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Transcript: When faced with a stressful situation you would force a muscle tension anywhere in the body and then release as a technique to calm yourself 2 Types: Coping Statements: things people say to themselves that emphasize their ability to tolerate unpleasant situations Reinterpretative Statements: are declarations people make to themselves that redefine a situation or giving a reason to view it differently Cognitive Behavioral Coping Techniques pairs in the target person's imagination an existing antecedent, or CS, with aversive events that serve either as a US (respondent conditioning) or as a punisher (operant conditioning) Relaxation is a state of reduced psychological and physiological tension or arousal Relaxation techniques are recognized as a form of therapeutic strategies in which treats psychological/ medical problems like asthma, high blood pressure, migraines, and cancer chemotherapy reactions know to help with alcoholism, nail-biting, and sexual deviant behaviors Covert Conditioning Self-Statements Thought Stopping Distractions PRECIOUS HUNTER ASHLEY RIDDICK Progressive Muscle Relaxation Desensitization Thought Stopping Rapid Relaxation induction it is used as a shortening to the standard technique three components that are useful are verbal cues, breathing exercises and cognitive images. Autogenetic Training Auto" self" genic "produced by" Being able to relax in a peaceful setting and experience specific bodily sensations. This procedure is instructed by a therapist or and instructor on a tape. The individual then imagines they are somewhere pleasant (the beach) to become more relaxed. positive and negative things that can be said to ourselves an array of imagery based conditioning methods that was developed all components of the conditioning process are imagined (antecedents, target behavior, and consequences) Covert methods are extremely useful when certain stimuli is too threatening or inconvenient to present in real life Meditation Covert the word stop is said suddenly and emphatically soon after the person starts to describe or concentrate on an unwanted thought Distraction individuals shift their attention from a CS that elicits a CER to overt or covert stimuli that are unrelated to the CER *CER (conditioned emotional response) Cognitive processes can exaggerate people's experiences of a CS RELAXATION TECHNIQUES The process of contemplating or focusing the attention on certain objects,events, and ideas. works best momentarily and in mildly stressful experiences not as effective as using self-statements also known as Covert Positive Reinforcement imagine performing a target behavior that is followed by a pleasant event known to help anxieties and phobias Covert Modeling Self-Statements Covert Sensitization COVERT

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