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cost saving strategies

Transcript: Eliminate painting of inside face of perimeter tilt walls Savings: $29,368 or $0.21/sf Provide internal Z-Guards at IS face of OH doors in lieu of steel bollards; 244 needed for 35, 36 & 38. Savings of $25,137 or $0.21/sf Today's Agenda Through several rounds of Value Engineering, FGL was able to reduce the cost of all four buildings by about $347,000.00 Building 35-38 Actual Savings (Cont.) Total Realized Savings Cost savings for bundling multiple buildings into one contract, with the proper release and sequencing to maximize sub-contractor efficiency. Savings of: $188,088 or $1.37/sf Building 35-38 Actual Savings (Cont.) Eliminate exhaust fans - FS 35 only Savings: $9,000 or $0.07/sf Reduced parapet heights on sides of buildings 35, 36 & 38 Savings: $7,695 or 0.06/sf Reduce sewer main; FS 36 (Krystal side only) Savings: $6,500 or $0.05/sf Cost Saving Strategies Reduce emergency lighting Savings: $20,000 or $0.15/sf Reduce landscaping Savings: $15,000 or $0.11/sf Eliminate painted metal deck and painted screws Savings: $12,067 or $0.09/sf Reduce payment cycle down to >20 days; FS 35, 36 & 38 Savings: $10,000 or $0.07/sf Building 35-38 Actual Savings Building 35-38 Actual Savings (Cont.) 11:00 AM: Introduction, Goals and Objectives, Overview of Value Engineering Realized Savings 12:00PM- 2:00 PM: "Brain Storming" Session With Lunch Structural tilt demising wall - FS 36 only; Savings arrived from the reduced tonnage of structural steel , less the added cost of the new concrete wall. Savings of $32,500 or $0.24/sf Elimination of a drywall demising partition Savings: $30,000 or $0.22/sf


Transcript: 1- Value engineering and analysis : 1 ,10 , 13 ,12 ,15 , By Region Material Inspection. NOVEMBER TEXT TEXT KOC VISION Event Title CONCLUSIONS COST SAVING You can put details of this chart here You can put details of an important event, date, meeting, or something similar here. THANK YOU date 37 % JANUARY You can put details of this chart here TEXT Planning & Control • Maximizing the strategic value from oil. • Realizing the potential of gas. • Growing reserves for a sustainable future. • Being an employer of choice. • Realizing value from technology. • Strengthening our commitment to HSSE. • Striving for excellence in performance. • Contributing to the Enterprise and State. COST SAVING 47 % Details of your second announcement goes here, something like an event that happened or is coming up. Announcement 1 3 - Other Elements 5% By Laila Al-Sarraf SAN FRANCISCO COST SAVING Value engineering and analysis – communication and coordination –motivation and performance evaluation – planning and control. Announcement 2 04/07 You can put details of an important event, date, meeting, or something similar here. 51 % 1 - Shapes 2 - Icons Event Title INTEGRITY – CORPORATE THINKING – MOTIVATION –COMMITMENT TO HSSE AND SOCIETY – PARTNERSHIP –FLEXIBILITY –EXCELLENCE KOC VALUES TITLE HERE This is the place to introduce important events at your company Upcoming Seminars & Training Sessions MAY How To Achieve Cost Saving Event Title NAME HERE Announcements You can put details of an important event, date, meeting, or something similar here. NAME HERE 2017 OIL & GAS NEWS Event Title NEW YORK TEXT JULY 11/06 TITLE HERE APRIL Event Title NAME HERE You can put details of an important event, date, meeting, or something similar here. date Details on a cool thing a person or team achieved that you want to tell the company about. You can add your own team picture here... EVENTS Laila Al-Sarraf Says: Value engineering & Analysis By Month 2- Communication and coordination : 2 , 3 , 4 , 6 ,7 ,5 Communication & Coordination 12% Birthdays or Promotions Event Title 22% 4- Planning and Control : 9 ,11 ,14 , 16 , 17 Copy, paste the symbols and other assets you see here to build out your own story and make your presentation even more beautiful. Don't forget to delete this. You don't want people to see this part! 8% JOHN DOE TITLE HERE NEW PROJECT IN KOC THIS IS THE END OF YOUR PREZI. NOW FOR THE ASSET SECTION... date You can put details of this chart here TEXT TEXT Analysing the worker defects and highlight the strong points and special abilities taking into account: quality and quantity of work done ,initiative , reliability , integrity , sense of responsibility ,corporation and discipline ,knowledge and skills ,punctuality . 3- Motivation and performance evaluation : 8 , HONG KONG SEPTEMBER BRUSSELS JANE DOE You can put details of an important event, date, meeting, or something similar here. By Rep Add your own team names and pictures here You can put details of an important event, date, meeting, or something similar here. Review and challenge different type of technologies Evaluate and determine different product alternatives Standardizing the process & Procedure. Introducing automation among project for data processing in ETAP which increase quality and meet shortages in employees. Motivation & performance evaluation

