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Coupon World

Transcript: 1)▪ Major role of this Company * On-line marketing company * Act as an intermediary between people and businesses 2) How do we connect people and businesses? * Provide coupons to people so that they can purchase goods and services at lower prices * Advertise businesses on-line and give them a greater opportunity to attract customers 3) Organization of the Website * Website is divided into big & several minor categories + Big categories: states and cities + Small categories: restaurants, theaters, hotels, hair salons, and any more Each category displays many coupons 5) Will you ALWAYS get the coupons that you want? No Min # coupons > # of people who reserved the coupons Yes! Min # coupons < # of people Send coupons by e-mail or SMS Mike: Buon Giorno is a wonderful place to have a lunch and dinner at any time! I loved the interior design, atmoshere, and food! Everyone working at the restaurnt was very kind. I especially liked chili shrimp spaghetti. If you like spicy food, I would definitely recommed it to you! III. Market Strategy + visit door-to-door + make phone calls + e-mail them + Responding in a given period of time = Discount on Set-Up fee! Set-Up fee: basic fee charged to businesses that partially covers the cost of Coupon World's sending workers to take photos and write a review 3) Customer Satisfaction * Special Q&A section for each coupon * Big section for all comments, complaints, concerns, questions, advices, or anything regarding purchased items * Various frequent surveys IV. Financials 2) Point of breaking even? * Around $7,000 will be needed to start * A continuous financial operation will be needed * Anticipated cost for a year: $900,240 * Average anticipated profit in a year: $304,500 * Start making profit in about three years 1) Fee Structure * basic set up fee + 10% of each coupon sold * set up fee reduces the risk of losing money COUPON WORLD Other Available Menu French Toast + Sausage + Sandwich + Waffle with Fruits * Special Section Just for You! Ask any questions! Q: How far is it from the train station? A: It is about thirty minutes away Luxurious Interior Live Music Open Everyday 11:00 a.m. ~ 10:00 p.m. 1) Market Size * 10% of population in Lititz and Lancaster 900 + 8452 = 9352 + Advertisement on social networking websites + Inviting friends = Getting free coupons! Today's Coupon! (4/16~4/23) 2) Anticipated/projected earnings for the first year * minimum $15,000 and maximum $594,000 * 300 businesses each providing 50~ 200 coupons * price of coupon varies: $10 ~$99 * 10% of each coupon sold remains as profit 2) What makes Coupon World special? * Use of social networking to attract customers * Photos of the actual place, good or services * Display of each coupon for a week * Photos with descriptions and a review written by Coupon World’s workers * ex) Pictures and a Review of a restaurant: people get to know the place ahead, provide them a general idea, give more familiarity * Special Q& A section at the end * Discount on Set-Up fee for some businesses * Free coupons for people who invite friends Chili Shrimp Spaghetti 2) Market Growth * # of users can grow exponentially * limit to the capacity of the website * from hundreds up to thousands 3) Number of Potential Customers ▪ Buon Giorno in Lititz I. Review of Company Background & Structure Cream Bacon Spaghetti i) People looking to make efficient purchases Bacon Cream Spaghetti + Chili Shrimp Spaghetti + Bread + Salad + 2 Drinks of Your Choice Original Price: $45 Price Now Available: $20 Min # coupons: 500 Max # coupons: 1000 3:34 p.m. 756 coupons sold II. Market Opportunity 3) Employees * Full time workers + a prime manager, account managers, marketing experts, and system administration + Select new businesses and brainstorm new ideas to meet customers' needs * Part time workers + Visit businesses and negotiate the price and the minimum and the maximum number of coupons + Take photos of places and goods or services + Write a review * Some part time, full time workers + web designers, web managers, editors, and software developers + display coupons, design the web, upload photos, and update any new information Fresh salad + Bread THANK YOU 2 Drinks of your choice Ice tea or Coffee 4) Display of Coupons * Start and End Date * Time remaining * Number of people who have already reserved to purchase coupons * Number of remaining coupons * Show min & max # of coupons available * Comparison between the original price of good or service and the price now available * Photos of good or service with descriptions * Review written by Coupon World's workers * Other available good or services that can be found * Map & availability of parking * Special Q&A section ii) Businesses looking for many customers 1) Advertisement/ Reaching Target Audience Map & Parking

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