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Crime Scene Presentation Template

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Crime Scene Presentation

Transcript: Going in to the scene Our group checked for evidence in the crime scene. We found an assortment of items in the scene. An example of evidence we found is a coffee mug with fingerprints on it. We found a lot more. Here are some examples. We found a paper that said these exact words on it. Mr. Java, You and your dumb store will pay. I'll see to it my self. I won't be double-crossed!!! Watch your back old man. This wont be the last you hear from me. digging deeper We checked the evidence and we looked at some of them again and took pictures. We found some fingerprints and matched them with a suspect which happened to be the fired co-worker. Fingerprints: We found many fingerprints on things like the coffee mug.Hair: The hair matched to that of the delivery man and the ex convict and their was dog hair with it. Handwriting: The handwriting on a piece of paper that we found matched the writing of the recently fired worked. In all, we had a lot of evidence. Our group came across the answer. After all the evidence, fingerprints, and notes, we think the person who knocked out Mr.Java was...... a team effort. We thought that many of them contributed. Our group found it obvious that the fired co-worker was definitely involved because we found her scary letter about getting Mr. Java and her hair in some places. We found hair from the ex convict and delivery man along with a dog's hair which either indicates either the ex-convict because he works as a pet groomer. It could also be the Entrepreneur because she is always seen with her dog at her side . We found a fingerprint from the fired co-worker. We also found the footprints that matched the Entrepreneur's. hair Color code chart Ashley=blue Ayna=pink Alex=red Seth=orange Omar=green Seth the investigator Omar the Detective On one fateful Thursday Mr. Java, The owner of Java's Java had just finished cleaning up the shop, taking out the garbage and counting the money. When he started walking towards the door to leave he got hit in the head then everything went black.... The Criminal Lost in the forest of crime Ayna the reporter Crime Scene Presentation Ashley the photographer Alex the investigator

Crime Scene

Transcript: Date: 11/27/12 Time: 5:30 a.m Statement taken by: Sgt. MacDonald Location: Highland Ave. Massena, NY Witness: Daniel Jones Occupation: Auto Mechanic Relation to victim/suspect: none Narrative: Daniel was walking towards the John Story Trail by CAB at Massena Central School when he heard "the sound of car tires tearing and skidding through the school parking lot." He noted that the car was near the music rooms. MCSI Police First Responder Incident Report Date: 12/12/12 Time: 10a.m. Statement taken by: Sgt. MacDonald Location: MCSI Office Witness: Earle Byner DOB: 4/25/35 Occupation: Repairman, Microscopes & optical equipment Relationship to victim/ suspect: Grandfather of Rick Martin Narrative: Earle stopped by to volunteer a statement that he is concerned for his grandson who is often in trouble in school. Rick Martin worked last summer in the optics shop and was very interested in the science behind the optics. He even has a collection of old microscopes and other scientific objects. He suspects Rick may have been involved as he did not come home on the 27th of November until late in the morning. Rick told his grandfather he had hit a deer on the way to work and had to walk 2 miles to the house. Ron Smith- O- Kim Tuttle- AB+ Emma Jones- B- Rick Martin- O- Suspect Statement Evidence Crime Scene Case Number: 1 Incident Date: 11/27/12 Incident Time: Sometime between midnight and 6:30 a.m. Incident Location: Room 411 and back room floor Reporting Party: Name: Karen Cook Address: MCHS Room 411 Phone: 315-764-3710 ex 3183 Occupation: Forensics Science Teacher Vehicle(s): Report of a high speed vehicle on highland Narrative: Break in room 411, items and debris and footprints along the adjacent 400 wing, outside the building. Witness Statement By: Breonna Mitchell & Austin Peets Witness Statement Suspects MCSI 12.3.2012.002 Rick Martin Male 6 foot tall, 210 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes Date of Birth:11.2.1991 Date: 12/7/12 Statement taken by: Sgt MacDonald Location: MCSI Suspect: Emma Jones Address: Highland Ave. Occupation Lawyer in the districts attorney office Relation to victim: none Alibi/ Statement: Emma Jones reports a break in at her home, perpetrator entered the garbage and took she reports a missing IPad from her car. She also noticed a strange wool purse that was left in her trunk. Blood Types BLOOD Kim Tuttle Rick Martin Ron Smith Emma Jones Suspect: Ron Smith Fingerprinted 12-3-2012 MCSI I1.27.2012-001 Male 6 foot 1 inch tall 217 pounds Dark brown hair, brown eyes DOB 7-9-88 Malone, NY

