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Transcript: FACs with Mrs.McConnell Period: 1 Assigned Number: 7 First Example: Paint- paint makes children use there creativity and imagination to create something beautiful & new. Second Example: Home appliances- home appliances get children to use their imagination to imagine they are adults and they do what adults do without really doing it. It also gives children experience with doing real activities you have to do when your older. Developmental Area: Creative First Example: Ball- balls make children run. They also make children use their muscles by picking up and throwing an object. Children improve hand-eye coordination by learning to see the ball coming and catch it. Second Example: Tag- tag improves agility by having to run faster than another child and coordination by having to run really fast and watching other kids, not he ground. Children use there leg muscles by running. First Example: Dolls- children can play with dolls together and work with people skills. Second Example: Crayons- children can color together and create pictures together (they can coordinate colors). Create Your Own "Bag of Tricks" Developmental Area: Mental First Example: Puzzles- puzzles improve thinking skills and the brain by having to find pieces that go together. Children have to think and solve problems. Second Example: Legos- legos improve thinking skills and the brain by having children put pieces together and making real life creations. Legos also improve following instructions. Developmental Area: Social Stuffed animals- stuffed animals are both social and creative. This is because you can play with the animals with other kids and use your imagination (most little kids pretend the animals are alive). Developmental Area: Physical Presentation By: Abigail Idiculla My Favorite Toy When I was Little was...

Jeopardy Template

Transcript: The Game of Thrones t.v. show was inspired by this book What is a password? The President of The United States of America What does team DRAG stand for? Stone, Chamber, Prisoner, Goblet, Phoenix, Prince, Hallows Movement/idealogies that promote equality for women "It is no more radical for a girl to fall in love with mathematics or basketball than to fall in love with another girl" This includes things such as sending hurtful text messages or emails, or setting up a hate group on a social networking site. "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." What is cyber bullying? In 2008, California's Proposition __ posed to eliminate gay marriage, but was eventually deemed unconstitutional An expression of objection against an organization promoting an idea or law. At the 2014 Oscars, John Travolta introduced Idina Menzel as ____, creating a huge viral faux pas Did somebody call the geek squad? "I have borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother's grief, none but Jesus heard me! And ain't I a woman?" What is "netiquette". Support for gay marriage decreases roughly after this age TBTN The labelization as a man or woman at birth AAUW In the Daily News Type of sexuality within the same sex HRC OMG!!!.. Utah was the __th state to legalize gay marriage “I am very disappointed an activist federal judge is attempting to override the will of the people of Utah. I am working with my legal council and the acting Attorney General to determine the best course to defend traditional marriage within the borders of Utah.” 2015's Batman Of U.S. Citizens, approximately ___ of 6 citizens support gay marriage __ of 3 justices refused to stay Shelby's decision in the 10th circuit's hearing of parent's roles in child-rearing Got Game? Highest Grossing Animated Film in History "You'll be coming home with me tonight And we'll be burning up like neon lights" The online equivilant of having good manners, or being polite - in other words, using proper "etiquette". Openly gay talk show host; 2014 Oscars host "It's a victory for all transgender people to know that we have a voice, that we have recourse, and that when it comes to workplace protections we deserve to make a living" Manners Much? "I got ______, ain't nobody got time fo' dat" M.Y.O.B. EEOC A first line of online defence against intruders and imposters - usually consisting of at least 8 characters.

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Transcript: What is an Isosceles Triangle? Your course needs to have the following: Design in Maths Book first then we will move onto coloured paper Parallel Lines: Lines that are the same distance apart and never touch: At least 5 holes with a variety of challenging obstacles At least 4 displays of parallel and perpendicular lines At least 2 of each angle: acute, obtuse, right and straight angles included in the shots A variety of 2-D shapes in the bunkers, lakes, forest etc. Create your own Mini Golf Course Shapes that must be included: What is an Equilateral Triangle? A triangle with all three sides equal length All the angles are 60 degrees A triangle with two equal sides The angles opposite the equal sides are also equal Types of lines you must include: Parallel Perpendicular You have just been chosen to design a pro mini golf course for the Australian PMGA Tour event. Your course needs to be challenging for the players and it can have bunkers, mountains, forests, lava lakes obstacles etc. Once you have designed your holes, you need to show how a professional player would hit (using angles) to bounce off the walls to get it in. In your golf ball shots you must show that you have accurately measured angles of: 63 degrees 97 degrees 12 degrees 176 degrees 34 degrees Once used over all of your course not for each individual section What is a Scalene Triangle ? A triangle that has no equal sides and no equal angles Right Angle Triangle Isosocles Triangle Equilateral Triangle Scalene Triangle Diamond Rectangle Square Trapezium What is a Right Angled Triangle ? A right angled triangle is a triangle that has a right angle in it. A right angle is 90 degrees. Perpendicular Lines: Lines that are right angles to each other: What is a Trapezium? A quadrilateral with one pair of sides parallel

