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Customer Journey Presentation Template

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Customer Journey Presentation

Transcript: AWARENESS AWARENESS Facebook & Instagram Ads We want to impact users in Social Media with ads which have interesting content for our target. Our aim is t.o send the message in a clear and direct way using two types of posts: - Posts with offfers - Posts with financial produts. Facebook & Instagram Ads Google Search Google Search We use it in order to satisfy our users' searchs related to Renault Financiación, Dacia Financiación and Nissan Financiación. Using this, we make the first stage of conversion funnel, more direct, intuitive and useful to the user. Advertising Studio Advertising Studio MAIN CHARACTERISTICS: - It activates the users' data kept in SalesForce, like Social Media - It increases the Customer ROI through upsell campaigns, renovations and re-engagement - Improves the users experience with multichannel customer journeys - Re- enlist inactive users through the customer journey PROSPECTS: - It finds new prospects through “lookalikes” - It create advanced campaigns of leads generation, with an accurate segmentation and optimized investment CONSIDERATION CONSIDERATION Financial Websites Specific products information for users who already know about the car Highly SEO optimized sites to answer all questions the potential customers may have in this phase of the journey High value content focused on lead generation Detailed analytics tracking to know more about the users behavior Financial Websites Renault Finance Nissan Finance Dacia Finance Brand Websites Brand Websites Inside the 2021 projects, we highlight our CRM integrated with the brands. In order to complete this strategy, we have launched a complete project of integration into the brands' webs. With this action we want to: - Simplify the customer journey. - Build a new coherent Customer Journey. - Use the financial conditions as the trigger of the purchase - Reduction of number of clics - Make the user to stay at the same web page all the time Some of the changes we have planned: Presence of the simulator during the whole process Fees and prices in the Home Information pills in product pages PDFs to Download with information about Financial Products Financial simulator Financial Simulator In this phase, it is important to give the potential customer the most accurate information about the different options they have to acquire the car. And this is the main role of the financial simulator. Giving the user the chance to see different quotes or to "play" with different entries is a must. Renault Nissan But there is always room for improvements. Our proposals for 2021: Other finance products integration (Box, Renting, Classic) Lead generation focus Optional services One click strategy along the journey Online Pre - Approval Online Pre-aproval BEGINNING OF THE PROCESS BEGINNING OF THE PROCESS Once the system checks the information, the customer receives a message with the result. He has the option to upload some documents such as ID, Bank and income receipts. - Stand alone module to give the customer the possibility to check if the credit is possible or not - It can be implemented on any website - With a few fields the customer receive a confirmation Customer information First Check RCI Seguros RCI Seguros In collaboration with Marketing Team we have created a complete new and customer oriented brand in order to show RCI as a insurance supplier not only as a financial accompaniment A complete web focused on our insurances supported by the main brands like Caser, Mapfre, Axa... With this action we want to improve the stand alone sales. PURCHASE PURCHASE You Rent Online You Rent Online Contract your renting online in 5 steps and receive it at home in less than 10 days 1. Select your car 2. Choose desired months & kms 3. Fill in personal data form 4. Upload a few documents 5. Pay and sign the contract online ... and get the car! +560 leads +145k users +103 docs +4 cars +39k select a car Web Stock Nissan Web Stock Nissan 4. Reservation Payment 2. Car configuration 1. Model Section 3. Customer Form ID generation Online order Stock units PVP with discounts Financing selection Direct payment to the dealer With Web Stock Nissan our customers are able to buy their new car online doing the whole process from their home. RCI Online RCI Online CUSTOMER AT HOME 1. UC Selection - OCR of all the documents - Online signature of the financing contract 2. Gladis (Offer F) 3. Preaceptation 4. Dealer Selection 5. Online Payment 300€ to reserve the car 6. Lead sent to Leader 7. Order sent to @baco Finance Offer registered in @baco 8. RCI Online 8. RCI Online 9. UC Delivery Online Acceptance process CUSTOMER JOURNEY SELLER IN @BACO - Financial offers generation - E-mail delivery for online financing register E-SIGNATURE e-Signature - This process allow the customer to sign the contract totally online. - It can be integrated as a brick in any process - Once the customer read the document, he receive in his phone a pin code to finish the signature SERVICE & RETENTION

