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Jeopardy- A Great Way to Review for a Test

Transcript: The program is easy to use and requires no fees or registration. You can even view other templates to use, edit, or just give you an idea. with Pam Armentrout <a href="">My Jeopardy Template</a> K.Jarrett blogged on NCS-Tech: Fortunately, there is an alternative! College student and programming whiz Matt Johnson decided to write his own web-based Jeopardy development environment – taking PowerPoint out of the equation entirely – while greatly simplifying the build process. Presenting … Jeopardy Labs! This great, free website is so easy to use, your kids can focus on the IMPORTANT work – the research, writing good answers (and questions), progressive levels of difficulty, teamwork and more. According to Free Technology for Teachers, by Richard Byrne, Jeopardy Labs is a free service you can use to create your own online Jeopardy game. Jeopardy Labs provides a blank template on which to build your game. You do not need to register in order to build your own game. However, if you want to be able to edit your game at a later point you will want to create a password before you create your game. When completed your game is given its one unique url. Post that url on your blog, wiki, or website and anyone can then play your game. I would not recommend it for students younger than third grade, but it is definitely easy to make and use. It also helps students grasp the understanding of negative numbers. The points show up as each team gets the questions correct or misses the question. I used it to review my third graders with social studies terms. This is Jeopardy! The only thing missing is the music :) photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli You can have 5 categories and points range from 100-500 points You can have as many as 12 teams. JeopardyLabs is a great way to review vocabulary with the class. Here's mine. Just click and play. There are other templates fpr this game, but this is easy to use and quick to make.

PowerPoint Game Templates

Transcript: Example of a Jeopardy Template By: Laken Feeser and Rachel Chapman When creating without a template... Example of a Deal or No Deal Template PowerPoint Game Templates There are free templates for games such as jeopardy, wheel of fortune, and cash cab that can be downloaded online. However, some templates may cost more money depending on the complexity of the game. Classroom Games that Make Test Review and Memorization Fun! (n.d.). Retrieved February 17, 2017, from Fisher, S. (n.d.). Customize a PowerPoint Game for Your Class with These Free Templates. Retrieved February 17, 2017, from 1. Users will begin with a lot of slides all with the same basic graphic design. 2. The, decide and create a series of questions that are to be asked during the game. 3. By hyper linking certain answers to different slides, the game jumps from slide to slide while playing the game. 4. This kind of setup is normally seen as a simple quiz show game. Example of a Wheel of Fortune Template Games can be made in order to make a fun and easy way to learn. Popular game templates include: Family Feud Millionaire Jeopardy and other quiz shows. Quick video on template "Millionaire" PowerPoint Games Some games are easier to make compared to others If users are unsure whether or not downloading certain templates is safe, you can actually make your own game by just simply using PowerPoint. add logo here References Example of a Family Feud Template PowerPoint Games are a great way to introduce new concepts and ideas You can create a fun, competitive atmosphere with the use of different templates You can change and rearrange information to correlate with the topic or idea being discussed. Great with students, workers, family, etc. For example: With games like Jeopardy and Family Feud, players can pick practically any answers. The person who is running the game will have to have all of the answers in order to determine if players are correct or not. However, with a game like Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the players only have a choice between answers, A, B, C, or D. Therefore, when the player decides their answer, the person running the game clicks it, and the game will tell them whether they are right or wrong.

Create Your Own

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