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Transcript: Kylie Amancio Fax Number: (972) 264-9998 March 5, 2018 Website: Children First Counseling Center Phone Number: (972) 264-0604 Topic Location . 202 College Street Grand Prarie, Tx 75050 Vision: "Impacting generations with hope and healing for all." Mission Statement: " We foster freedom and healing of the human spirit by providing exceptional therapeutic services to individuals and families in our growing and changing communities." Values: Accessibility. Change. Community. Diversity. Encouragement. Excellence. Integrity. Making a Difference. Mission Statement Mission Statement General Counseling Program - provides an arrray of services including individual and family counseling, play therapy, and couples counseling to clients age three through adult. Adolscent Services Program - provides psycho-educational groups for youth 12 to 17. Battering Intervention and Prevention Program - is dedicated to the prevention of abuse through psycho-educational group and individual intervention. Agency Programs Agency Programs Art Therapy Play Therapy Talk Therapy Advocacy Children Children Talk Therapy Collage / Art Therapy Sand Tray Therapy Family Therapy Teens Teens Individual Counseling Sand Tray Therapy Couples Counseling Family Therapy Group Therapy Support Groups Adults Adults Atmosphere at the agency. Spanish speaking counselors. The different therapy sessions. Pro's and Con's Pro's and Con's Pro's Con's Limited Counselors Limtied Resources Golf For Children Events Events Little Lunch of Hope Painting with a Purpose Open House GP Car Show Benefiting Children First Enterprise Golf Classic Care & Mercy GolF & Gala


Transcript: Table 2:The table according to age of TV audiences. The general purpose of this research is to find the impacts of ratings at marketing. And as we see in the cases, companies prefer channels with high ratings and care about the type of the channel. The reason why they care about the channel types is reaching more people who interest in that product. Rating is the percentage of total potential audience who choose a particular media vehicle over another in broadcast media, it is the number of households with their radio/TV sets turned to a particular station/channel or program for a specified length of time divided by the total number of households that have radio/TV. In the second case we used poisson distribution and tried to see how many times the ratings of channels can fall below their average ratings and according to our calculations, the ratings of channels averagely 5 times fall below their average ratings per year. You can see these months on the table. The companies should prefer other months to advertise. So they can reach much more people. CONCLUSION All off these questions have only one answer.The answer is the Tables of Channels and TV Audiences' Numbers A peoplemeter is shown in figure. TV is one of our indispensables that technology has to offer us. We spend a lot of time watching TV. Series, sports, movies, shows etc. So what are these programs, movies or series selected by or is there a criteria for the TV programs we follow? THE IMPORTANCE OF RATINGS AT MARKETING WHAT IS RATING ? Graph 3:Box plot analysis about channels’ numbers of audiences. Table 1:The numbers of TV audiences in 2014 We are trying to understand the impacts of TV-ratings on marketing and measure how many people we could reach so we think like an advertising company in this research to guide companies which want to advertise and we purpose reaching much more people. "RATING ANXIETY" In this research we analyzed five different channels which are popular with different types and ratings according to ages and times.This study helps companies those want to give commercial. CASE 2 In the case 3, a toy company wants to advertise a new product and wants us to research for the best channel and ratings of it.We handled the group of 0-12 ages and we used binomial distribution. And as a result of this case we see that Yumurcak TV is the best channel for this commercial. Because it’s very popular with kids and if the company advertises to this channel, they would definitely increase their sales for this product. CASE 4 Why Do We Measure TV-Ratings? INTRODUCTON TO CASES Table 3 :Illustrates nummerical summaries of datas. Graphs of Tv Audiences’ Numbers. Melike YALÇIN Tugçe BESNILI Mert Goktug TEMUCIN Graph 2 : The percentages of the tv audiences in circular diagram. This table shows the measures of central tendency according to our datas. How Do We Measure TV-Ratings? CASE 3 Nielsen is the only one company that measures the TV-ratings in whole world. This table shows the ratings of channels we chose according to four groups of ages. TV-ratings are measured by the device which is called peoplemeter.For example in Turkey there are only 2200 peoplemeters.This means 2200 houses measure the TV-ratings.These measurements have been used since January,2005 in Turkey.These ratings don't show an exact result because they don't include whole country,that's why results are approximate. Graph 1:The numbers of tv audiences in 2014 in time sequence. The only purpose of rating measurements is to help to channels and advertising companies on their bussines and make their work easier. Advertising companies look for the best channel for commercial and they make offer to the channel which has more audience so that they can reach more people and introduce their product easily. CASE 1 In the case 1 we used binomial distribution and showed that satellites can have errors in their frequencies and by selecting satellites randomly, we calculated the probabilities. As a result of this case we can say that rating measurements can be incorrect. So they're not %100 reliable sources. And also as the number of satellites randomly selected increases, the probability of frequency errors increase. This table shows the distribution of audiences’ numbers according to months. REFERENCES The purpose of case 4 is to find how many people interest in sports and sports channels.To calculate the probability of people who watch sports regularly from a specific population, we used hypergeometric distribution method. For the commercial of Nike, TRT Spor is the most logical choice because it has the highest ratings in its type and this commercial can reach a lot of people who are interested in sports if it is shown in this channel. Our Mission In This Research

