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Transcript: The Cowboy Way What are Cowboys Cowboys played an important role in westward expansion of the United States and providing cattle across the country. Throughout history Hollywood has glamorized the life of a cowboy but the lonely, demanding, and sometimes grueling work was often overlooked by the following generations. What Are Cowboys? Nearly all movies that feature a cowboy consist of a heroic cowboy who displays the typical masculine ideal. They would destroy evil forces, conquer their enemy, show tireless strength, and always find love. Hollywood's cowboy would fulfill the dream of every American boy. Hollywood's Cowboy Hollywood's Cowboy The real-life cowboy is doing work nonstop. A cowboy worked 10 to 14 hours each day on the ranch and 14 or more on the trail. The average cowboy in the west made $25 to $40 a month and were mostly young men who needed cash. 1800's Cowboy 1800's Cowboy The Origin With the herds of buffalo disappearing and Natives being forced to reservations, horses and cattle flourished on the plains. The origin of the American cowboy actually came from Spanish ranchers of Mexico. The Origin Of The Cowboy A sturdy, short tempered breed from the dry grasslands of southern Spain. Cattle was not indigenous to North America and were brought by gold seeking Spanish Conquistadors when they landed in the Caribbean islands during the late 1400s. This species crucial in transportation and food to support a growing America. The Texas Longhorn Longhorn The American Cowboy was heavily influenced by the Mexican Vaqueros. The Americans learned from the Spanish to round up, rope, brand and care for the animals. They learned many more things for their Mexican neighbors including speech, eating jerky, use of spurs, and much more. The Mexican Vaquero Vaquero Topic 3 Impact The Cowboys played an important role in westward expansion for the United states. They also were the main way to move cattle across the country. They did this as the industry boomed and demand for cattle increased exponentially. The constant movement and grazing of the plains however Topic 4 Topic 4

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