Cost saving

Transcript: SUPERBOWL AMPANG IDEAS COST SAVING Reducing Costs Increases Profitability Only if sales price and number of sales remain constant. Cost reductions may LOWER quality. SUMMARY IMPLICATIONS Loss of customers Business Interruptions Employees Recruitment Difficulties Past Expenses Reduction CLOSURES AND TRANSFERS OF FACILITIES Closures Klang Sungai Petani Flamingo Pandan Club Transfers Johor Bahru SIGNIFICANT SHORTAGE OF PERSONNEL 13 Branches require a total of 223 employees. Current staff : 174 WORKFORCE = 78% INCREASE AUTOMATION 1) Encourage Usage of Virtual Technology 2) Create Paperless Work Environment SOLUTION I CREATE PAPERLESS WORK ENVIRONMENT THE PROBLEM THE PROBLEM STORAGE SPACE LOSS DOCUMENTS POSTAGE Floor space required to place filing cabinets. Risk of files duplication. Paper storage is inefficient and expensive. Data damage due to natural disasters/ fires. Loss due to incorrect filing/ misplacement. Confusion - streamlined communications are more powerful. An effective electronic network and storage system could help cut costs dramatically. Postage cost takes into account : Weight of paper. Thickness of paper. Different envelope sizes, etc. Administration cost - Someone has to physically put packets together. ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE Ugly Examples THE PLAN 1) Reduce paper flow with Vendors, Customers and Banks. Communicate and establish their supports to electronics solutions. 2) Job Sheet. 3) Shared cloud folders as ways to communicate. 4) Use of tablets to replace papered documentation. THE PLAN All forms (job sheet, staff leave form, etc available online) CREATING TRANSPARENT BUSINESS PROCESSES Store catalogs/ brochures/ annual reports, etc online. Reduce the need to send DSSR/ daily reports by multiple senders. ONE STOP INFORMATION CENTRE. ENCOURAGE USAGE of VIRTUAL TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION II THE PROBLEM THE PROBLEM Need for physical space. Travel expenses, and communicating costs. Time lost to commute. Inability to include multiple team members during commute. Inability to attend meetings. Time constraint, etc. THE PLAN 1) THE PLAN Make decisions and deliver information faster, Speed up project completion. Supports productive workstyles. Features : Screen sharing and remote desktop for easy collaboration. Meeting recording for future references. Meeting Resources Upload any document or link to your Meeting Wall for easy sharing with others. GENERAL SOLUTIONS GENERAL IMPROVEMENT IDEAS REDUCE SPENDING ON DEPARTMENT MANAGEMENT REDUCE SPENDING ON DEPARTMENT MANAGEMENT Create KPI/ checklist for each individual within organization Increase the individual contributions Reduce number of hours devoted to supervision in each year Management increases productivity GAIN CONTROL OF MISCELLANEOUS SPENDING GAIN CONTROL OF MISCELLANEOUS SPENDING Buy moderately Spending on stationery and supplies AFTER seeking approvals from superiors Change suppliers yearly Do more price shopping Look outside our pool of vendors MAKE FULL USE OF SPACE MAKE FULL USE OF SPACE Introduce new entertainment facilities – VR, Karaoke. Sublet space to vendor and reduce real-estate expenses. CHANGE THE PROCESS CHANGE THE PROCESS Diminish unnecessary internal administrative processes Simplify processes Eliminate "too many cooks" situations RECYCLE RECYCLE Good waste management improves public perception Printer cartridges Cans Bottles Batteries Give recycling profits to shelters Write off any expenses Making money going in and coming out COORDINATE PARALLEL ACTIVITIES COORDINATE PARALLEL ACTIVITIES Combine two events, share expenses Coordinate schedules, coordinate accommodations

