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pitch deck template

Transcript: Investor Pitch Deck 11/24/2020 Opportunity The Opportunity There are a lot of people that don't have time to walk their dog. Many people would be willing to pay somebody to walk their dog and take them outside to go to the bathroom while they are at work. The Problem The Problem People have problem No Dog Walks Dog Walking Service Happy People Sad People Some people have to work all day and nobody is home to take the dog for a walk. This leads to the dogs having accidents in the house. The Solution Mr. Kraus's Dog Walking Service offers a professional and reliable dog walking experience. We provide peace of mind by ensuring pets get enough exercise and don't have accidents in the house. We even provide waste removal services! The Solution The Market Our target market consists of dog owners that live within two miles of town. The Market Market Size Market Size $5 $5,000 200 potential customers per dog possible weekly income Competitive Analysis Competitive Analysis There are currently no other businesses offering dog walking services in our area. We have an untapped pool of potential customers and already have a list of people interested in our services. Our Solution Provide high quality dog walking, training, and waste removal services. Our Solution Product Dog walks Dog training Waste removal Product Invest Today! Earn money by helping fund our dog walking service. A portion of all profits will go to you. Why to Invest About Me About Me Mr. Kraus Experienced Dog Walker

Pitch Deck

Transcript: April 2017 - Access to all needed databases Anti-fraud system based on data analytics Estimated cost of fraud and corruption in social security system is around 23bn UAH January 2018 - Launch of eCertificates of disability together with Ministry of Healthcare September 2017 - Anti-Fraud and electronic verification Total economy for the budget 23bn UAH Cooperative Disability Control Second stage economy - 13bn UAH Current control efficiency is just 0,034%, while in developed countries around 10% November 2017 - Front offices development for eApplications Social expenditure - 30% of state budget (363bn UAH) Databases formats unification Starting August 2017 - regular anti-fraud training for the Ministry's staff eServices development together with fraud prevention modules Capacity building at the Ministry of Finance How and When It Will Work My aim is to create a system that allows the Ministry of Finance to control social expendeture. At the core of it there will be a state-of-art anti-fraud system, supported by a reformed service of social inspectorate. Estimated economy will account for about 2% of total GDP, mostly due to stop of fraud and corruption schemes in social security system. Welcome to my deck pitch! Solution Thank you and let's make it happen! The problem Third stage economy - 2bn UAH A comprehensive social security benefits control system: Our needs April 2017 - recommendations on databases updates First stage economy - 5bn UAH social security benefits control Fourth stage economy - 3bn UAH Our Dream Team at Work

Pitch Deck Template 17December2012

Transcript: Slide #5: The Current Problem (2) Slide #15: The Ask! A pitch deck cannon crescendo without a clear ask-- aka what you are looking for... What size investment are you looking for? How long does it get you? How will you spend it? What are goals before raising the next round? How else can the investors help? This is commonly overlooked but easy to create! Slide #1: The Big Idea (1) Logo, company image, Expanded company 1-liner and The Big Vision: Today and Tomorrow Slide #8: Your Solution. Why now? (2) Slide #6: The Current Problem (3) Slide #3: Why us? The Team: Why are you the right team for solving this problem? Include management team and advisers, investors. Include bios with key, relevant experience. Outline division of responsibilities. Think about this as an expanded AngelList team profile. Slide #2: The Big Idea (2) Slide #4: The Market... The Current Problem (1) Customer/ consumer pains? How are they solving today? Slide #14: What's The Future? 12months and Out So far, you've spend the deck outlining team, product and success to date. Now talk about what's next... And how it ties into the big vision and the fundraising ask. What are the next 12 - 24 months of : Product Performance People Finances Slide #13: Traction and Validation (3) Slide #12: Traction and Validation (2) Slide #10: Your Solution. Why now? (4) Slide #11: Traction and Validation (1) Your Product... Your Traction You've set the stage... now show off the product and traction/ validation: I want to know: Is the product resonating? Is it trending in the right direction? Engagement, Engagement, Engagement... engagement data leading to user acquisition! What are your KPIs? Goals? What are your acquisition, usage, retention metrics? Slide #9: Your Solution. Why now? (3) Slide #7: Your Solution. How will they solve with you? How is it different than market? Why Now? (1) Why is solution possible today? Why is it right for today, tomorrow? How big is the market? How big can you be? What value are you creating? Be realistic!

