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Customer Journey Map Powerpoint Template

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Customer Journey Map

Transcript: Our Agency Owner (Russell) works with his IT manager to ensure the new office and agents are correctly provisioned with GTIDS and PCCs. Our Agency Owner (Russell) and Experienced Agent (Joy) are evaluating whether the new Rapid Reprice billing scheme will actually save them time and money. CX Stats 2014 Support Frugal Retention Transform "We build profitable, addictive travel experiences that can be quickly released to solve real user problems." Labs Home page wireframe Smartpoint Installer Payment TEAM Trip Timeline workshop, Atlanta, GA AIR Training Lean Global Our Agency Owner (Russell) meets with his account manager to discuss any current issues with Travelport services. ViewTrip NextGen Commerce Reuse This phase includes all the activities that a customer does to address issues and challenges with a product or service. This includes interactions with the call center, online help, a support knowledge base, community forums and online defect ticket submissions or password resets. Pragmatic Marketing HOTEL Profitable Transforming Payments Rapid Reprice workshop, Denver, Co Subscribe Usability Needs Assessment early flowchart Open Platform Reach Processes Russell and Joy evaluating a new feature My Travelport wireframe BIF Interactive Map: Subway-themed graphic illustrates BIF procedures Evaluate Empowered Selling Workshop Subscribe Adaptive Solutions Detailed Customer Journey Map “[The labs team] played a vital role in the preparation of the Atlanta Technology Workshop for BID Travel, the largest customer in South Africa, whose contract with Travelport is up for renewal in early 2016. The workshop resulted in BID Travel verbally committing to deploy Smartpoint across all its agency brands. This is a great result as they had resisted to do so since Smartpoint became available in South Africa . . . THANK YOU!!" Shared Vision: We connect development and QA to the Product team’s vision through innovation and consistent design artifacts. Building Bridges: We break down silos through facilitation, workshops and design collaboration. Customer Needs: We connect our internal teams to the customer through research, reports, workshops and feedback. Sale Vision Creative Portfolio Vision This second phase is such an important one. The customer has already learned about a product or service and now quickly needs relevant information to support the evaluation of that product – leading to a purchase decision. POC Validate customer needs and highlight usability issues with user testing Build prototype ahead of development team in agile framework Consult with team to ensure UX best practices Contribute uAPI Evaluate Iterate Excellence SDLC New Processes & Tools Content Persona Open Platform Research Discover Evaluate Learn UI Addictive Communication through DESIGN Performance Labs CUST MER JOURNEY Sustain Architecture Strength This first phase describes the initial connection between our customer and the information they think is relevant and necessary to understand our products. This final phase describes the activities and processes that lead to a customer staying with Travelport. This may be the discussions leading to renegotiations, the account manager visits and general account servicing, or the decision point where a customer decides to leave for a competitor. Because the barriers to switching are high in our industry, looking only at customer retention can mask our customer’s true satisfaction with our end to end experience. Opportunity User Pillars Service Relevance Discover CONNECTING THROUGH BETTER DESIGN Travelport CX Hub: Toolbox for designers and developers who create Travelport products Support Design Agile Interaction CAR Flexibility Facilitate Customer Centric Video Product Technology Advertising Code reduction from 1738 lines to 307! This phase describes Travelport’s contracting process from the customer’s perspective. For a new customer this may include the contract negotiations as well as setting up business processes. Share Unrivaled Content This phase is where most of the CX work is concentrated. This phase describes the customer’s actual use of the product. Usability, speed and efficiency of design are paramount. Brand Hospitality Rabih Saab President, MEA Reduced from 24 down to 4 screens! Helpful Smartpoint Corporate This phase describes how a customer actually receives our products. They may download the software or have it sent via a shipped CD. This phase is often overlooked as the main persona is often the agency technical contact rather than our usual agent or owner. Beyond Awards Partners Empower CONNECTING THROUGH EXPERIMENTING, LEARNING & SHARING Redefine The Agency IT Manager (Anna) installs the latest Smartpoint release on the agency desktops.. Merchandising Unique Smartpoint user testing video Frontiers Human Innovation by DESIGN Value Unrivaled Inspire Distribution Access Use UX Labs Discovery Labs Marketing NBI SharePoint wirefames Sprint Support New Business Frontiers


