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Cuba Presentation Background

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Background of Cuba

Transcript: "These institutions cement the tight control of Cuban society by a small coterie of individuals and formalize an elite hierarchy" "The Cuban health system is publicly funded. Private healthcare is outlawed. Out-of-pocket expenditures are around 10% of total health expenditures, the lowest in Latin America" Rifat Atun et. al, (p. 1237) Emergency response team made of thousands of Cuban healthcare workers Deployed to natural disasters disease outbreaks vulnerable populations 1492 Christopher Columbus claimed Cuba in the name of Spanish exploration and expansion Medical system Basic Background References Adams, H.C. (2004). FIGHTING AN UPHILL BATTLE: Race, politics, power, and institutionalization in cuba*. Latin American Research Review, 39(1), 168 -182. Atun, R., de Andrade, L., Odorico Monteiro, Almeida, G., Cotlear, D., Dmytraczenko, T., Frenz, P., . . . Wagstaff, A. (2015). Health-system reform and universal health coverage in latin america. The Lancet, 385(9974), 1230-1247. doi: Porter, C. (2012, June 2). Cuba-trained doctors making difference around the world. The Toronto Star. Retrieved from - Fighting an Uphill Battle, Henley C. Adams ( p. 170 ) 1925 Socialist party was founded events lead to a Communist ideology in Cuba Fidel Castro lead a guerrilla army into Havana lead to what became the design of modern day Cuba government developed controlled funded evaluated maintained political structure a collection of five party and state institutions blending a socialist constitution with a Communist Governing body consists of a Politburo, The Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, The Council of Ministers Army of White Coats Background of Cuba Catherine Porter of the Toronto Star wrote in her article "Cuba-trained doctors making a difference around the world" (para.4) "To put the school's size in perspective: the University of Toronto has 850 medical students and Harvard University has 735. ELAM has twelve times more students than those two schools combined:19,550. And, despite being a poor country, every single one of those students is on full scholarship." Modern Day Cuba Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina Largest medical school in the world ELAM Finance

Cuba Brief background

Transcript: Economy People attend a mass at a church on Good Friday in Havana April 6, 2012. Bells rang from Roman Catholic churches throughout Havana on Friday to remember the death of Jesus Christ as Cubans celebrated a holiday on Good Friday for the first time in more than half a century. Christopher Columbus, in his quest to find a westward route to India stumbled on the territories of America, a continent then unknown to the Europeans, and reached the shores of Cuba on October 27, 1492, where he is reported to have said “this is the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen.” Columbus spent several weeks navigating along the Cuba’s north coast without realizing it was an island. Cuba is located in North America. It is an island which closest neighbors are Jamaica, Florida, Haiti, and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The country is located at the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico and beneath the Tropic of Cancer. One Major City Geography Cuban's government is a totaliarian communist. It is state-headed by General Raul Castro and is a cadre of party loyalists. The state plans and controls the economy.Everything is distributed. Food Government in Cuba Perservative and inefficient. The government sector takes up much of the labor force. Economy is controlled by the government. Today, Cuba still remains far from being able to meet its citizens economic needs in accord with its principles of human development. Bibliography CUBA Cuba Brief background Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz is a Cuban communist revolutionary and politician who was Prime Minister of Cuba from 1959 to 1976, and President from 1976 to 2008. He also served as the Commander in Chief of the country’s armed forces from 1959 to 2008, and as the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba from 1961 until 2011 Moors and Christians (Black Beans and Rice) Fried Plantains. Note: Ripe plantains have peels that are almost completely black. ... Tuna in Sauce. Yucca (Cassava) Flan (Baked Custard) Helado de Mango (Tropical Mango Sherbet) Aceitunas Alinadas (Marinated Olives) Ensalada Cubana Tipica (Cuban Salad) Havana, which is the national capital, is the largest city in Havana and is a major port and commercial center for the country. Good Friday Holiday Famous Person from Cuba

