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Transcript: "This is interesting and such a remarkably simple tool with a great impact. A global basic income will have the wonderful effect of a dynamic and recursive engine for a healthy and thriving global economy, which is working inclusive for everyone. We will finally have new markets to conquer. Look Leila! The higher the transaction volume, the higher the basic income for everyone. The higher the basic income, the higher the turnover for companies, businesses and innovators. A wonderful economic engine!" "For companies this is actually great marketing and improves our reputation. And I just looked at co°open's website and have seen more inspiring "impact marketing" and sponsoring tools" "But co°open is not stopping there, we have dedicated ourselves to raise the basic income steadily. With every month in which our pool is growing, half of the newly generate resources will enlarge the basic income for everyone. Turning 10€ into 11€, 12€, 25€, 100€, 500€, 1000€ etc. Member 3 Customers love what they do and enjoy their innovations... Competitive Differentiators "This is a wonderful and visionary lookout Leila, but do you know, what I believe is the most charming. We can get started today, with almost nothing, we are not dependent on any large technological or systemic changes, to initiate and experience positive progress. All we have to do is to introduce the Social Responsibility Certificate in our companies and we all gain plenty small benefits, step by step. What do you think about starting with a 1% Certificate? Description about this team member. Just give a brief explanation of the member's experience and competencies. Leila and Franz went back home, while reading more about the team of co°open. Summary Source: "Together with other businesses, we will leave our mark as one of the first companies world wide to take part in shaping our evolution at a key turning point in history and secure the global purchasing power of everyone." Description about this team member. Just give a brief explanation of the member's experience and competencies. Ever since he could think Samuel was juggling with numbers and ideas, on how to improve millions of lifes in the most efficient way. Until the day, where he initiate co°open to go all in with his idea. co°open - global basic income Tumblingerstr. 80337 München T: +49 1525 3586734 Leila and Franz are sad, because the potential of reaching many customers with their companies can not be fully embraced, due to the lack of purchasing power. Meet Leila and Franz, two entrepreneurs "co°open is an open organization introducing a global basic income from bottom up for everyone, one person after another, regardless their heritage, race or social state." Social Responsibility 1000€ Member 4 Write down all of the reasons that you are better than the competition here. Leila begun to read out aloud: Once in their beds, they watched a summary, which the found about basic income on youtube, before they fell asleep, very pleased with the new discovery and a smile on their faces. CONTACT US: "Franz, every time we are eating here, 1% of each meal will be payed into a so called global basic income pool, listen to the explanation" Competitors 1% Samuel Andert Martin Luther King Jr. "... each time the pool is reaching a limit of 10€, somewhere in the world a human will be randomly elected to receive from now on every month a mini basic income forever." Easy Market Entry "Customers will enjoy the moment each time they buy something with a smile in their face, because they can see and feel the direct impact, they are generating with their purchase" Jascha "If every company and every person has a Social Responsibility Certificate of just 5%, already today according to the report, every adult could receive a monthly basic income of ~500€. And not the stop there, the financial transaction market is expanding yearly by 5-7%, doubling the transaction volume by 2030" Are there any other people trying to make money from the same market with a similar solution? Description about this team member. Just give a brief explanation of the member's experience and competencies. Certificate Franz begun to smile, it took him a moment to let that sink and sort out his thoughts, then he said to Leila: Leila nodded silently and added: Leila continues to read, with ever growing eyes: 2050 basic income Franz interrupted Leila in her dreams and said: Leila, even more excited, remembers the global payments report from McKinsey & Company and continued to calculate: They have a great expertise in creating new ideas, products and services, which improve our daily lives for the good, but they have a big dilemma: "I am now convinced that the simplest approach will prove to be the most effective -

Creative Pitch Presentation

Transcript: The BOSS Group Creative Pitch Presentation by Courtney Goldin The Atlanta Office The Graphic Designer creates layouts and designs of logos, packaging, advertising, marketing, collateral and other published materials in print and online. They collaborate with Copywriters and Art Directors on concepts, also handle the output and other production activities. Graphic Designers are savvy with different design tools and enjoy staying up to date on the latest ones in the market. 1. Graphic Designer How does the ATL team make their "bread and butter"? 2. Digital Marketing Director The Digital Marketing Driector is under the supervision if the Online Marketing Director. They concieve strategies and tactics to raise rates of customer acqusition, retention and cross/up-selling. These candidates are seasoned in the marketing industry and offer a wealth of knowledge based on their background expereince in the digital world. The ATL team works mainly on Graphic Designer and Digital Marketing Director positions. Our clients request to have needs in filling both of these roles, which make up the "bread and butter" for our team. What are we proud of? Prestigious staffing awards! The BOSS Group most recently won Inavero's 2018 Best of Staffing® Client & Talent Diamond Awards We have been honored with Inavero's Best of Staffing Award for eight consecutive years. Where can you find us? Atlanta Baltimore Chicago Dallas New Jersey Philadelphia Washington D.C. At an office near you! H.Q. = Washington D.C. What do we specialize in? We place candidates in the creative industry for various clients in different U.S. markets. This being said, we stick to what we know and focus on providing top talent in the creative field. These positions can range from marketing to digital and everything in between. Creative, Marketing and Digital Our niche: Are you creative? We want you! What sets us apart? Bottom line: We make it easier. Why choose TBG for your hiring needs? We know that finding great talent is hard, so we want to alleviate that stress for you. Our team goes above and beyond for our clients, making sure we offer quality candidates for their positions. THE BOSS GROUP = BEYOND. ORDINARY. STAFFING. SERVICES.

