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Creative Ideas

Transcript: Tardis Fridge $1000 Snack Machine: $700 The Master Bed: $3000 The Jetsens Ritual: $5000 Snack Machine Creative Ideas The Jetsens Ritual Target Market Thanks for Listening! The Tardis Fridge Target market Product Identified Product Identified Price Men and women that don’t have time to go grocery shopping or don’t have time to cook The type of people that love eating People that are always on the go For all age groups •Enjoy eating a variety of food Dr. Who Fans Sci Geeks/nerds People who spend a lot of time in the basement. Watching movies, playing games, People who have a home run business. The vending machine will provide snacks for them so they don’t have to walk all the way upstairs to get some food. Tardis is sponsored by BBC and is official licensed merchandise of Doctor Who For people that tend to have a lot of guests over at their home For people aged 25 and upHave a large family Married Couples Target Market Target Market A machine that helps you to complete morning and night rituals in half the time. Rituals include brushing teeth, washing your face, doing your hair and makeup etc. The Master Bed Product Identified By: Shaji Sooriyakumar Official merchandise by Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc. •Fridge with unlimited supply of food •Always refills itself automatically so that food does not expire and has its own garbage chute for food that rots •Adjusts to your own taste in food •For the first few weeks or so it will be full of many different foods and soon it will figure out what foods you prefer most A bed that can unfold to any style of bed you want, whether it is a queen, single, bunk bed or even a crib The frame can be customized People who have rushed mornings People that are really lazy and tired in the mornings/evenings Who have to study for an exam or need to start/go to work as soon as possible

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