: 50 NIGHT OR 50000 POINTS IN THE YEAR How does the company create employee loyalty? Value Customer service How is the customer satisfaction data used to solve problems? Each case is solved in a different way, but normally the employees give all the information to the Guest Manager and he decides the best way to give a solution. Do profit measurements include profits from referrals? MAS PLATINIUM MAS GOLD CARD Does the company have effective service recovery polices? Only supervisors and managers have empowerment Late check out until 18h Check in preference Guaranteed room until 72 h before Breakfast included 30% Discount in Business center Free minibar

Customer Service

Transcript: Soon after their rude waiter left, the girls saw what looked like the manager walk over. He asked them how everything was, and before they could say that they thought the place was a dump, he walked off leaving them bewildered. After scanning over the menu that wasn't put together well, they spotted a waiter coming their way. His hair was greasy and long, he had stubble with some type of dirt stuck in it, and his work uniform was dirty and smelly. His shoes were filthy from the mud that was outside and he looked like he absolutely despised his job. Angrily, Ashlee and Kristen split the bill and shoved the money inside. They strutted towards the doors, not even bothering to say goodbye to the greeter sitting in the corner smacking her gum and filing her nails. Yep, Ashlee and Kristen were never coming back here again for sure. After Ashlee picked Kristen up, they headed off to Olive Garden. When they pulled up at the front entrance, they were greeted by the smell of old trash left in the dumpster that was conveniently placed by the entrance. When they arrived at their table they were disgusted to find out that the table hadn't been wiped, there were old crumbs in the seats, and there was gum stuck to the corners and underside of the table. THE END!! :) When the waiter took their orders, he didn't introduce himself or give them any sort of greeting. Kristen looked like she was ready to leave, but not quite yet. Ashlee and her best friend Kristen were planning on having dinner at Olive Garden tonight. So Ashlee decided to call the restaurant to make reservations ahead of time. The greeter stomped over to them and opened his mouth. "Who are you?" he asked with absolutely no emotion behind his voice. His face seemed like he was mad at the whole world. "Ashlee. Party of 2," she said, pointing to Kristen. "Come on," he said grumpily as he led them to their table. During a conversation involving all the rude people and disgusting encounters, the food arrived. But they wished it hadn't. The lasagna Ashlee ordered smelled of rotten cheese and Kristen's ravioli tasted of vomit. Kristen walked--well, ran--back to the table and sat down on her filthy chair. They knew the food they had definitely wasn't worth all the money, but they had to do what they had to do. When the waiter passed, he tossed the check onto the table, tipping over Ashlee's drink which resulted in it splashing all over her front side. Pinching their noses, Kristen grabbed the door handle, but it was covered in a mysterious sticky liquid. Wiping it off and scowling, they walked inside. Both had a feeling this was going to be a looooong night. Kristen excused herself to the bathroom, because she felt like she was going to be sick. When she walked in, she almost lost her ravioli right there on the floor. The restroom smelled like the inside of a used toilet and definitely looked like one. The mirrors had smears on them, the walls were covered in graffiti and the floors were covered in used napkins and water from the toilets and sinks. On second thought, let's not use the restroom. When Ashlee called the restaurant, she disliked the fact that the person on the other line wasn't very cheery. Their phone call began with a harsh hello, and ended with the beep of "ending call".

customer service

Transcript: They have become successful by targeting the youth market with their value-oriented pricing, flexible calling plans, and their top of the line smart phones, all of which are intended to appeal to consumers under the age of 35 Virgin counted for 7. the inability to make in-store payments Who is virgin? is important this allowed them to create a brand which becomes identifiable among competitors In-store payment television ads; posters, billboard, Internet ads, social media fan pages and they also brand each one of their cellphones telus and rogers counted for 8. sales reps don't have access to bills unless provided by the customer 40+ counts for 6% Virgins kiosk employees define the service because they are considered the contact employees and have the most interaction with customers. age of people surveyed Physical evidence refers to the assembly of the product, where the buyer and seller interact, along with all the tangible products the firm offers. Allow reps to access bills and other account information. every problem is dealt with by phone-in customer service which causes huge waiting times and makes it difficult to solve any problem. Product 36% said no change Other counted for 17 16% said no change 23-30 counts for 26% Place, Process and Price surveys Price Recommendations Process Issues contact employees create a favourable image of the firm and provide better service than the competitors. Place People and Physical evidence 4% said no is important too Refers to all people directly or indirectly involved with the encounter. 31-40 counts for 10% is important the locations of kiosks and their online presence. People Product and Promotion “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Prepaid Wireless Services” for two consecutive years Bell counted for 10 Provide more in depth training to reps in order to deal with questiones and concerns from the customer, allow them the opportunity to practice customer service more frequently. Reps have more power Provide in-store payments at kiosks. The first would be for their tangible products, which is the cell phone. Secondly, their other product would be the intangible plans provides voice and data wireless communications services throughout Canada by operating on the Bell Mobility network service providers Their plans allow them to be successful, competitive pricing allows them to offer features and benefits for the customer. Best customer service? The 7 P's Most people believe that Virgin's only product are their phones. 18-22 counts for 58% 50% said yes the physical evidence of a service also includes all the tangible representations of service such as brochures, letterhead, business cards, reports, signage, internet presence and equipment. Physical evidence 14% said no Promotion Virgin primarily focus’s on wireless communications, the process of how the customer get their phone is essential as well. Virgin offers a wide variety of service processes such as ordering the phone online, over the telephone or going in store to pick it up. 80% said yes

Customer Service

Transcript: Providing Excellent Customer Service Improving Customer Service I have developed this theory for a retail scenario, to provide excellent customer service and to ensure customers needs are fully satisfied Self actualization: Interactive media displays within store, keeping up with technological changes. Having phone apps to search for products. Catwalk trends on screens within store above counter point. In-store style-booth, customers are able to dress up in the brands garments and get pictures taken and then tagged on FaceBook. Esteem Needs: Customers feel like it is a reliable service, able to take products back within a certain time frame if not happy with them. Brand is well marketed and customer feels secure that they have purchased the right products. Prices are justified through quality. Safety needs: There is clear signage for different areas within the shop, including braille for blind people. Changing rooms are divided in to male and female to make customers feel comfortable. Leaflets and promotional materials are in a number of different languages. Customers needs Liverpool One Where do we start? Customer Service plays a vital part in any organisation. A brand places customer service at the heart of delivering products in a smooth fashion, providing customers with the best possible service. Example questionnaire My analysis Primary Research Maslow created a theory in 1943, that people must have a number of needs met in order to feel satisfied and to help motivate them to fulfill their true potential. Store Manager of Zara. Customer Service Cashier Assistant at Primark Belonging: Staff are friendly, warm and approachable. Products are marketed to make customers feel like they are buying in to a 'lifestyle' as well as just a product. Visuals reflect the brand identity and make the customer feel special and inspired. Physiological needs: The shop is tidy, clean and is fully equipped with lifts, handle rails, and ramps for disabled people. We went on a day trip to Liverpool One, where we evaluated is customers needs were met in a number of Fashion Retailers. Before this, i devised a customer service questionnaire to give to Managers and Customer Service representatives. Evaluation: I have reviewed the three questionnaires and found some interesting results. I believe that the results are affected by the different view points from various levels of job roles with Fashion Retail and also from the different fashion brands and the policies + staff training they have put in place regarding customer service........ The manager of Zara commented that in order to meet customers needs you must..... this was interesting compared to Debenhams Personal Shopper who suggested that.... ABC Level 3 Diploma in Fashion Retail Personal Shopper at Debenhams

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