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Costa Coffee

Transcript: Come to America Opportunities Funds to open more locations Target market open to new beverages Detailed coffee Cheaper Questions? Mainly beverages Coffees Lattes Fruit chillers Iced drinks Various Teas Hot Chocolate Specialty Drinks - Along with these drinks you are able to add in an espresso shot for extra money Drinks at Costa are moderately priced between £2 and £3.50 for drinks Espresso and flavour shots are available in drinks for extra cash Designs on every hot, coffee beverage The personnel at Costa takes special care of every drink paying attention to detail, like hand pouring the milk and putting coffee bean logo on top Strengths Large target market Many locations Costa does a great job of lending their cafe's to a laidback environment They take great pride in making their coffee they put their logo on the top of every cup and hand pour the milk in. Over 5,000 stores and express shops Located in 26 different countries Costa's customers come from a variety of backgrounds Baristas trained to make each cup "Beautifully Predictable" Threats Competition from other large corporations and small local shops Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Customers stay loyal to their coffee house of choice Inconsistency Personnel Inventory Company Overview Presentation Promotion Positioning Map Intangibility Costa at a glance Cortado Product Costa sells coffee at a moderately low price so they do not put out many promotions Costa offers a coffee club card and point system They also promote an app on their website to get deals and see new items. Place Competitive Advantages Inseparability Price Weaknesses More expensive than homemade coffee Not a small business Costa Coffee First cup poured in 1971 by brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa First location and roastery in London 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Arabica and Robusta coffee beans Costa Foundation Quality By: Jesse Desroches, Dan Guodace, and Janelle Lief Recommendations Target Markets Seasons don't affect the demand

Costa Coffee

Transcript: Costa Coffee Situation Problem Objective Strategy Tactics Market Share Behaviouristics Segmentation Strategies Increase the number of stores in other parts of the world. Use more licensing and franchizing. Take into account the local habits Value Chain Analysis Competitors Core Competency Costa...For Coffee Lovers POP Sustainable Competitive Advantage Group Members Consumer Insights Strategies Market At least once a day Diversify its offerings: Partnerships with local bakeries. New kind of coffee beans coming from other regions of the world. There are many customers who are not aware about Costa coffee. Costa coffee stores are less spacious and comfortable. Less no of outlets Poor accessibility Lack of customer base Costa..For Coffee Lovers POE POD Problem Increase advertising funds: More in local newspapers than in national editions Insist on the high quality of its products. Insist on the fair trade policy of the firm: create a sort of a mutual agreement between coffee makers and coffee sellers. NiKiTa HiMaNi HeTaNsHi DeVaL AnUbHaV SaYaLeE Usage Increase the awareness among the customers by 20% in next 6months Open at least 60 luxurious Costa outlets in this year in India Will open 500 new outlets & Kiosks by 2015 in India Demographic segmentation Informal Meeting Formal meeting Day out Dating Reading Geographic Segmentation Analysis These are the things that attract the consumer towards Costa Coffee: place for informal meetings superior experience classy interiors open for longer hours free & fast wifi positive atmosphere Comparative Consumer analysis of coffee shops Taste Quick service Convenience Cleanliness Made to order coffee Freshly brewed coffee The value proposition of Costa coffee focused on the following components Live Coffee Experience Atmosphere Indoor & Outdoor sitting Timely service TIME The Daily Commuter is someone traveling to or from work, out shopping, or delivering goods or services. Location is a major determining factor of preference(offices/college/residential areas) Customers who have relocated residential or working neighborhood Would choose the convenient coffee shop across the street as opposed to the one across town Value Drivers Urban Area Hangout locations Colleges areas Corporate areas Malls Supply Chain Analysis Occasions Strategies Value Proposition Quality: Exacting standards of quality & flavor Variety: Varied & exotic coffee drinks Customization: Over 100 different drinks Experience: Rich & sensory Aroma & ambiance Objectives Frequency Tactics Product Wide range Drinks for all seasons & moods Merchandise Price Ranges from 75/- to 200/- No major changes made in price Place Urban Area Hangout locations Colleges areas Corporate areas Malls Promotion Tie up with youth brands Do in film promotions in upcoming movies In store advertising Pull strategy

