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Culture Powerpoint Template

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Culture Powerpoint

Transcript: The main traditional food that comes from Scotland is haggis. It is a mince type of meat that ost scottish people eat but from my point of view it isnt the best. At school I would eat fish and chips some days but other days pasta etc in the school cafeteria. Lastly at home I would eat chicken and beef at home for dinner and lunch on occasions. My City and Country I am british and from the UK. I was brought up in dubai and was born there but my whole family is from scotland, brought up in a city named Glasgow, where I lived for 3 years of my life between the age of 13-16 There is a few festivals. Firstly there is TITP. Also there is tatoo festival in edinbrugh where all the pipemen play. Clothes I wear- Golf is no doubt the most famously Scottish sport. Also football is pretty big and cycling. Football is big as everyone is so passionate about it. The team I support is rangers who seemed to lose everything but they are getting back to the top. Also cycling is big as the fastsest cyclist in the world is scottish named Sir Chris Hoy. To school- School uniform in scotland is white shirt with a supplied tie from the school with the badge of the school logo on it. Black trousers with any black or white shoes. Traditional clothing in scotland- Hobbies and sports Festivals in Scotland Languages Symbols and colours that represent my Country Everyday- Theweather in scotland is mostly cold and raining so I would normally wear joggies with a jumper in the house, however when going out i would wear jeans with a smart jumper. Clothes I wear Some places in scotland they speak gaelic. No other languages are really spoke except this and english. Traditional clothing for men is the kilt. This is a skirt that men would wear to weddings and special occasions. Culture Powerpoint Food in scotland-

Family Culture Template

Transcript: My Family Tradition By KAi Stahl Tradition My tradition can be called the Dutch style of Saint Nicholas. This tradition is done by putting our boots outside, we put our boots outside the night before St. Nick because we believe that St. Nick will come and fill our boots with candy. My mom believes that it sparks joy in the morning of St. Nicholas. Our family values the joy in the morning. Finally my family says the rules for this tradition is that we put our boots outside the night before. Picture Of Saint Nick Beliefs Beliefs My mom, Maggie Stahl, believes that we need to have joy in the morning. My mom said that “The reason we need joy in the morning is because it helps us throughout the day.” One of the reasons she says this is because St. Nick fills the boots with candy sparking joy for everyone that day. This is one of the main reasons we need joy in the morning, also who doesn’t like candy. picture of the candy in our boots Values Values My Nana, Cheryl Stahl, values the joy of the children in the morning because St. Nick gives us goodies in the morning giving the children something fun to do in the morning. “We also value St. Nick’s generosity.” Nana said, which is true because St. Nick used his wealth to give to the families in need. This is why we use boots instead of stockings because the families in need didn’t have the money to pay for big stockings instead they used their winter boots. One of the legends that St. Nick has is that he saved three poor sisters from being servants. He did this by giving bags of money in the house of the three sisters over the span of three nights, on the third night the father saw St. Nicholas and thanked him. Picture of St. Nick being Generous Rules rules Nana believes the rules for St. Nick is that we put our boots outside. “We do it this way because it is the Dutch way of doing it.” Nana said, which is true the dutch put their boots outside as well. The old way of doing this is that you would put your clean shoes inside but we don't do it this way anymore because St. Nick isn’t alive to give us home visits. This is why the dutch adopted the way of putting winter boots outside of the house instead of inside the house. Picture of boots ready for saint nick Conculsion conculsion In conclusion, our traditions makes us appreciate St. Nick more. This way of doing our tradition makes us remember how we use to celebrate this tradition. Nana says that it helps us remember St. Nick’s generosity. We value this tradition to remember how generous the good saint was.

