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Corvette Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Corvette Question 1. I like doing the prezi. Although I had a lot of trouble, I learned a lot of new things while researching on something I love. How much gas can a corvette hold measured in quarts? COMIX'S 3 Interesting Facts 2 more interesting facts How much does a corvette cost? Corvette first went on sale in 1953. THE FUNNY'S hi The Zo6 corvette can go 198 mph. Nearly 2 million Chevrolet corvettes have been sold since it went on sale in 1953. Corvette cost around $55,000 and a Chevrolet can cost $46,635-$70,289.A C6 corvette can cost $20,000 of materials to build. Not including machinery or design process. Corvette did cost 3,498. 2 more interesting facts Choosing The Topic The C7's ELSD goes from open to full lock in tenths of a second. They are making a new 2015 corvette. Question 2. By: Ellery Hale 4th Grade Explain what you liked most about this project Sources 2 more interesting facts Corvette was named for a small and fast class of naval ships. Corvette is the longest running,producing sports car in the world. The C5 can hold 7 quarts of oil to bring it to the full mark. The ZR-1 can hold 12 quarts of oil or 3 gallons. Now the 2013 Chevrolet Zo6 corvette prices at 75,000. PLEASE I'M DYING!!!!!! I chose the Topic Corvette because it is the car I want when I grow up. I don't know much about it so I knew it would be a good choice. CARS!


Transcript: By Mason Pulse The History of the Corvette The Corvette, an American icon of speed. Made in Detroit, Michigan it was the standard for sports cars for over 64 years. Intro Intro The first corvette The first corvette The first corvet was made on June 30 1953. It was originaly degsined as a show car for Motorama display in New York. The corvette was produced as a convertable for the first 10 years. The 1953 corvette was avalible with an inline 6 cylinder engine. It had 150 base horspower Fun facts Fun facts 1960 corvette 1960 corvette They added rear sway bars to inprove handling. It had 315 base horse power. They added a alumimin clutch. They also added a 24 gallon gas tank. pic pic The 1969 corvette was a V8 engine. It had 585 horse power. It has head light washers. The steering wheel diamater was trimed by one inch. 1969 corvette 1969 corvette pic pic Catilac converters were interduced this year. The top speed of this year is 103 mph. This car is rear wheel drive. 1975 corvette 1975 corvette pic pic It was avalible with manual transmission. The top speed was incressed due to microscopic beads in the construction. the top speed of this year is 125 mph. It can do a quarter mile in 14.3 seconds. 1980 corvette 1980 corvette Pic Pic In my opinion this is one of the ugliest corvette's that exist. This corvette has 240 horse power. It also had a tire preasure monitor. The corvette has an optional twin turbo which produces 345. It also has a heavy duty raditor and belisten shock absorbers. 1987 corvette 1987 corvette Pic Pic This year of the corvette is 20 pounds heavier. It produces 300 horsepower. It has a v8 engine in it. The max rpm for this car is 5,700. 1992 corvette 1992 corvette Pic Pic This corvette has 405 horsepower. This corvette is also has a v8 engine. An Am/FM in dash cd player is the new standard entertainment system. At the time the corvette cost $41,450. 2002 corvette 2002 corvette Pic Pic This corvette has 638 horsepower with a supercharged v8 engine. The top speed is 205 mph. The cost of this corvette are $49,000 to $54,600. The interior is leather. 2012 corvette 2012 corvette Pic Pic This corvette cost $55,495 to $59,495. This car has a front air conditioner. It is also rear wheel drive. It also had the first removeable sunroof. It also has heated side mirrors. 2018 corvette 2018 corvette Pics Pics Google Chevrolet Corvette C3 Production Statistics and Facts Corvette Specs, Colors, Facts, History, and Performance Vette Sources Sources

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