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Cost Reduction Powerpoint Template

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Cost Reduction Activity

Transcript: Approx. $30,000 Idea Anual Savings Plastic Air Tube can support it to stack more by Jin Kim If there is something to support parts inside, is it availible to pack more? It is not possible to stack more due to fall-down and crashing each other, and it cases distortion. June 15th 2011 June 10th 2011 Odered special size PAT to Manufacturer Reducing Sea Freight Cost Types to be tried Pack more !! Changed to Type 2 May 1st 2011 Half Cosed Performance 2015 Tryout Result Type 1 Broken due to too much resist A. B. Transportation Fee Thank You!! Lube Tube!!! The Lightest Part/volume (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Could it be reduced if the Resistance of Metal flow will be increased? July 10th 2011 Reduce the Scrap!!! Invested Build for Type 1 May 31st 2011 2002 March 40 pcs stacked with same size of Box 100% increased!! The supporter should be chip 180 pcs / Pallet Reducing Input Material Material Before Trimming Current Forging Pattern Type (Conventional) T/O Anual Volume : 100,000pcs 220 g per piece Idea Material to be used Tapperd Closd Failed!! 2002 March 350mm 1. RFQ : 총 17건수 Build Pattern to win for our team to approch to our target like this Forging Patterns : Blocker & Finisher : 1 set = $15,000 Triming Patterns : 1 set =$5,000 Forging Yokes!!! The typical minus profit Cheer!!! Current Packaging Total Investment : $20,000 Schedule Scrap Tryout Jan 2016 July 19th 2011 Savings Result July 15th 2011 Schedule Weight July 14th 2011 (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Type 2 270mm Input savings 0.25kg/pcs x $1.64/kg = $0.41/pcs Deduct Scrap weight : 0.25kg/pcs x $0.45/kg = $0.11/pcs Savings : $0.30/pcs


Transcript: Cost reduction is a systematic and corrective technique used by most of the firms to cut the inessential expenses of the goods manufactured and increase the overall profits. The basic purpose is to lower down the cost occurring at the time of production, storing, selling and other process in one company. By adding work that is not required, Overprocessing costs you money with regards to the time of your staff, the materials used and the wear on your equipment. This type of waste usually reflects on doing work that doesn’t bring additional value or it brings more value than required. Do you have proposal how to reduce costs? The 7 Wastes Eliminating wasteful activities is crucial for the success: The Waste of Motion TIMWOOD Transport Inventory Motion Waiting Over Processing Over Production Defects The Waste of Waiting Quality errors that cause defects invariably cost you far more than you expect. Every defective item requires rework or replacement, it wastes resources and materials, it creates paperwork, it can lead to lost customers. The Waste of Defects The Waste of Inventory COST REDUCTION This is probably the easiest waste you can recognize. Whenever goods or tasks are not moving, the waste of waiting occurs. It is easily identifiable because lost time is the most obvious thing you can detect. For example, goods waiting to be delivered, equipment waiting to be fixed or a document waiting for approval from executives This kind of waste includes movements of employees (or machinery) which are complicated and unnecessary. In other words, do whatever is necessary to arrange a process where workers need to do as little as possible to finish their job. The 7 Wastes The waste of Overproduction The seven wastes are categories of unproductive manufacturing practices. The Waste of Transport This type of waste is when you move resources (materials) and the movement doesn’t add value to the product. Excessive movement of materials can be costly to your business and cause damage to quality. The Waste of Over-processing Cost Reduction is related to improving the standards. It can be applied to all the activities and it is focuses on the two primary areas: Reduction in Expenses: Decrease in the expenditure in the given volume of output, leads to the decrease in unit cost; Increase in Productivity: The overall decrease in unit cost, by increase in the output, for the given expenditure. The most serious of all of the seven wastes. Overproduction leads to high levels of inventory which mask many of the problems within your organization. This is usually because of working with oversize batches, long lead times, poor supplier relations and a host of other reasons. Excessive inventory is often the result of a company holding “just in case” inventories. Inventory costs company money, every piece of product tied up in raw material, work in progress or finished goods has a cost and until it is actually sold that is the cost of company. lower the profitability; increase customer costs; decrease quality; lower employees satisfaction.

