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Customer Journey Powerpoint Template

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Customer Journey

Transcript: 11th April 2013 Genuinely customer-centric feedback Expectations and Perceptions There is a formula for satisfaction... The longer we run this, the more we can improve our service and reach consistently high levels of satisfaction Tailors to each service The benefits... Jan 2012 “How would you improve the levels of satisfaction to the customers of Lincolnshire through the CSC within an austere financial environment.” We're 10 days in and you should have had some progress... The Journey We're great!! Daniel Taylor Adaptive Future Looking & Innovative Industry Leading in Local Government Handled in-house Opportunity for staff Infrequent enough that it can be a controlled impact 3 key elements Customer expectations and our own Qualitative and quantitative feedback Manageable and relevant Orientated towards each service Wealth of quality MI for future service decisions The practicalities... No money Need to be organised Business Support approach - share the workload Opportunities for staff It's our process, for Lincolnshire's needs. Repeat. Adapt. Perfect. ...but everyone else is great too! Feb 2012 What has happened since we last spoke? How satisfied are you with the overall experience out of 10 More/Less satisfied - In a sentence - Why? (yes, we also look at an Advisor level too) (noting that this part isn't needed for all services...) The start of the experience for those that say "yes!" Flexible call back time, but push for same day. After 5pm for non-professionals. The goal is day 1 experience here. E-form based: Rate your expectations of service out of 10 How satisfied were you at the end of the call out of 10 More/Less satisfied - In a sentence - Why? First time user of the service or repeat user? Quarterly basis Customers contact the CSC (telephony only initially) For a week we ask all customers if they'll help us improve by giving 30 second feedback about the call they've had and again, later, with how things progress Business Operations Manager Presentation The conclusion of the experience (?) for those that said "yes!" The logic... - Metric information will still be used - Emphasis on qualitative & constructive feedback - Adaptive to every customer's requirements & every service I'd Welcome Any Questions... Thank you for listening.

Customer Journey

Transcript: Project Plan and Measurement Water cooler talk, social and friends and family – Referral campaign; Employer targeted social campaign (Twitter, LinkedIn, FB) Visits Lead capture Sign up Paid Cost per visit, lead, sign up, paid Seasonal Advice Year-end planning Tax time Welcome email series Welcome message reinforcing decision Here to help email from assigned Retirement Specialist Sign up and Action Plan flow Advice available email – Invite to orientation (sent via FE email platform from employer) Self Mailer – Help matters Key Success Measures & Ideas to Drive Traffic and Enrollment Contributed Content Evaluate Ideas to drive traffic/enrollment Calculator Landing Page Questions Customer Journey Content Syndication Move up value, capture email Postcard mailer – Have more money for retirement Plan provider site – Banners and calls to action to get help/advice Near Retiree Email/Postcard Nurture emails and videos Importance of help Selecting the wrong fund costs you Are target date funds good for you? Free retirement check up call with retirement specialist Monthly progress email FE site and/social – Review of videos, articles and social content Rebalance heads up email Retargeting ad series & ebook offer – Retirement planning simplified Purchase/Onboard Orientation day or webinar – FE overview and demo Google search – Earned media, paid search, organic content pages Monthly Newsletter – leveraging blog content Remove Complexity Get started email – Link and step-by-step guide on how to sign up for advice/management Intro/Open Enrollment Social Security Planner Search Marketing Retain Outbrain

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