Costa Coffee

Transcript: For All You Coffee Lovers Costa is out to have fun Costa Coffee BRINGS TO YOU and for everytime you fill coffee up in that get a discount of 10% Outlet of the month is announced 10% Discount on anything at any outlet Get to sit in our Member zone and get treated like a VIP. Scan your member card with the bill to get more discounts. Surprise offers on your birthday Your Favourite item on the menu gets stored. We even remember what your girlfriend/boyfriend likes - but only if you want us to ;-) Order online so that your coffee and a table is waiting for you when you reach. Get store credit online so that you can treat your friends even in your absence. And many more as we go on... Step:1->Like and Share our Facebook Page Step:2->Join our Mail list to avail special offers Step:3->Post why we are your favourite. Thats it!!! You are a member with a card and everything....... Add to the thrill by Safe Betting What do You get?????? Most popular one wins. ONE Lucky Winner gets to choose their poison and have it on the house ONLINE MAP Pick the 6 hitting over - bet at the start of any over Showing LIVE Cricket Matches at all CC outlets Prizes vary from free drinks/snacks to CC T-shirts and Mugs. 99 Outlets All Over INDIA Be a C.C Member Each Customer asked to mark on an online map, the C.C they go to, along with the Bill. Pick the Wicket Losing moment - bet any time during the game Help us Design these Mugs. WHATS MORE???? For 25 fill-ups in your C.C Mug, we plant a tree in your name You end up saving trees too Special Offers on all orders during the game We buy back that mug from you at the cost of 25 coffees... Mark your Presence and Many more................... Buy a C.C Travel Mug and get it filled up with the drink of your choice for free Loads of goodies to take away... Post your art-work on your mugs on our FB page First paying customer at that outlet gets to be the face of COSTA for the rest of that month Winner too announced online.... BETTING DONE ON OUR ONLINE BET PAGE!!!!! Further discounts if INDIA wins Guess the Man of the match before the game begins The person who has visited the most number of outlets gets a free coffee from his favourite outlet. LIVE Cricket Bets change with every Match!!! Winners Chosen Every Month With Coffee, We not only encourage you to drink and drive but also to Drink While You Drive Outlet announced online last day of the month Be a COSTA STAR So Keep Logging In......


Transcript: THANK YOU ANY QUESTIONS? Tactics *1175 stores in the UK *442 stores worldwide in 28 countries *Outlets: Waterstone, WhSmith, trainstations, airports, pubs, Odeon cinemas, Tescos, Pizza Hut branches and many more. *Own roastery *Famous for its luxurious coffee, excellently trained barristas, perfect packaging, and immaculate customer service *'THE NATION'S FAVORITE COFFEE SHOP' *CC is a British multinational coffeehouse, subsidiary of Whitbread PLC. *Second-largest coffeehouse chain in the world (behind Starbucks) and the largest in the United Kingdom. *More than 10 million customers each month CONTROL / EVALUATION Objective 1: To increase awareness by 50 % * 'Buy one for you and one for your friend' * Promotional Card, After five coffees , the sixth is free * Free tasting - one promotional day every week for 12 months( 12 days - point of sale advertising) CURRENT ADVERTISING AIDA= ATTENTION INTEREST DESIRE ACTION BUDGET ANALYSIS OF OBJECTIVES (CONT'D) Message: STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES - Provocative messages on printed campaigns –‘ 7 out of 10 prefer Costa’ and ‘Sorry Starbucks, people have voted’ – two messages that created a huge buzz. - TV advertising : Monkeys and Typewriters - Ads on Cash Machines - Limited online advertising *  1. To increase awareness by 50% in the total 12 months of the campaign. 2. Educate consumers to change their perception that all coffee is equal; make them to believe that Costa Coffee is superior. 3. To increase traffic to Costa Coffee’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube/Vimeo account - by 50% through buzz, competitions and interlinking with social media practices in 12 months. 1. WHO IS 2. SITUATION ANALYSIS 3.COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT 4.CURRENT ADVERTISING 5. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES 6. ANALYSIS OF OBJECTIVES & TACTICS 7. ADVERTISING MEDIUMS TO BE USED 8. BUDGETING 9. CONTROL / EVALUATION 10. ADVERTISING SAMPLES Competition through social media ADVERTISING MEDIUMS TOTAL: £682,300 Tactics * Three best videos / individuals will form the second semester's advert & Prizes * Coffee industry - significant growth * More than 14.022 coffee stores in the UK and 1,175 - Costa coffee shops and 735 Starbucks (Telegraph) * Costa & Starbucks represent the 66% of the total Coffee industry. * Despite the recession, the number of outlets increased in 2009-2010 * Health concerns - shift to healthier drinks * Trend: Fast food chains and sandwich shops become competitors *Constant / Ongoing monitoring and tracking WHO IS Simply the best COMPETITORS ‘You are what you drink’ ‘Could not happen without you’ ‘You made it happen – without you it would only be a name. Now it is history, culture, lifestyle, style and moreover the IT drink’. Message: <<We are here to start your day and help you wear your greatest smile>>. Tactics * Starbucks * Nero * Eat * Pret-a-manger * Food chains aka McDonalds * Supermarkets Objective 3: Increase traffic to Costa Coffee’s social media accounts by 50% through buzz, competitions, and interlinking with social media practices in 12 months. Objective 2:Change consumers'perception that all coffee is equal and educate them that Costa Coffee is superior. * Interactive video promotion - Workshop * Live Blind Tasting Video Message: * Newspapers * Billboards * Digital Advertising : Facebook, Google Adwords, Online TV *TV ANALYSIS OF OBJECTIVES ANALYSIS OF OBJECTIVES (CONT'D) * 10 best videos showcased at festival with five celebrity judges SITUATION ANALYSIS *Billboards: £20,000 *Newspapers: £168,800 * Digital Advertising: £130,000 * Live-blind tasting video prizes: £12,000 *Workshop video: £9,5000 * Competition/Festival/Advert: £236,000 CONTENTS ACTUAL ADVERT SAMPLE

powerpoint template

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