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Criminal Justice

Transcript: Ontario Quebec and Newfoundland maintain their own provincial police force In my opinion police aren't as effective as they could be.I feel that they are putting all there time and energy towards the wrong things and not focusing on the bigger things. They need to start making changes and fast Also known as the OPP in Ontario Federal Policing in Ontario Stop being so hard on certain people because of race and place of residence even though sometimes they are right they can be wrong as well 1.Ensuring the safety and security of all people and property in Ontario. 2.Safeguarding the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Ontario Human Rights Code. 3.Working closely with the communities they serve. 4.Respecting victims of crime and working to understand their needs. 5.Being sensitive to the diverse, multiracial and multicultural character of Ontario society. 6.Ensuring that police services are representative of the communities they serve. The RCMP was formed in 1920 they are also known as the mounties. Rcmp are the federal police they put the law into affect all over Canada Municipal Create relationships with the younger generation of children growing up in bad neighborhoods Municipal police are law enforcement agencies that are under the control of local government, including the municipal government, where it is the smallest administrative subdivision. They receive pay from the city budget The municipal police enforce city by-laws and regulations; respond to inquiries and complaints, and issue violation notices and municipal ticketing. 3 different types of policing The OPP is the largest deployed police force in Ontario, and the second largest in Canada. The service is responsible for providing policing services throughout the province in areas lacking local police forces Federal , Municipal, Provincial In Ontario they patrol the highway 400 series, and OPP officers provide security at the Ontario Legislature at Queen's Park in Toronto. Changes that could be made Effectiveness of Policing My Opinion Municipal policing are in all provinces Federal policing works to disrupt and dismantle organized crime groups involved in drug trafficking, smuggling, contraband tobacco, money laundering, economic crime, and other inter-provincial and cross-border crime. Provincial Six Principles Give people chances a lot of people that are in the justice system never get a break so if a judge or a police officer were to give them a break it may change their look on the system

Criminal Justice

Transcript: United States has one of the highest incarceration rates Contributes to citizens feeling safe There are a lack of resources to develope alternative programs A Felony = State Penitentiary A Misdemeanor = County Jail Indeterminate Sentences; When legistlature proscribes a minimum and maximum jail sentence, but where the trial judges, correctional authorities, or parole boards ultimately determine when an offender is released. Determinate Sentences; (Regained popularity in the 1970's) When legislature sets forth the term of imprisonment for particular crimes. Sentencing Guidelines; An example of determinate sentencing used in many states and in the federal government Sentencing Disparity; Occurs when individuals receive different sentences for similar offenses. Sentencing Reform Act of 1984 is responsible for developing Federal Sentencing Guidelines for federal courts. Used to reduce sentencing disparity in federal courts. Habitual Offender Statute; requires the imposition of a specific sentence after the conviction of a third felony - normally life imprisonment. Predicate Crime; Previous offenses for which a defendant has been convicted. Death Qualified Jury; a jury in a criminal law case in the United States in which the death penalty is a prospective sentence. In death penalty cases, the bifurcated proceeding is split into two phases. 1. Deciding whether the person is guilty or not. 2. Deciding what the punishment should be. Bifurcated Proceedings; bisection of a case, segmennation in a case, segregation in a case, a two part-trial. Aggravating Circumstances; distinguishes one murder more serious than others. Factors; How many killed Murder for hire Felony murder Special status victims Criminal History Mitigating Circumstances; facts that serve to lessen a defendants culpability. Factors; Lack of criminal history Mental illness Troubled childhood Alternatives to Incarceration; Probation; A nonsecure method of providing supervision for criminal offenders while maintaining them in the community. Intensive Supervision Probation; (increasing popularity) allows offenders to remain in the community, under more strict supervision and additional restrictions Restitution; requires an offender to provide services or money as compensation for their wrong doing. Related Cases; Sentencing Reform Act of 1984; United States v Booker (2005) Mandatory Sentences; Apprendi v New Jersey (2000) Habitual Offender Statute; Ewing v California (2003) Incarceration; imprisonment, a common form of punishment Forfeiture; the taking or seizure of real of personal property that was used to commit or facilitate a criminal offense. Mandatory Sentences; Used to remove all discretion from the trial judge, normally set with a minimum number of years for specific crimes Commonly used by federal and state cases, and is rapidly growing typically used in cases involving the drug trade, white collar crime, conspiracy, and pornography several cases challenging the use, has been heard in supreme courts Civil; refers to the loss of property due to a civil proceeding Criminal; the loss of property that results as a penalty during a criminal proceeding

'Criminal Justice

Transcript: Responsibility Bar Examination Questions ? Custody Neglects Persuasive Writting -Many ! *Annualy $163,000 *Bonus opportunities $600 - $25,000 *Comminssion $40,000 Wills Job Description Understanding Health insurance Retirement planning Specialize A lot of dirent types of cases !! Test Multiple strategies Traffic tickes dissmissed Midlle class individuals Self employed Practice in legal writting 'Trusted 'Self Employed 'Helping others 'Money 'Diffrent expirences New ! To do everything in their power to help their client Keep information confidential The Fate of their client Advice Wills and contracts Family law' Criminal law' Civil law' Qualities Education' Act for clients in other legal matters Victory Facts Identify the problem come up with solutions Understand their client Have a good argument Make the judge/jury believe you EVIDENCE! - Etc... Complete law school 4 year collage degree A J.D ( juris docterate ) Complere a Bar exammination 'Qualified and licensed to represent Thimk Smart ! Homicide/Murders Debating Skills Analytical Skills Reaserch Skills Communication ETC! Most important ! Attorney Thank You <3 1.Administration and Management 2.Interviewing clients 3.Drafting documents 4.Reading and analysing papers 5.Discussions with other lawyers 6.Negotiation 7.Advocacy 8.Interviewing witnesses 9.In conference with counsel (Barristers) 10.Legal Research Goals Intelligence Trained in the field of law - need a lot of practice 'Laywer - Travel - One location - Anywhere * Court & Office determine whether a candidate is qualified to practice law in a given jurisdiction Helping ! - the test is about 3 days Cases Benefits Land/Properties Duties Optimistic ' Agent * Anyone Location $Money$ -Legal assistance - Acomplish all matters - Protecting human rights - Provide legal serveces to the public * To bring justice to the people ZEAL ! ' A person who can act for another in a legal matter * Depend on location or company Divorce :)