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Transcript: The connection Extra points To Be Attractive... CF Creative Kicker production Donation model Pre order model Reward-based model Equity model The Model (t.b.a) Take a good idea and make it attractive and worth it on crowdfunding What is Crowd Funding? Crowd funding is an alternative mechanism of raising capital or funds for your cause or project. Advertising group Crowdfunding Where is the potential customers? Choose the right platform The right amount to fund The right time to launch The most effective campaign structure The most suited reward to the crowd Shard spaces - hubs, Start-up Accelerators, etc CF mentors Failed projects Specific media Start-up community crowdfunding conventions Hi-tech (2013CF - The Crowdfunding Industry Report ) Creative Kicker WORTH IT To Be Worth It... The key to success Media This is a part of the future New episode in advertising Equity ----> EXIT Establish a start-up accelerator Internet website as a media inventory Venture Capital Worldwide opportunity CF Platforms Choose the right platform The right amount to fund The right time to launch The most effective campaign structure The most suited reward to the crowd Copy writing Crowdfunding statistics The structure GOOD IDEA To Be Worth It... Basic Branding - Logo & design Make a Great Story - copywriter On one SPOT - produce the perfect clip Spread the word - Social & all media coverage Hi tech ןInvest in social & the crowd ATTRACTIVE 1. Classic = pre campaign payment + after funding pay (per success) 2. Pro = after funding pay + Equity (option) 3. Premium = Equity only * all models leads to continuation after funding strategy The CF Creative agency CF creative kicker Branding THE MODEL Advertising THE TARGET Crowdfunding platforms raised $2.7 billion (an 81% increase) Successfully funded more than 1 million campaigns in 2012 The forecasts an increase in global crowdfunding volumes in 2013, to $5.1 billion.

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Transcript: Lock Haven Hospital's Extended Care Unit By: Erica Johnson Fast Facts (Clinton county/Lock Haven) about 28% of adults are married Lock Haven has a median family income of $28,619 Pop = 39,238 More women than men Mission Statement: To provide safe and efficient quality medical and health care services which promote community wellness and meet the needs of our customers. Draft Mission Statement: To provide patient focused and compassionate, quality care through a positive environment for our employees to work and physicians to practice medicines. Draft Vision Statement: To improve the health and wellness of the citizens of our community. Current Values: The Core Values of the organization are commitment, cooperation, and integrity. These are foundation values that guide all behavior and activities of the organization. History Sept 17, 1897 as farm house May 30, 1903 - began receiving patients Burned to ground June 8, 1908 Remodeled in 1924 Nursing school closed in 1936 ~ Changes in the past 5 years ~ Went from 4 social workers in the unit to 1 social worker Discharge summaries are now required for every patient Assessments are done quarterly Long term residents are on 2nd floor New director of Nursing New Administrative Director New CEO New Mission Statement in progress Hhhmmm....So what in the world does a social worker do in the Extended Care Unit? Admission Intakes Quarterly Assessments Grievance Procedures {Funding} Received through insurance companies Most major insurances accepted (with pre- certification). Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Worker's Compensation, and Humana (most popular) - Vetern's Benefits Private Pay $8,070/month Organizational Structure Organizational Theory Systems Theory Systems Theory looks at a collection of parts unified to accomplish an overall goal or objective. If one of the parts changes or is eliminated, then the sum of the parts also changes. Who does Extended Care Unit Serve? Individuals who suffer from MR Individuals who suffer from MH issues Individuals who are unable to properly care for themselves at home Referrals from Fulmer's Personal Care Home, Williamsport Hospital, Lock Haven Hospital, Geisinger Medical Center etc. Services Provided Short/Long Term Skilled Nursing Restorative Nursing Services Respite Care Laboratory/Radiology Services Respiratory Services Staff Requirements Nurses = RN, LPNs, CRN (certification) Dietary = Bachelor degree in related field Social Services = MSW Director of Nursing = RN, LPN, or CRN with 5 + years of experience in managing administrative support services. Administrative Director = Bachelors and 5 + years experience managing administrative support services. My favorite part of placement is... Care Planning Discharge Planning Incident Reports Chai gets to come!!

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