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Transcript: "An honest misteak" Our Mission: Reduce meat consumption in order to decrease water use. - Too much water is being used to supply the amount of meat we consume as a whole Cited Sources - It takes a huge amount of water to grow and make our food. - 2/3 of our entire water footprint is due to the food we eat - The average American consumes 167 pounds a year - On average, A single beef cattle consumes 451 gallons’ worth of water in feed per day and 5 gallons of service & drinking water per day. Over an average beef cattle’s lifetime that’s about 499, 021 gallons. tyler is a hoe bag bitch An 7 hour shower Wash hands 1,840 times Brush your teeth 3,608 times Flush the toilet 184 times - Eat more vegetables - Impose taxes on meat farms and products - Stop subsidized oat and corn for live stock All countries eat more meat when their incomes grow and they have the economic stability. In the United States specially, food is significantly cheaper then many other countries making it easier for most people to afford meat products In the United States, the meat industry is controlled significaltlly by four companies. These conpanies control nearly 80% of all of the meat industry. An average 8 ounce steak cost 920 gallons of water to produce which equals : Dairy producers who enter the MILC program, established in 2002, may receive financial benefits if they meet requirements defined by the act when milk prices fall below a protected price rate for a limited number of gallons of milk The program is said to benefit small farms more than large farms because it only subsidizes a limited amount of milk, about the quantity of milk produced by about 120 cows in a year What does an 8 ounce steak look like? Problem History Is it worth it? The length of the permit is based on the cost of the project, and the time for the project owner to recoup his or her costs anywhere from a few years to fifty years, maximum. Permits run with the project and are transferable by amendment as long as the projected water use, amount and rate remain the same Laws & Legislations - The making of Meat-Eating America Solutions Eat Less Meat to Save Water

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Transcript: Print Template Feedback Michael Adams Introduction During the planning stages of my work. I created magazine and poster templates in order to see what my target market liked the most and what they don't like. This was done to help me with the construction of my final poster and magazine front cover. Introduction These are the magazine templates I have put together These are the magazine templates I have put together About the templates I tried to make all of the templates different by using a variety of elements. Two of the templates have the 'Empire' masthead. Those magazine templates are conventional magazine front covers with cover stories, buzz words and incentives. One of the templates used the 'Little white lies' masthead. This is a unconventional magazine design and I included this template to see how my audience will react to it. About the templates Feedback The focus group liked this template the least. They did not like the colour scheme and did not think the colours worked well together. Some people also said that the magazine looks too cluttered. However, some people liked the layout and the main image being the killer. Feedback This template was the second most liked template. The focus group liked the simplicity of this magazine. However, they said that it does not suit my magazine and my target audience. They believed that this magazine layout is for a niche audience and that is not my audience. Feedback Feedback This template was the most liked template. The focus group liked the picture because it is using direct address. The plague doctor is looking directly at the reader. They also liked the colour scheme and all agreed that the magazine does not look cluttered. Feedback Feedback These are the movie poster templates I created. These are the movie poster templates I created. This template was the least liked. The focus group said that they do not like how simple it looks. They said that It is too bright for a slasher film poster and that they do not like where the release date is put. However, they do like how the blood shows on the white blackground. Feedback Feedback This template was the second most liked out of the three. They liked the black background because it can be very powerful with the correct image. However, some did not like the image of the house and they said that a picture of the killer would be better. Feedback Feedback This was the most liked template. They said that the picture of the villain is very powerful and can improve the whole movie poster. They liked how the name of the movie is at the top of the poster. However, some people did not like the background and said that a normal black background would be better. Feedback Feedback To conclude, this has helped me to make decisions regarding my final magazine front page and movie poster. I will take advice from each of the templates and I will try to merge all of the positives into one final magazine front cover and movie poster. Conclusion Conclusion

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