Pitch Deck

Transcript: Forbes Magazine We understand the responsibilities that come from an investment Luke Clayton President of Lombardo Equity Partners Professor & Ad Industry Professional Relevancy - Again indicates a strong customer base This forces many teachers to use alternatives resources to blackboard such as Relevancy - Indicates a strong level of discretionary spending within this demographic Web Developer @ IBM Relevancy - Indicates a strong customer base to address Dave Chow Don Kilpatrick Milestones We are always open to forming new relationships and partnerships to strengthen the team You We want to incorporate tools for students and teachers to design quality content. To create a thriving academic culture geared toward creation and discovery We are building a system based on consumer desire, not assumption Relevancy - A strong base to segment further into more concentrated categories for advertising purposes Our Advisers = most viable Gov't Census Antonio Lombardo The Data President of Luxury Updated Homes We are already enrolling educators into our pilot program facebook e-mail pinterest So that everyone benefits Authors Schools Educators Corbin Rose What We're Doing Data creation and sharing is expected to almost quadruple by 2015. No hard feelings if there is a pass, we understand, and we move forward Tech and Innovation Daily 2013 University paid subscription* Educator paid subscription* Independent education Online courses Original courses Course enrollment commissions University targeted advertising* PPC Search Preference Bookstore Commission Functionality add-ons 1.2 trillion student loan deficit The Problem Relevancy - Indicates no signs of slowing interest in having more tools to create and collaborate with 517 914 9700 K-12 Business Administration Business Technology Software Development * The ability to create and discover in current LMS's is severely limited. National Center for Education Statistics We are already in communication with schools, teachers, department chairs Our Team Revenue Stream Opportunities James Danley CFO C&J Chemical Professor of Literature 4.2 million high school and college instructors CCS Department Chair Thanks... A general distaste for current offerings The Mission Allow dynamic projects to be shared with everyone on the network CCS Department Chair Vincenzo Iavicoli Co-Founder, CEO Founder - Project Manager Design Graduate from CCS What We're Doing Steve Schwartz Begin Development Cycle of MVP Pilot MVP with Schools Series A Funding Version 2 Development Cycle For more info on the project or investing please reach Online education market We are creating a system that is built on two principles "Build" and "Discover" College Student poses 117 billion dollars in purchasing power 21.8 million students in college Luke Clayton Peripheral Opportunities Dorene O'Brien Co-Founder, CTO Developer & Manager @ Alfa Jango Relevancy - Growing education costs in comparison to economic need may motivate newer generations students to consider alternative forms of education Josh Lee