Transcript: CRIMINAL JUSTICE RIDE-ALONG Signal #20; Attempted suicide When the called was placed, the officer reacted immediately. There was prior offenses on the offender, when arriving the offender left the scene before the cops arrived. The officer stated that it happens often. So with the new law, they are required to have the victim to sign a complaint and after the third offense, they can criminally charge with an Federal offense. If the victim does not sign a complaint, she can get arrested as well. Chief Complaints; First encounter; Was a Ordinance Violation of #59, which is an intoxicated person in an Elder's home. When arrested, they orginally get charged with all violations that pertain to the criminal. So in this case it was an intoxicated son that was about 43 years of age, raising hell with the mother who is an elder. She called the cops and they responded, he was very verbally abusive and charged with violation of Ordinance #59, Domestic Abuse and Terrostic Threats. He will probably sit time in jail depending on his offense and his previous record. He will also receive a fine, if he cannot pay he will be required to sit in jail for an X amount days. Depending on the find. $25.00 dollar a day. *Not enough units to cover the entire reservation. *When arriving at a complaint or when having to travel for 45 minutes to one community to another and no one is there is a waste of valuable time. *The officer is required to arrive on scene and write a report. *The biggest problem is having to write up every call and complaint that is reported in correspondence to a call. Paper work has to be done with in 72 hours. By; Toni Handboy Tribal Laws; are referred to by ordinance CHEYENNE RIVER SIOUX TRIBE Domestic Violence; Juvenile offender of 16 years of age that had stated to his mother that he was going to hang himself. It was an immediate response. The juvenile was detained and arrested for safety to himself, he was then put on a suicide watch in JDC, will be held up to 72 hours until an on-call individual clears him.

Criminal Justice

Transcript: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATOR Job Description crime scene reconstruction evidence collection evaluation and perservation fingerprint examination crime scene photography analysis of physical evidence Education Requirements bachelors degree in criminal justice work experience masters degree (sometimes) background or courses in biology, chemistry, or forensics Working Conditions keep regular office hours, but are on call for designated shifts working conditions vary based on the crime being investigated weather condition also plays a role Personal Characteristics & Abilites for the Job should be in good physical condition and should have keen vision psychological assessment (sometimes) mental & emotional strength drug screening reliability drivers license stamina Advantages & Benefits exciting career forms close bonds with co-workers having attention to detail health benefits Salary/Benefits average ranges from $20k to $50k or more a year highest salary earned could be $92k annually lowest salary earned could be $34.5k Occupational Outlook According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the job market for crime scene investigation is expected to grow about 21% through the year 2016. Disadvantages & Challenges your life is at risk you don't have much time to spend with family one little mistake can make a huge difference it's time consuming traumatizing experiences Is this the job for me? Yes this is the perfect job for me because I enjoy learning about the criminal justice system, and solving crimes seems fascinating to me. To pursue this career, I would need to attain my bachelors degree and maintain a fit physique. The End !

Criminal Justice

Transcript: Classes (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr police officers security guards correction officers parole officers youth counselors park rangers doodles California has the most employment opportunities for law enforcement employing 12,930 while Michigan employs 3,000 21 credits for core credits Budapest Interview Department Fundraisers each year ranging from helping needy families, Underground Railroad, and neighborhood cleanup Carol Zimmerman B.A. in Psychology and Radio, TV, Film from U of M Masters in Public Policy and Management from OSU Ph. D for criminal justice, cognate in Political Science from MSU Stockholm Border Patrol Agent Immigration Official Customs Inspector Federal Marshal Criminal Justice (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Pay Start off pay -> $27,000-$43,000 can even go up to $100,000 Depends on the size of the bureau JOBS College of Arts and Behavioral Sciences FBI, CIA and DEA to Judges and inmates, court officials to bounty hunters Criminal law Criminal Investigation Forensic Investigation Crime and Punishment Criminology Filed Work Police Academy Training Editor in Chief - Wesley Jennings TheAmerican Journal of Criminal Justice is a peer reviewed publication offering research on a wide array of criminal justice topics and issues. Coverage addresses the criminal justice process, the formal and informal interplay between system components, problems and solutions experienced by various segments, innovative practices, policy development and implementation, evaluative research, the players engaged in these enterprises, and a wide assortment of other related interests. The Journal publishes original articles that utilize a broad range of methodologies and perspectives when examining crime, law, and criminal justice processing. Jobs 18 credits for major electives American Journal of Criminal Justice photo frame Why Criminal Justice details Assets map Hostage Negotiator Political Reporter Deputy Director f Information, Research, and Legislation of the Ohio Department of Youth Services Assistant Director of ODYS Criminal Justice Society Important Details Introduction to Criminal Justice Criminal Justice System Policing Criminal Courts Corrections Human Relations and Diversity in Criminal Justice Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice Two Cabinet Directors -Embezzling, Prostitution, and Drug trafficking Carol Zimmerman

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