final project-Cost saving

Transcript: Awareness phase Are you Ready to GO Home? 20.187.874$$ 16 days COSTLY CABG Surgery MGH is the 5 th ALTHOUGH: Surgeon representative Clinical data management unit representatives Clinical improvement steering committee representatives Clinical practice council (comprised multi- disciplinary doctors, nurses and administrators representatives physical therapy supervisor Patient educator Mimi O’Donnell When creating a team. You should consider: • How often should you meet? • For how long? • What will be on the typical agenda? • Who will run the sessions? • Are non-members welcome? Top-Ranked Hospital for Cardiology & Heart Surgery in US Planning meeting Operations meeting Newsletters Training program curriculum short term wins: •Provide feedback to inform leaders about the validity of their visions and strategies. •Give those working hard to a achieve a vision a pat on the back. •Build faith in the effort, attracting those who are not yet actively helping. Don't let everyone too soon 8 change culture passed on COST SAVINGS- 6sigma project methodology Brain storming ( for project selection) depending on voting giving score of 5 Frequency table: The result: the Group agreed to choose • CABG surgery Care Path as alternative way to decrease the cost Scope: Include: CABG Surgery Care Path Exclude: •joint replacement Care Path •treatment technologies GOALS: 1- Standardizethe procedure using check list care path 2- Reduction of the cost by 30% 3- Time line compress to be 5 days 4- Decrease the variability between the individual surgeons 5- Get the acceptance by the hospital staff measure The base data for the current process performance shows that Performing the CBAGE surgery in average length of stay ( 16 days ) bring the cost up to 20.187.874 $ 1-Machines : •Delay in x-ray. •Timing of ventilator weaning, extubation at night. 2-Methods : •Admission the night before surgery. •Excessive, unnecessary Physical Therapy. •Transport delays to both OR and SICU. •Communication of schedule, SICU not notified from OR. •Patient information not reported to SICU staff. •Discharge plan not readily available to all. •Availability of rehab beds and lack of weekend admissions to rehab facilities. 3- Materials : • Expensive, medically unnecessary medications. • Excessive units of blood available during surgery. • No space in Ellison 8 post-operatively. • No designated floor for patient overflow. • Use of oxygen. 4-Measurements : •Excessive, costly, medically unnecessary tests. •Control of hypertension. 5- Mother Nature : • Medical complications such as: atrial fibrillation, anemia, nausea. • Pre-existing conditions such as : hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, anticoagulation issues. • Diet. 6-Manpower : •Highly skilled, highly paid nurses, technicians, and physiotherapists. •Lack of SICU staffing. •Communication between hospital and referringphysician. •Patient or family expectations different than that of the physician. •Social situations at home which may prevent patient leaving hospital on time 1-Workforces: 2-Accounting system: 3-Services 4-Procedure (process): 5- Problems: 6-Different medical staff : 7-CABG department 8-Process control : 9-People : 10- Resources 11- Implementing the path itself : 12-Framework : CONCLUSION Improve The cost of the CABG surgery is high and has negative impact on the hospital finance and insurance comapnies by decreasing the oportunities of competitiveness Declaring victory too soon OUTLINE FOR POKA YOKE : • HOW TO PREVENT THE FOLLOWING PROBLEMS : SYSTEMIC : • CPOE to provide adequate information to prevent overflow of patients in one area. • MRO CONSIDERS Copy of Care Path checklist in medical record of patient to prevent patients from going “off the path”. • MROCONSIDERSCopy of discharge plan readily available and must be revised by accounting department to prevent inadvertently exceeding the limitations. • Proficiency of IT system to prevent mistakes due to lack of information. • Gaining the most from the current merger to lower costs by consolidating services, reducing bed count, and downsizing staff. MEDICAL : • Outpatient screening to detect any pre-existing conditions before CABG surgery. SOCIAL : • Social evaluation to detect any present issues which may affect the well-being of the patient or outcome before, during, or after the hospital stay. 1-Brain storming 1-To consider and follow the care path in the hospital 2-Decrease the amount of surgery performed by the resident without affecting the training quality 3-improve the hospital information account 4 decrease the use of expensive medications 5-highly payed technichian and skilled personnal used only where their higher skills were needed causes Problem statment strong reputation specialist, BOSS THANK you KEY PEOPLE Are you ready to Go Home? . Why costly CABG surgery ? Because of prolonged length of stay. 2. Why is there a prolonged length of stay ? Because of systemic, medical, and social reasons. 3. Why were there systemic, medical,

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