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Transcript: newbury 4 SEATER - £269 - 96 x 212 x 86 4 SEATER - £249 - 90 x 223 x 85 CUDDLER - £199 - 94 x 138 x 96 florentine SHIMMER lincoln 2 SEATER - £250 - 94 x 201 x 96 Chloe CHARLES CUDDLER - £169 - 90 x 128 x 85 lucas 2 SEATER - £215 - 90 x 188 x 85 ALASSIO DESCRIPTION PRICES & DIMENSIONS SOFABED - £312 - 86 x 158 x 88 DESCRIPTION FOOTSTOOL - £49 - 35 x 55 x 55 4 SEATER - £309 - 94 x 247 x 96 Big 'slouch couch' styling will add that lazy Sunday feel to your home. Easy scatter back style with piped arm detail adding extra design flair. Four seat and corner sofa options make this a really versatile collection. Big plump foam cushions complete the 'couch' look. Hardwood frame as standard. DESCRIPTION 3 SEATER - £259 - 96 x 192 x 86 FABRICS 2 SEATER - £226 - 89 x 172 x 95 3 SEATER - £299 - 94 x 217 x 96 FOOTSTOOL - £75 - 35 x 55 x 55 CHAIR - £154 - 86 x 79 x 88 4 SEATER - £249 - 96 x 192 x 86 2 SEATER - £179 - 92 x 145 x 85 CHAIR - £181 - 89 x 100 x 95 A true classic with bandage arm feature and high back for support. Supportive deep foam seats and a durable hardwood frame ensures this timeless classic with turned wooden feet will grace your home for many years to come. Slim arm, with high end top stitch detail and slim wooden leg, make this a contemporary classic. Sofa bed option available in this range, making it versatile and flexible. Deep foam cushions and a fine border detail, give excellent value for money. Our hardwood frames offer durability and peace of mind 3 SEATER - £272 - 89 x 193 x 95 CHAIR - £139- 92 x 106 x 85 PRICES & DIMENSIONS One of our most popular designs. Contemporary easy to live with shape, fully piped with high backs for support and comfort. Comes with two scatter cushions included in the price. High quality hardwood feet and frame with foam seat cushions finish off this desirable and trendy model. Sofabed option available CHAIR - £169 - 96 x 98 x 86 CHAIR - £165 - 94 x 112 x 96 FOOTSTOOL - £49 - 35 x 55 x 55 PRICES & DIMENSIONS DESCRIPTION 3 SEATER - £225 - 90 x 187 x 85 CHAIR - £179 - 94 x 94 x 96 Chedworth Larger scale family sized sofas with matching bolster cushions, all fully piped for that bit of extra style and design. A modern classic to suit any home, super comfy deep foam seats and a durable hardwood frame make it perfect for a busy family. CORNER - £440 - 94 x 185 x 96 FOOTSTOOL - £75 - 35 x 55 x 55 2 SEATER - £219 - 96 x 147 x 86 STALLION PRICES & DIMENSIONS CORNER - £440 - 94 x 194 x 96 hampstead PRICES & DIMENSIONS FOOTSTOOL - £49 - 35 x 55 x 55 3 SEATER - £239 - 96 x 172 x 86 PRICES & DIMENSIONS 2 SEATER - £239 - 96 x 167 x 86 3 SEATER - £279 - 94 x 221 x 96 Uber cool loft style look for any living area. Generous proportions offer excellent value for money. Narrow arms for extra seat area, quality wooden feet finish off this trendy sofa. Super supportive foam seats with a fibre wrap, and a hardwood frame ensure long term good looks. Chaise sofa option available for a truly decadent look. 3 SEATER - £189 - 92 x 168 x 85 FOOTSTOOL - £49 - 35 x 55 x 55 CHAIR - £139 - 92 x 92 x 85 malton adeline PRICES & DIMENSIONS GRACELANDS 3 SEATER - £239 - 90 x 209 x 85 Wow, super stylish bigger scale design with matching scatter cushions. Piping details on the cushions and frame along with 'on trend' wooden feet make the Libby a real show stopper for that classy home. Durable hardwood frame and deep supportive foam seats complete this lovely sofa. Corner sofa and cuddle chair options available. PRICES & DIMENSIONS CUDDLER - £169 - 90 x 106 x 85 3 SEATER - £230 - 86 x 179 x 88 PRICES & DIMENSIONS PRICES & DIMENSIONS 3 SEATER - £272 - 89 x 193 x 95 2 SEATER - £179 - 92 x 159 x 85 Smart 'on trend' modern look to suit any compact area. Durable foam seats and strong hardwood frame will give years of good looking comfort. CHAISE - £329 - 96 x 192 x 150 Image by Tom Mooring SOFABED - £299 - 90 x 166 x 85 DESCRIPTION 3 SEATER - £189 - 92 x 182 x 85 The 'original', a firm favourite with our customers for many years. Timeless scroll arm with luxury piping detail and scatter cushions included in the price, along with solid wooden feet give a real homely look which will look great in any setting. Hardwood frame and deep foam seats as standard make this a true 'winner'. CHAIR - £181 - 89 x 100 x 95 DESCRIPTION SOFABED - £325 - 89 x 172 x 95 2 SEATER - £199 - 90 x 166 x 85 DESCRIPTION Create Your Own DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION harrison 2 SEATER - £208 - 86 x 158 x 88 DESCRIPTION Modern, cool design. Flared arms with piping detail which extends to seats, give that true luxury feel at a great price. Scatter cushions included in the price. Another of our customer's favourites, loving the deep foam seats and hardwood frame, that added luxury for less. Sofabed and cuddle chair options. PRICES & DIMENSIONS CHAIR - £149 - 96 x 78 x 85 libby 2 SEATER - £236 - 89 x 172 x 95 DESCRIPTION SOFABED - £299 - 90 x 188 x 85 Cute and super comfy compact sofa with lovely clean lines. extra supportive foam seats with a sturdy

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