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Transcript: The Power of Dreams DEMOCRATIC Esteem and Self-Actualization Needs · Proceed always with ambition and youthfulness; · Respect sound theory, develop fresh ideas and make the most effective use of time; ·Enjoy your work and always brighten your working atmosphere; · Strive constantly for a harmonious flow of work; · Be ever mindful of the value of research and endeavor. Changed some significant accounting policies Motivating Employees Striving to be a company society wants to exist through creating new value, globalization, and commitment for the future. Be the First Choice The Three Joys Individual Strategy R&D System –Approach: •Durability •Reliability •Focus Foundation Review Honda is a Japanese multinational corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. established the Honda Technical Research Institute in Hamamatsu, Japan •Initiative: Encouraging creative thinking •Equality: Fairly treating. •Trust: Good relationship between employees "Respect for the Individual" Honda Motor Co., Ltd. operates under the basic principles of: ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Motivating the employees was one of the main objective of the human resource management at Honda. Innovation Management Honda has been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959 DECISION MAKING LEADERSHIP STYLE Organization culture Business Strategy SWOT Analysis To maintain a global point of view, with the dedication to supply the highest quality products at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction. Evaluation Soichiro Honda placed human initiative and attention to all workers on the first place. He tried to create a better environment for his employees, attract specialists and motivate them to do their work in the best possible way. –The Joy of Producing •Pride in exceeding the customer expectation From a young age, Honda's founder, Soichiro Honda had a great interest in automobiles INTRODUCTION HISTORY •The Joy of Buying •The Joy of Selling •The Joy of Producing Mr. Honda understood that encouraging his worker’s personal development, their wish for self-actualization will bring him success in business. He instilled in his employees the drive to learn without fear of failure, having built the road to success. Respects for the Individual Honda Vision Honda was founded on 24th September 1948. Soichiro Honda (1906-1992) was Japanese engineer and industrialist, and founder of Honda Co., Ltd. Soichiro Honda placed human initiative and attention to all workers on the first place. He tried to create a better environment for his employees, attract specialists and motivate them to do their work in the best possible way. Research Team Interview Slideshow: Honda Company Mission Statement of Honda Made by a group of responsible persons including Board of Directors •“Respects for the Individual” •“The Three Joys” Motivation can be defined as the process of arousing, directing, and maintaining behavior toward a goal. He worked as a mechanic Planning Mr. Honda paid much attention to experimental work and did not accept attempts to control him or his corporation via the traditional caste system. HONDA MANAGEMENT POLICIES –Dimensions: •Economical •Environmental •Social Issues The Joy of Buying The Joy of Selling and The Joy of Creating "The Three Joys" Allows subordinates in sharing decisions Consensus among members is crucial CONTROL •“The Three Joy” –The Joy of buying –The Joy of Selling •Not only relationship •But feel pride by positive relationship CORPORATE PROFILE Soichiro worked painstakingly to perfect the design, even going back to school and pawning his wife's jewelry for collateral. Honda’s management has established the following goal for its organization. Honda develops flexible plans, where they anticipate possible problems and solutions to those problems. Honda involves it’s staff in different types of planning. Product Planning 2. Business Planning Honda develops many plans and then carries out extensive brainstorming sessions where they first set objectives and discuss ways to achieve those objectives. Honda decentralizes authority to their associates to maximize the flexibility and diversity in decision making process, and well adapt to the changes of global market. • Developing new technologies of manufacturing system • Building environmentally responsible and people-friendly plants.

Organizational Chart

Transcript: Diane Berkman Assistant Branch Manager Manage daily operations of the library Plan, organize, and direct service to the public and evaluate effectiveness Continuously seeks effective methods to improve library services Work closely with the County, community, and educational groups Bethany L. Hacker Community Relations Specialist Manages all of the library’s public service functions Supervises the operations and heads of the Public Service, Materials and Marketing Departments Responds to all major complaints. Phyllis Gallagher Assistant Branch Manager Lisa Mittman Branch Manager Harford County Public Library Organizational Chart Manages and oversees all library public service operations, activities, and staff, including branch managers Develops library objectives and translates into programs and activities that support these goals Oversees outreach vans Plans and executes system goal-oriented activities Terri Schell Senior Administrator - Human Resources Amanda Noone Circulation Manager Harford County Citizens Daria A. Parry Associate Director - Public Services Aberdeen Branch Steve Kirchner Associate Director - Business Services Beth Palardy Page Supervisor Oversees the operations and activities of the Human Resources Department Employment Employee relations Classification and compensation Benefits Establishes and implements human resources policies and procedures and develops pertinent materials Manages the overall financial and administrative operations of the library system Prepares budget and expense analyses Oversees the development, planning, and implementation of all capital projects Board of Directors Claudia Sumler Senior Administrator Public Services Provides direct support of the Library’s Foundation and its Board Members Develops and implements approved Foundation fundraising activities, including direct mail, capital campaigns, grants, special events and other activities; Serves as staff liaison between the Library Foundation and Harford County Public Library in coordinating Foundation activities Marge Patrick Circulation Manager Abingdon Branch Amber Shrodes Foundation Director Manages, plans and coordinates special assignments, events and projects Represents the library administration on a variety of activities at the state and local level Maintains and negotiates verbal contracts with outside agencies, businesses, government officials and legislators Kendra Frost Assistant Branch Manager Jennifer Jones Branch Manager Mary L. Hastler Director

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