Crime Scene Presentation

Transcript: Tire Iron AT/1 - We recovered this as we believed it would have fingerprints and the apparent red staining appeared to be blood tying the suspect to the scene and to the incident. Condom AT/4 - We recovered this as it could contain fluids to determine/confirm the identity of both the victim and the suspect tying them both to the scene and the incident. Condom Wrapper AT/10 - We recovered this as it could have the suspects fingerprints on and possibly saliva tying him to the scene and the incident. Women's Underwear AT/7 - We recovered this as it should be able to tie the victim to the scene and could possibly contain DNA or fibers from the Suspect also tying them to the scene. Vodka Bottle AT/9 - We recovered this as it could hold fingerprints and saliva of the suspect tying them to the scene. Any Questions? Because we only had 5 pieces of Evidence to use there were 7 Exhibits that we did not package as Evidence. Two of those Exhibits however were left for the CSI's to take swabs of Blood. Other Exhibits: - Small Silver Hacksaw AT/2 - Purple Bra AT/3 - Tub of Vaselinen AT/8 - 2 Green Cans of Carlsberg AT/5 and AT/6 Exhibits Not Found Pte Tipple, Pte Jackson and Pte McCune The Crime Scene What We Did The Evidence Unused Exhibits Lost Evidence Crime Scene Presentation 0850hrs - Pte Tipple, Pte Jackson and Pte McCune en route to the scene. 0855hrs - Pte Tipple, Pte Jackson and Pte McCune arrived at the scene. Pte Tipple went into the area to ensure preservaton of life, forming the Common Approach path and Identifying the Exhibits. 0915hrs - Pte McCune and Pte Jackson created a sketch map of the Crime Scene. 0927hrs - Pte Tipple and Pte Jackson set up the Cordon. Pte McCune started photographing the Crime Scene and Exhibits. 0955hrs - Contacted CSI to gather swabs of Blood from the Crime Scene 1031hrs - Started to pack the chosen Exhibits as Evidence. 1158hrs - Finished packing the Exhibits as Evidence. 1200hrs - Packaged other Exhibits and Closed down Crime Scene Regrettably we did end up losing two of our exhibits due to poor packaging. First we lost the Female Underwear because of the tape not creating a proper seal. Secondly we lost the Vodka Bottle because one of the corners was not sealed and meant that we could not say whether it was contaminated or not. Although we lost these two pieces we feel as though we have still kept our strongest pieces of evidence. The Incident Our Crime Scene was a small partially hidden alcove in the Southwick Park Gardens. 0927hrs - Pte Tipple and Pte Jackson set up the Cordon around the Crime Scene and started the Crime Scene Log. At the Crime Scene we identified 12 exhibits, out of these 12 exhibits we decided to use 5 as evidence as well as call out a CSI to take swabs of blood found at the Scene. 0840hrs - Received a report that a 23 year old woman named Laura (don't know where from) is currently at QA Hospital with severe head injuries and is accompanied by a Service Police patrol. The woman did not know how she got to the hospital but believed she may have been raped. Victim was wearing cycling clothing but wasn't wearing any underwear when she arrived at the hospital. Incident is believed to have happened within Southwick Park Gardens around 0500hrs on THU 21 JUN 18. Unfortunately we did not find the Black Kitchen Knife within the crime scene and therefore was not be able to use it as evidence, we did happen to gain photo evidence (without our own knowledge) of the article but because we had closed down the crime scene it rendered the exhibit unusable.

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