Pitch Template

Transcript: The product doesn't need to be great; it just has to basically work. And,the market doesn't care how good the team is, as long as the team can produce that viable product. In short, customers are knocking down your door to get the product; the main goal is to actually answer the phone and respond to all the e-mails from people who want to buy. Competitive Landscape We need to dive more deeply into digital learning Who are the big players (Pearson, MCGraw Hill, Cengage, Elsevier, Wiley(?), Ascend) Which are potential partners? Who are the smaller players (Grokit, BB, Knewton, Boundless...) Who are our direct competitors (Digital textbooks versus 2D/3D delivery) Why is our product defining EdTech 2.0? (I think because of how its built, how we present content and (future????) ALS. Can we say we have begun building this or just planning? Should this be part of our spend? I think so. Like when we say launch Vida Body Plus). What is the revenue growth for online learning products WHAT ARE OUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES AFTER SOMEONE COPIES EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE DOING??? Team Include key advisors eg, Jack Thornton, Jayshiro Tashiro in the case of publishing What are our past accomplishments. How we came to realize the outstanding opportunity we are presenting today-keep it succinct! HOW WILL WE MAKE MONEY?? HOW WILL INVESTORS MAKE MONEY!!!??? Introduction/Summary Basically elevator pitch-traction, product, team, social proof Create a meme for investors and friends to spread the word "Google Earth for the Body" "Bringing Anatomy to Life" Do they allude to physiology or only anatomy? Other? The Problem be concrete Who is the customer and what are their pain points What's happening to textbook revenues versus digital revenues Why competitors can't fill the need-ebooks no different, lack of tool integration with content Demo Three minutes Key features Only Key features-no details Leave people wanting more Some thoughts about traction: "Traction is a measure of your product’s engagement with it's market, a.k.a. product/market fit. In order of importance, it is demonstrated through profit, revenue, customers, pilot customers,non-paying users, and verified hypotheses about customer problems. And their rates of change. "A story without traction is a work of fiction" Traction: What have we done so far? Strategic relationships Customer testing (Webinar and demo at HAPS. Maybe we can get some of this data from Frank) Milestones and use of funds What have we raised? What will we raise? Restate the hypothesis we are testing with this round: Students/Instructors are seeking tools for A/P that are fun and engaging. We need to adjust this slide to account for a primary focus on EdTech. A high-concept pitch is the best way to describe your product and vision within an elevator pitch. Bad elevator pitches go on and on about the product. Good ones boil it down to a high-concept pitch. The rest of the elevator pitch should be devoted to your traction, product, team, and social proof. SALES: Describe the business model Current sales or pipeline What are the MICROECONOMICS Macro (put in Andreessen quote here) Technology Issues Keep it succinct but give some details How is it different? IP? Any patents? Is the difference sustainable? What is the basis for that? Market: Elaborate on the problem slide Fill in details about market size, trajectory How will we acquire customers-direct and indirect The Vision Be expansive and inspiring Maybe each of us can reflect briefly on the vision and what it means to us WE WANT TO DRAW APPLAUSE!!!


Transcript: Fit/ Healthy/new societal shift Survey results: 75% would consider using Lecturecycle 100% of people said they sometimes/all the time have an interest in health & fitness, Promotional Mix Target Market Questions? University Management (30+) Open to new ideas for sustainability Wants to raise awareness Already active in implementing new solutions Exhibitions Measurement of Effectiveness Lecture cycle combines the two domains or sustainability and health and wellbeing. We are able to offer you the tool that will allow the university to make electricity and lets you cycle in your lectures that keeps you fit. It has been scientifically proven that exercise increase the brains mental performance. Outdoor Promotion CREATIVE PITCH Selection of Channels/Media We will begin during the first two days of O-Week by having cyclists around campus on bikes that are powering light-bulbs We will then involve people and stimulate interest by having cycling games with give-aways Finally, the Lecture-cycle events will be held after lectures in sports and leisure lecture rooms PR - Vending Machine Campaign, prize giveaway with sponsor partners Advertisement - Poster Campaign at participating sponsor outlets (Uni Rec Centre, Pita Pit etc.) Exhibition - Sports and Leisure lecture room events Vending Machine Campaign - Running Costs The aim of our campaign is to get people interested in using Lecture Cycle we want our target market to start asking where are these products and when will they be in our lecture halls. If we make people aware of them now before they are implemented in 2014 then when they are implemented they will of already excepted them and will automatically use them Print Poster Campaign - Poster Prices Support Media Amy Griffith Kimberley Hassall Hannah Dooley Matt Egan Sean Jones Karina Hallberg Promotional Budget $600 Summary Message Supporting Media Costs - Content Creation Students (18-24) New, Innovative, Fun Willing to participate and try new ideas Social media Sport and Leisure students Our message will begin during O-Week During this time we will be competing for the target audiences attention Our message will be that it is easy to participate in both exercise and sustaining the environment Social Media - Facebook Photo Tag Survey and interviews 4 months after our campaign finishes Identify how much of our target audience have either heard or used the Lecture Cycle Calculate how much power was made from using the Lecture Cycle and whether this has positively impacted the university sustainability efforts Note any suggestions made by the target audience and wider public on how to improve our idea Current Behavior: $0 50% Awareness within the student body of the Lecture Cycle programme by the end of A Semester 2014 Gain 1000 'Likes' on our Facebook page within the first week of our launch Have 500 sport and leisure students actively participating in the Lecture Cycle programme by the end of A Semester Target Market Our Idea $200 Learning Promotional Objectives $200 Our Promotional Partners How will the promotion meet AIDA objectives? Unique Selling Point

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