Middle East Culture PowerPoint

Transcript: The Middle East Culture A journey through data Omari Lott Arab Dozens of rivers are found in the Middle East (Asia). Most are small, so here we highlight the four major ones, and offer a brief description. Amu Darya: This river flows from a high plateau in the Pamir Mountains of central Asia, across southern Tajikistan, forming its border with Afghanistan, then northwest, forming parts of the borders between Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and on into the Aral Sea. It's (1,578 miles) (2,539 km) in length. In ancient times the Amu Darya was called the Oxus. It was part of Persia, and played a significant role in the military campaigns of Alexander the Great. Euphrates: From the Caucasus Mtns of Armenia, it flows southwesterly across east-central Turkey, then generally southeast through Syria and Iraq, ending in the waters of the Persian Gulf. It joins with the Tigris in southern Iraq, and from that junction continues on as the Shatt al Arab. Overall it's (2,235 miles) (3,596 km) in length, and is certainly the longest river in the Middle East. Historically important in ancient history, the once great city of Babylon stood on its banks. Indus: It begins in the high mountains of Tibet (southwestern China), flowing northwest through the Jammu & Kashmir region of India and Pakistan, then generally south through Pakistan, ending in the Arabian Sea. The Indus, through a series of dams and canals, provides much of the irrigation and power for central Pakistan. It's (1,800 miles) (2,896 km) in length. Tigris: Rising in the mountains of southern Turkey, the Tigris flows southeast through Iraq, where in the southern part of that country it merges with the Euphrates to become the Shatt al Arab, which then flows to the Persian Gulf. The river has numerous small tributaries running from its eastern bank, and is (1,180 miles) (1,899 km) in length. Jordan faces challenges at the international, regional and domestic levels. There is a significant shift under way in the conduct of international politics, where international relations are increasingly based entirely on economic interest. A country like Jordan, totally dependent on its allies, needs to revise its position and approach based on these changes as the underlying value of its perceived political alliances have changed completely. There is limited leverage to be gained from political advantage, as such Jordan needs to innovate and create new opportunities from new alliances based on economic pragmatism. Struggles Persians "Jordan's strategic support is Israel,” said David Hacham, an Arab affairs expert at the Israeli Defense Ministry. "We are the factor that enables the survival of the regime in Jordan.” Jordan's relationship with Israel provides the Hashemite kingdom with the Western security blanket it needs to keep its economy strong and fend off enemies both foreign and domesticFor its part, Israel benefits from close security cooperation and intelligence sharing with Jordan. In April, for example, Jordanian officials arrested a domestic Hamas cell and seized a cache of missiles, explosives and other weapons they said was smuggled into the kingdom.In addition, Jordan's peace with Israel gives the Jewish state the benefit of not having to worry about attacks along its longest border, a span of more than 200 miles. Jordan also represents a buffer against invasion of Israel by hostile armies to the east, such as those of Iraq, Iran or the Persian Gulf states. Competitive Competitors Jordan needs a complete rethink and revision of its vision for the future and state a clear agenda with policies that will achieve those goals, across domestic and foreign policy. This needs a new approach to how policies and positions are formed, especially foreign policy as the regional and international landscape is shifting. If Jordan does not reposition and build new alliances based on mutual economic interest in order to drive domestic economic growth and development, then it will be left behind and the people will suffer. Conclusion Kurds

Culture Project PowerPoint

Transcript: Dome of the Rock Star of David Tiffany Neth "shield of David" six pointed star made of two quadrilateral triangles this symbol had to be worn by all Jews in Nazi Germany The city of Jerusalem Many refugees are going into the European Union which will have resulting problems and many consequences for European Jews. As far as Israel is concerned it opens up new challenges and opportunities in its relations with Europe. Dr. Gerstenfeld a world renowned expert on anti-Semitism said that this is a good thing because most of the refugees come from wealthy countries which in the end will be a great contribution to the EU. Israel in particular will have a "unique opportunity to finally expose the discriminatory policies the EU has been practicing against Israel for decades in many areas of activity – up to and including the recent infamous labeling decision." Where did the religion begin? 1.G-d exists 2.G-d is one and unique 3.G-d is incorporeal 4.G-d is eternal 5.Prayer is to be directed to G-d alone and to no other 6.The words of the prophets are true 7.Moses' prophecies are true, and Moses was the greatest of the prophets 8.The Written Torah (first 5 books of the Bible) and Oral Torah (teachings now contained in the Talmud and other writings) were given to Moses 9.There will be no other Torah 10.G-d knows the thoughts and deeds of men 11.G-d will reward the good and punish the wicked 12.The Messiah will come 13.The dead will be resurrected There are about 13-14 million Jews in the world. Most of them live in the United States or Israel. Israel has over 6 million people who believe in Judaism and America has around 5.5 million. 1.5 million Jews live in Europe, 400,000 in Latin America, 400,000 in Canada, 75,000 in Africa. The belief of Jerusalem is also in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. also called Kotel one of the four retaining walls that supposed the Temple Mount place of prayer to mourn the Temple's destruction Judaism does not have a formal belief because they believe actions are more important. However there is a accepted summary of Jewish beliefs called Rambam's 13 Principles of Faith. It focuses on the relationships between the Creator, mankind and Israel. (Jews do not casually write the name of God) The Western Wall What are the special some sacred symbols, text, items or location? How did your religion diffuse and where in the world is it mostly found? What are the major beliefs of your country's religion? Tower of David What are the significant holidays or events that this religion observes? Culture Project PowerPoint Israel includes all Jewish laws and traditions given to Moses in written form with oral commentary oral commentary is now written in the Talmud Sea of Galilee What is one current political, cultural, economic issue that impacts the members of this faith? A significant Jewish holiday would be Sabbath where Jews have a absence from work to do religious observance. Another event would be three pilgrimage festivals called Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot. On these days, Jews would stop work to focus on God and his mitzvot (commandments). A well known Jewish holiday is Hanukkah. During this holiday nine candles are lit as a symbol for the eight days the temple burned. The extra light is used to spark the other candles. Torah The dominant religion of Israel is Judaism since Israel is a Jewish state. The religion of Judaism was born in Israel. Jerusalem is historically the heart of Jewish life. It was and still is a religious center. Jerusalem has played a big role in Judaism since the time of King David. As such, Israel and Judaism are eternally bound.

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