Background Presentation

Transcript: 14th Week Consulting interns can be expensive Time and Money Personal Experience Preliminary Design Stage NFPA 101 and NFPA 13 New and Existing Education, Business, and Mercantile Definition of Project This app would be used to provide interns and recent graduates with an outline of guidelines for how to design and review designs of specific occupancies. With the given time frame, I will be writing the information that will go into the app Begin parametric study: Speak with my mentor and Jason to understand more about what critical variables I could concentrate on for this app. Choose those parameters and begin my study Gather information from NFPA 101 and NFPA 13 for new and existing education, business, and mercantile occupancies. By: Breanne Thompson Next Steps (Continued) Finish preparing for Draft of Analysis Pull together and discuss results of project Draw my conclusions and state future work needed Turn in Final Paper! 10th and 11th Week Turn in my parametric study Begin draft of analysis Map out the process of the app for the key elements 15th Week References Next Steps 7th Week Prepare for Final Presentation Summarize my draft of analysis into presentation Work on how to incorporate a live demonstration for my presentation App Development Background Information 8th-9th Week Continuous Process Objective-C for Apple products Java for Android products 6 months of studying Places to Learn: Codecademy, iOS Dev Center, Android Developers Training Hire App Developer will cost thousands Prepare Final Paper Dive into Shark Tank! 1. 2. 6th Week Background Presentation 12th-13th Week

Background Presentation

Transcript: Real action and accountability Amnesty International Non-state actors/ Rebel Groups?? ...and what about men?? ignoring male rape victims? would rape exist without a man? Weapons of War: Rape UN as an Arena - NGO's - Discussion and dialogue Arena Instrument Actor Critical Thinking Weapons of War: Rape UN as an instrument UNSC Resolution 1820 (2008) UN as an Actor - UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict Weapons of War: Rape Problems with 1820 "Roles and Functions of International Organizations" "Sexual violence, when used as a tactic of war in order to deliberately target civilians or as a part of a widespread or systematic attack against civilian populations, can significantly exacerbate situations of armed conflict and may impede the restoration of international peace and security… effective steps to prevent and respond to such acts of sexual violence can significantly contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security" (UNSC Resolution 1820, p. 2)" Background Presentation- Kristin Mann Weapons of War: Rape Brief Insight - used to manipulate social control - destabilize communities - weaken ethnic groups and identities Examples: - Sudanese Militia - Rwanda Genocide - DRC Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Increased Data Collection by international organizations - determine humanitarian responses - ensures justice and reparation - provides recognition and dignity