Cost reduction

Transcript: Introduction: The business was going through a period of rapid growth and pressure was being applied to reduce overhead costs to maintain margins. The situation was made worse because this growth wasn’t forecast by sales, causing increased pressure on all departments. This meant we had to be selective on which overheads we targeted. COST REDUCTION cost reduction How To Reduce Overhead Costs In Your Retail Business? CASE STUDIES case study 1 Hire a developer EXP 1: 2 EXP 2: Restructure Group Restructure group search to find solutions How To Reduce Overhead Costs In KAYLA COMPANY? Generating Incomes Reducing Overhead Cost KAYLA CASE SOLUTIONS 1 IDEA 1: LEASING WAREHOUSES FOR BUSINESS PARTNERS Kazem Abad Lease Cash Flow (Monthly) Forecast (MT) Samansoor .CO 10.0 Familia Suppler 5.0 Carbonel 5.0 CO.RO 5.0 Ahmad Abad Lease Cash Flow (Monthly) 30 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- Total – Cash Flow 55 2 Profit and loss statement IDEA 2: GENERATE REVENUE FROM DISTRIBUTION CARS Income Forecast (MT) Milk Run ( Amol, Gorgan, Mashhad) every week 3.6 Milk Run ( Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz) every week 4.8 Milk Run ( Tabriz, Oromia ) every week 3.2 Milk Run ( Qazvin , Rasht ) every week 2.0 -------------------- Total – Income 13.6 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Less: Expenses Fuel cost 0.4 Driver’s Cost 4.0 Waybill 2.0 Cash fund 1.0 ------------------- Total – Expenses 8.4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Net Profit 6.2 3 IDEA 3: GENERATE INCOME BY SALES DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Income (Monthly) Forecast (MT) Sticker for distribution cars 37 Market research for new suppliers 3.5 -------------------- Total – Income 40.5 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Less: Expenses wage 0.5 ------------------- Total – Expenses 0.5 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Net Profit 40 Profit and loss statement 4 IDEA 4: REDUCE COST BY OPTIMIZING Business Trips Video confrerece most of the meeting (5%) Comprehensive plan for business trip (30%) Online ticket (20%) Hotel Online booking (5%) 5 IDEA 5: REDUCE COST BY OPTIMIZING Utilities costs Online fax Online invoice Reducing consumption on power & water by applying new Technologies (solar chiller) Reducing consumption of paper 6 IDEA 6: REDUCE COST BY RESTRUCTURING HR CONCLUSION CONCLUSION

Cost Reduction

Transcript: Show how things would improve Pro No action will cost the stakeholders bigger losses on the P&L Reduce by 10%-10%-10% Make NEW deals. New Providers Conclusion Review Food and Liquor providers . Negotiate lower prices on the current providers. Change providers if need it. Analyze the smallest operative structure to reduce labor cost. Make GM the ONLY one requesting supplies. Challenges and opportunities Con Cost Reduction Describe the next steps Find out if there is a legal get out on the lease or if the penalty attached to it is smaller than the losses accrued. Marketing Strategy Get your audience excited Idea 2 Pro Make SMART decisions for the stakeholders that helps them get the most PROFIT on the next P&L untill reach a break even point to determine to GO forward or stop (If doable) Pro Bring Jalapeno into the radar through the different social media channels to increase Jalapeno sales through passive income. Con If we Manage to have 120 Delivery orders a day 10 by platform with our average ticket of just 22 USD we manage to get our P&L brake point out of it. 2,640 a day which is $79,200 mth. Con Reduce 10% Food cost Reduce Food cost 10% Reduce Liquor cost 10% Reduce Labor cost 10% Invesment Refer back to the pros and cons Idea 1 Invest in passive income would lower labor cost and maximize sales with almost NO effort. Create changes on the management team. Bring best practices from Maya into Jalapeno. Bring Clover as the new core business plataform Time for the stakeholders to align requeriments with the GM. How problems can be resolved Pro Describe the idea you think is best Strategy Recommendation for JALAPENO Due the losses reflected on the P&L the previews months Jalapeno has fallen behind in day to day tools that helps customer experience enrichment and operative infrestructure to provide top notch experience to our guest. What if we do nothing? Break Even Point on P&L No u turn back Get away options Stakeholders posture Changes Explain how it will help Advertise Jalapeno in different Social Media channels like: Yelp, Eat24, UberEats, AmazonPrime,, Munchery, Postmates, Caviar, Blueacre, Peachd, Lish, Bitesquad, GrubHub, Seamless, DeliveryHero, JustEat, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. Jalapeno Challenges Core Buisness System Internet Inestability Ambience system Kitchen Equipment Draft Beer Lack of Marketing Strategies Marketing and Media Plan Invesment (Concierge, Yelp) Weak managment Team Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures Negotiate new Deals To create PROFIT for JALAPENO there is just 2 simple ways to achive it: Cost Reduction Increasing Sales Con

IT Cost Reduction

Transcript: Is there a button..? Nope! This feels a bit restricted... ... maybe we should look at the problem through a variety of.... Which will ask questions and give suggestions on IT cost reduction initiatives from a variety of perspectives This is your IT function: (not really, but it's a complicated thing that does a lot of useful work) Wow! It is pretty complicated! Technology! Of course! That's what we do! We are very methodological in our consideration of technology options And will take into account your level of technological maturity and appetite for innovation Can we use: the 'cloud'? or 'virtualisation' or 'rationalisation' or 'comoditisaion' or 'extreme collaboration'? .... and save us lots of money! I am a very posh bit of kit... but how much do I really cost? Are you interested in finding out? Are we spending more than our peers? Do we do the things we do well and efficiently? If we are being wasteful, we should consider 'lean'ing our IT function Yes... here's another... Value is not just about cheap! it's about right sizing the service and... giving the business what it needs! Shock! at least one more YES! So these are the forward thinking areas Have we covered everything? are there any more lenses? You tell us!!! Lenses! let's recap... .....what are the lenses through which we will look? Total Cost of Ownership well... of course it is Cost per user Cost per desktop % spend of hardware IT spend as a % of business operations IT staff per user etc. Some KPIs which we can benchmark: hmmm... Have we considered It's all about the... This will give us a lot of ideas... IT Cost Reduction OK... so let's put on our (but let's not go nuts!)

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