Creative Deck

Transcript: Creative Team National Campaigns: Content Development Creative, WFS August 2022 Intake Intake Process Creative Intake Process 1. Strategy Intake Doc 2. Cross-Functional Kick Off 3. Validate Channel Plan Business Line Brand Define and align creative strategy with channel plan Lead from each team: Marketing Programs Strategy Creative Web SDS Media Lifecycle Channel Plan Channel Plan Media Web Evergreen Pages i.e. Students, Shifts & Schedules Search Pages i.e. Seasonal Jobs, Nights, Weekends Promotions Pages i.e. Anytime Pay Job Opps Pages i.e. FC Associate, SC Associate Digital Static Billboards Radio Streaming Audio Street Team Flyers Mailers CTV PinPoint Newsprint GSTV/GS Toppers Transit- Bus Wraps/Ads Transit- Posters Wrapify Volta Drive Test Centers Laundromat Coinstar NRS (Drive Test Center) Sponsorships SDS Paid Search Static Image Paid Social- IG/FB Static Image Video Google Display Network (GDN) Responsive Display Ads (RDA) Static Video YouTube :06 sec :15 sec + Lifecycle Email Header Tatango Image Creative Development Content Development Concepting Brainstorm Concepting Brief review with Creative Idea Concept Execution Creative KO Key Concept Reviews Key Concept Reviews Kevin Review Phil Review Stakeholder Review Legal/RC Review Concept Selected & Feedback Addressed Design & Production Translations Build Out Design & Production Messaging Design Channel Breakouts SDS SDS GDN (RDA) Paid Social YouTube Search Thumbnails RDA Assets Include: 5 image sets (10 assets) 5 headlines 1 long headline 5 subheads Includes: 1-3 videos :15+ seconds Post copy FB & IG Includes: 3-5 images 0-2 videos (:06, :10-15sec) Post copy Media Media Newsprint Newsprint Audio Audio Radio :10 Traffic & Weather Script :15 Traffic & Weather Script :30 Radio Script Streaming Audio :30 Script Companion Image Video Video CTV GSTV Connected TV Deliverables: 1-3 :30 Video Spots Gas Station TV Deliverables: 1-3 :30 Video Spots Campus TV Campus TV Deliverables: 1-3 :30 Video Spots Pinpoint PinPoint Deliverables 4 images per messaging version Optional :15 video Pilots Pilots Volta :08 Animation Laundromat Coinstar :15 Video asset NRS :10 Fullscreen video asset :10 Halfscreen video asset 1-3 Exterior Posters 1-3 Interior Poster Washer Door Clings Drive Test Centers :30 video asset Sponsorships Sponsorships LED ribbons Video Boards Animations Shirts & swag Scripts Roll Banners Email Banners Flyers Digital Ads BrandMaker BrandMaker Content Mailers Flyers BM Library OOH OOH Digital Billboards Wrapify Static Billboards Up to 94 sizes per version Up to 30 sizes per version Transit 8 versions of Lite wrap Various placements including: Bus Kings, Shelters, Interior Cards, Bulkhead Displays Lifecycle Lifecycle Email Header Image Email Header image, including CTA for pre-application emails. Tatango Image Image to be included with Tatango text messages sent as part of pre-application lifecycle. Web Web Deliverables: Copy Image assets (Not UX) Page types: Evergreen Search Promo/campaign Job opps Content Handoff Content Handoff Web Handoff Process Web Process Asset Handoff PreProd Approval Figma Review Creative validates correct copy and accurate image appearance Web copy asset provided to WebEx team via their Asana web project Creative reviews Figma design in mobile & desktop Creative provide image assets based on layout Page Live Web team pushes page live Creative validates still accurate Confirms vanity URL live for any creative leveraging it. Lifecycle Handoff Process Lifecycle Process Asset Handoff Creative Studio Coordinator provides handoff to Lifecycle team via email. Marketing programs and strategy CC'ed. Updates If any updates or optimziations are needed, CSC facilitates changes. SDS Handoff Process SDS Process Asset Handoff Creative Studio Coordinator provides handoff to SDS team via email for each channel. Marketing programs and strategy CC'ed. SDS Confirmation SDS confirms as each channel goes live (when applicable) Optimizations Depending on the campaign, performance data provided by SDS to inform optimizations or if additional versions are needed. Media Handoff Process Media Process Template Builder Upload Static Assets Job Intake Mailers and Flyers built as templatized assets in BrandMaker Creative Studio Coordinator reviews daily report from Media of upcoming jobs Studio Engaged Asset needs and deadline assessed in BrandMaker CSC coordinates with Studio team to assign and track to requests Static assets built out by the team uploaded to BrandMaker and assigned to Jobs

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