Transcript: minimal to no wait offer goodies to accommodate your stay (neck pillows, water, snacks, chap stick, glasses, etc.... doctors and staff are very friendly consultation is quick and swift they give you price of treatment on the spot treatment is personalized based on your needs they give you a goody bag before leaving with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other dental necessities as a way to thank you for your visit South Reno 15 McCabe Dr Ste 104 Reno, NV 89511 Phone: 775-200-9061 they call to remind you of your 1st appointment they also send a text message as a reminder Initial Visit Overall first impression was pretty good, despite higher rates then other competitors. Despite higher rates, I continued service because they have a friendly environment, and they open on Saturdays which is convenient for me. They use a lot of technology to accurately diagnose your case, and give you the best results possible. They fully explain the difference between procedures so your always in the "know of things". They are quick, because they use the newest procedures/ technology, so your not sitting there for hours in treatment. Before you know it they are done, and ready to schedule you in for your next appointment. YES!!! It is.... Things I Noticed No, Nothing! From the looks of it I think they are very well rounded and wouldn't change a thing in the way they do business. I think they have enough staff to provide a quick service and they seem very knowledgeable in what they do. And yeah they do charge more for the same procedure you can have done elsewhere, but I guess there prices have to include the extra accommodations they feature. Would I Change Anything?? ONLINE SEARCH FOR ORTHODONTISTS CALLED SCHEDULED CONSULTATION In the beginning I wondered if their customer service would still be as good even after they get the customer???? Payments Northwest Reno 855 W Seventh St Ste 200 Reno, NV 89503 Phone: 775-200-9061 All though they have higher rates, they do make it so your able to make your payments when it's convenient for you. So long as you make a payment each month, they let you select which day of the month you wish to pay. For example you can request to pay every 10th of the month or every 3rd Wednesday, etc... CONTINUED SERVICE cute logo, very straight forward and to the point good employee culture very community oriented Each visit so far has been great, I don't think I'll have any complains with them. Oh, and one time a bracket came off and they scheduled me in for that same day which was amazing! Super attentive! Small con was that they didn't follow up to see if I had any questions after the first consultation. I was the one who initiated contact with them after a couple weeks, for further questioning. I'd figure they would do so, such as the other companies had done this. Thank You! I think their difference in rates can be acceptable, due to their superior customer service, when compared to other competitors. Even after you give them your service they remain as attentive towards you as they were during the first visit. They send you invitations to every, and any event they host, such as fundraisers, BBQs, etc... They are very good at memorizing who you are and they really get to know you as an individual and not just another client. They socialize with you, unlike other clinics where you sit there in dead, awkward silence while they finish. By: Estefania Sanchez Ent 493-1001 Prior to First Visit Pro's & Con's INITIAL CONTACT During Consultation Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,Blog, Google+, etc.... And the answer is.. Pro's: very friendly and upbeat staff, even over the phone multiple forms of contacting them multiple locations throughout Northern Nevada open on Saturdays, which is convenient for busy people Con's: initial appointment is scheduled far out they don't accept all forms of insurance they have a brand going for them customer service seems important to them can interact with them on different forms of social media CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAP

Customer Journey Map

Transcript: College Student Poor Hungry No Time - + + First interaction - + Awesome Choices Great Prices + From not knowing what Peg's is to becoming an employee, my experiences with Peg's have been nothing but fun and delicious! I now #eatatpegs almost every other day because they care about their customers and make their HUGE plates affordable Overall Attitude + Beginning Attitude: + + - Pepsi Products Each plate was described when placed on table I had never heard of Peg's before. My friend actually recommended it so I agreed to give it a chance. The training is very thorough and is all paid!! All employees are allowed to eat for free during or after their shift! ! The best part about working for Peg's is the owners. They do all of the hiring and training. Fred, one of the owners, once told me that he strives to be the boss that he would want to work for. Bus person brought our drinks before we got comfy While we waited for the food we could see how everyone worked together to run the restaurant efficiently. It looked like chaos but flowed like an orchestrated dance. Waitress knew the menu well Long line of people to be seated Hostess gave us a menu while we waited Gave us an accurate time frame Tastes Delicious! Once Seated After my first visit to Peg's I was so amazed at the amount of care that they put into their customers that it made me want to work there. I applied and was hired after a basic interview. + First Impression + Sat and placed orders under 2 minutes I was just about to finish my drink when another waiter stole it from right under my nose and re filled it. The service was fast but didn't feel like we were being rushed. Not Very Flashy Clean and Maintained + Customer Journey Map Rey Hernandez Peg's Glorified Ham and Eggs

Customer Journey Map

Transcript: Travel from Pitt/KGSB A two-day event focused on the MBA opportunities available to women, the LGBTQIA community, underrepresented racial and ethnic groups & current/former military students "I think it is such a great initiative for prospective students!" Get to local airport/bus station Travel from airport to Pitt/KGSB Check-In/Hotel Welcome Room availability Thurs night Travel from PIT Airport to KGSB Gift Bag (Food & Map) Checking-out Travelling from Pittsburgh/KGSB to airport Getting home from local airport/bus station DSW (Fri-Sat) Travel to Pitt/KGSB Panels Lunches Tours Workshops Social Activities Tour of Katz Interactions (Alumni, PBAN, Speed-Networking) Depth of Diversity (race, socio-eonomical) Limited representation of Diverse Locals Getting to Mervis Hall Intensity of Schedule (Shorten Leisure Events) Wide Target Audience (Levels Vary-Panels/Engagement) Communication w/ Buddy Extend DSW to Sunday Re-evaluate Buddy Role Registration Book Flights & Rental Cars Easy Online Registration DSW GroupMe Guidebook Helpful Knowing Other Prospective Students Make GroupMe Available Earlier Help Coordinate Flight Arrivals Include Mini-Bios of Student Attendees "It was amazing; you can know and meet the reality. I am pretty sure that these kind of events make people decide if you want the school for your next journey." KGSB Diversity Student Weekend Customer Journey Map Post-DSW Planning KGSB Diversity Student Weekend India L. Wilson December 14, 2016 "I thought it was valuable to meet students who made their decision based off their previous visit to DSW. It made the experience genuine and honest." Submit KGSB application Submitting travel reimbursement Communication; Short response times Reimbursement process quick & easy

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