Cuba Presentation

Transcript: Cuba Background Info: Republic of Cuba -Head of State- Raúl Castro -Type of Government- Communist -Language- Spanish -Capital- Havana Typical Meals: tostada and café con leche. chicken empanadas Snack main meal of the day. Usually includes Beans and Seafood National Anthem: “La Bayamesa”- By Pedro Felipe Figuered Unit Overview: This unit will cover the span of one week, with lessons on the first four days and a fiesta on Friday. Unit Schedule: Day 1~Monday Music Lesson- Session 1 Play and sing with rhythmic accuracy. Play independent instrumental parts while others sing and play rhythmic, melodic, or harmonic parts. Play music representing diverse styles, genres, and cultures. Process: Session 1: Introduce Cuban culture as it pertains to the arts in general. Brainstorm on the whiteboard - salsa Listen to "Ayer" and analyze instrumentation. Teach and clap basic rhythms. Clap the rhythms with "Ayer". Day 2~ Tuesday Music Lesson-Session 2 Science Lesson Spanish Lesson- Session 1 Session 2: Review and practice rhythms. Introduce Latin Percussion instruments. Break into groups and teach. Play as a drum ensemble. Science Lesson: Purpose: To learn about the water cycle: Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation , and run-off. To learn about how geography influences climate, with a specific emphasis on Cuba. Process: The students have previously learned about Barometric Pressure, and have learned the lyrics to the song entitled "Cloud Cover" Discuss the differnt types of cloud cover. Then sing "Cloud Cover". Discuss the climate of different world regions and how the geographical features of these regions affect the weather. Discuss the climate patterns of Cuba. Have the students research Cuba's barometric pressure, and make predictions about the weather. Compare the students' predictions with the actual Cuban forecast. "Cloud Cover" Lyrics: This big old ball we call earth has a wondrous atmosphere; There's oxygen that we breathe in and water vapor here. Those tiny drops of H2O climb high till they take flight, And when they cool they start to pool into fluffs of grey and white. CHORUS: I call it Cloud Cover I keep one eye on the sky. I'm watching Cloud Cover, And perhaps you wonder why. Because when clouds begin to change They let the sun shine or bring rain So watch the Cloud Cover, Keep a-watching all those clouds. They're thin and high, those cirrus clouds mean weather's looking fair Made up of ice, they look so nice like stands of angel hair. And stratus layers may hang low as a drizzle droplet falls, Or show me puffs of cumulus like soft white cotton balls. (Chorus) The nimbostratus might bring rain as a warm front leaves its trail, And watch with dread as thunderheads bring you lightning storms and hail. (ouch!) Cloud Cover I keep one eye on the sky. I'm watching Cloud Cover, Now you know the reason why. Because when clouds begin to change They let the sun shine or bring rain So watch the Cloud Cover, Keep a-watching all those clouds. Types of Clouds: Purpose: Learn Basic Spanish Weather Vocabulary. Analyze song lyrics about weather. Be able to ask about and describe the weather. Process: Session 1: Introduce basic weather terminology. In groups, have the class discuss the weather. Learn and practice singing ¿Qué tiempo hace? Analyze and translate the lyrics. Day 3~ Wednesday Music Lesson-Session 3 Spanish Lesson- Session 2 Dance Lesson Session 3: Listen to "Riendo el rio corre". Teach song. Spanish Lesson: Session 2: Translate the lyrics of "Riendo el río corre". Review how geography affects weather, focusing on Cuba. Assign metereology assesment and allow students classtime to work in groups. Dance Lesson: To learn about the origins and types of Salsa Dancing. To learn basic Salsa steps and practice dancing in pairs. Types of Salsa Dancing: Teach background information about Salsa Dancing. Divide class into 2 groups, teach the steps to each group individually. Practice dancing alone and in pairs. Salsa Steps: Day 4~ Thursday Music Lesson-Session 4 Music Lesson Session 4: Break up into three groups. Salsa, sing, and play. Rotate groups. Day 5~ Friday Fiesta!! 5th Grade Integration Unit Sources: ASSESSMENT: Dinner Purpose: pastelitos Purpose: Duration of Unit: Process: Lunch Breakfast

Cuba Presentation

Transcript: Adriana woke up one Saturday morning. She was very excited, today was her birthday. She put on a short-sleeved T-shirt and some Caprise, then rushed off down to breakfast. When she got downstairs her mom surprised her. She had gotten an orange! As she sat down to her breakfast of an orange, she wondered what they were going to do today. Maybe walk to the park? Just then then her mom answered her question for her. "Adriana I have planned a special surprise for you. I have tickets for a bus to Guines!" "oh mother how did you do it? we get to see grandma and grandpa?" "yes dear. Hurry up the bus is going to leave in 10 minutes." Adriana rushed to finish her delicious and rare orange. As soon as her mother and her brother were done the rest out to the bus stop. The bus was already overfull but Adriana did not care. They were actually writing on the bus! This was a real treat. not to mention, she gets to see her grandparents! WHen shhe arrived at her grandparents she hug her grandparents then rushed off to the fields. She greatly enjoyed picking bugs up tobacco pants or shooting birds away from the corn. then it was time for lunch. She got a real treat of getting to eat ham sandwiches. Then her brother and herself went off to ride the cattle. Her last activity was feeding the chickens then she got to climb the tall trees. Finally it was time to go home. While riding on a strangers truck, she saw the tall buildings in the many, many, apartments. She also sees a horse drawn carriage, an old car, and a very large group of bikers and runners. She gets home to be greeted by her many other family members. Then, to her great surprise, she got a gift. She got a paint set! She put it quickly away to use at school in the morning. Then, she was whisked off to bed. Early the next morning, she woke up to get ready for school. She dressed in her usual red and white uniform. That day she learned about science math and Spanish. In art she got to use her new pink set. She practices painting and paints Che Guevara with her other friends. Next it was time for the long walk home. When she gets home she is a quick meal of black beans rice and plantains. After that she walks to her ballet practice. Then, very tired, she went home and fell asleep.

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