Customer Journey Presentation

Transcript: MARKETING AUTOMATION (MA), SALESFORCE, DIGITAL MARKETING & THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY PRESENTERS CHRIS FLORES NC State KEITH BRETZIUS Michigan NATASHA FRISCH Paciolan MICHAELA PATT Paciolan AWARENESS AWARENESS Facebook & Instagram Ads Static Image Ad Linear Storytelling through the Stories Placement Hype Footage Facebook & Instagram Ads Google Display Drive Awareness Increase Consideration Target Local Affinity Contextual Website Google Display Google Search Google Search "Official Tickets" High Intent Keywords Specific to Tickets, Schedule Can Use Google Analytics Audiences Link User to Schedule Page Build Retargeting Pool Facebook Lead Gen Facebook Lead Generation Custom Form Salesforce/CRM Integration Compatible Detailed Targeting Past Purchasers Engaged Fans Local Sports Fans Marketing Automation Prospecting Emails Emails based on things like subscriptions, order history, zip code, etc. Typically sent manually MA Prospecting Emails Salesforce Prospecting Campaigns Direct Call Campaigns Direct Email Campaigns from Rep through Salesforce Salesforce Prospecting Campaigns Connected TV Brand Awareness Fuel Increased Search Traffic Bid on Same Broadcast Networks as Traditional TV Household Targeting Connected TV CONSIDERATION CONSIDERATION Customer Lands on eVenue Lands on eVenue Customer lands on eVenue but has no activity, an Adobe embedded form can pop up asking for more information Great way to get NEW users into your Adobe database Adobe Form Submit Embedded Adobe forms can trigger several other activities Update current account or create new account in Adobe Send follow up email to customer Send an internal notification to a sales rep Populate form response on lead dashboards in Salesforce Adobe Form Submit MA Consideration Emails Shopping Cart Abandonment Web Nurturing Behavior-Based Retargeting MA Consideration Emails Sent after 2+ visits on high-value page Dynamic content based on item that was abandoned Salesforce Lead Generation Campaigns Daily Watch Dashboards Account Opportunities, Tasks & Marketing Activities Salesforce Lead Gen Campaigns Account-level view of Marketing Activities Daily Watch dashboards display leads from Marketing Activities like Form Submits and High Value Page Views for sales reps to take action on. Can generate lead source reports like Marketing Activities by type and Top Activity Reports over the last 90 days Targeted Google Display Ads Website Retargeting CRM Targeting Lookalike Audiences Specific Copy Targeted to a Specific Audience Targeted Google Display Targeted Facebook & Instagram Ads Audience Segmentation Website Retargeting CRM Targeting Lookalike Socially Engaged Targeted Facebook & Instagram Ads Personalized URL and Digital Invoice If a customer is a returning customer, can provide a custom renewal website and a digital invoice to assist in the consideration phase Personalized URL & Digital Invoice PURCHASE PURCHASE Salesforce Updates Salesforce Account Updates Service Rep can be assigned to first-time purchasers Transaction Data Automatically Updated to Account MA Confirmation Thank You Email MA Confirmation Thank You Email Supplement back office confirmation email with more information Can pull in transaction data to display automatically SERVICE & RETENTION SERVICE & RETENTION MA Engagement Campaigns MA Engagement Campaigns Happy Birthday Emails Holiday Cards Digital Engagement Thank You Campaign Coming Soon MA Pre Event Communication Mobile Ticket Reminders Flex Pack How-To Reminders Pre-game Informational Emails MA Pre Event Communication MA Event Communications Scan-In External Welcome Emails Scan-In Internal Notifications with automatic Salesforce tasks logged MA Event Communication Task Logged in Salesforce Internal Notification w/Contact Info MA Post Event Communications Postgame Cross-Promotional Emails based on scan data Postgame Surveys Attendance and Survey Responses can be added into Lead Scoring calculations if done through Adobe MA Post Event Communication MA Retention Campaigns Exclusive Newsletters Stewardship emails Special offers through specific email preference Seat allocation specific pURL MA & Salesforce Retention Campaigns Renewal Dashboards Enhanced Reporting Lead Scoring Salesforce Opportunities MARKETING AUTOMATION (MA), SALESFORCE, DIGITAL MARKETING & THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY THANK YOU! QUESTIONS? Please complete the online session evaluation at to be entered for a chance to win one of two iPads. For each session you review, you receive an entry into the drawing & increase your odds of winning!

Customer Journey

Transcript: 11th April 2013 Genuinely customer-centric feedback Expectations and Perceptions There is a formula for satisfaction... The longer we run this, the more we can improve our service and reach consistently high levels of satisfaction Tailors to each service The benefits... Jan 2012 “How would you improve the levels of satisfaction to the customers of Lincolnshire through the CSC within an austere financial environment.” We're 10 days in and you should have had some progress... The Journey We're great!! Daniel Taylor Adaptive Future Looking & Innovative Industry Leading in Local Government Handled in-house Opportunity for staff Infrequent enough that it can be a controlled impact 3 key elements Customer expectations and our own Qualitative and quantitative feedback Manageable and relevant Orientated towards each service Wealth of quality MI for future service decisions The practicalities... No money Need to be organised Business Support approach - share the workload Opportunities for staff It's our process, for Lincolnshire's needs. Repeat. Adapt. Perfect. ...but everyone else is great too! Feb 2012 What has happened since we last spoke? How satisfied are you with the overall experience out of 10 More/Less satisfied - In a sentence - Why? (yes, we also look at an Advisor level too) (noting that this part isn't needed for all services...) The start of the experience for those that say "yes!" Flexible call back time, but push for same day. After 5pm for non-professionals. The goal is day 1 experience here. E-form based: Rate your expectations of service out of 10 How satisfied were you at the end of the call out of 10 More/Less satisfied - In a sentence - Why? First time user of the service or repeat user? Quarterly basis Customers contact the CSC (telephony only initially) For a week we ask all customers if they'll help us improve by giving 30 second feedback about the call they've had and again, later, with how things progress Business Operations Manager Presentation The conclusion of the experience (?) for those that said "yes!" The logic... - Metric information will still be used - Emphasis on qualitative & constructive feedback - Adaptive to every customer's requirements & every service I'd Welcome Any Questions... Thank you for listening.

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