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corporate video

Transcript: THE CORPORATE VIDEO 1) Muhammad Fares Azhar bin Maiden 012015090851 2) Ainur Farhah binti Abdulah 012016020934 3) Najwatul Nabilah binti Mohd Nizwaruddin 012016072531 4) Tanaletchumi Thiagarajan 012016020109 5) Nur Azdila Fasha binti Abdul Rahman 012016020722 6) Izzah Fazira binti Zaianuddin 012016020916 PURPOSE INTRODUCTION CONCEPT: COSY AND RELAXING To showcase our product and services To increase profitability To gain trust from customers THE PROCESS OF MAKING A COFFEE THE COFFEE'S PROCESS Grinding the coffee bean. Brewing the grind coffee. For latte: -Add milk and sweetener. For handcraft coffee: -Shift cream and use it to make the desired design on the coffee. DESSERTS BY I~TEN COFFEE HOUSE THE DELICIOUS DESSERTS THE PERFECT PLACE THE LAYOUT 1) Targeted customers are student, businessman and middle age. 2) The environment is based on the concept of aromatic environment. 3) The peace and harmonic environment increased the excitement while having the sip of coffee. 4) Customer can choose their desired place according to the designated section in coffee house. 5) Hence, the interior design are very simple yet exclusive. THE COFFEE ART Method of preparing coffee created by pouring micro foam into a shot of espresso and resulting in a pattern or design on the surface of the latte. Drawing in the layer foam. Required the use of espresso shot and milk. Divided into 2 types of techniques: 1) Free pour art 2) Etching art THE ART OF COFFEE CONCLUSION The video is well delivered as they include all elements of I~TEN Coffee House (coffees,delicious desserts,cosy layout and fine coffee art). By showing our history and operation, it can increase our potential customers and our branding. The process of coffee itself make our brand more stand out compare to the competitors as we freshly brew our coffee beans. CONCLUSION

Corporate Video

Transcript: Legal and Ethical Issues Techniques My Corporate video Professional Corporate video Apples video i could imagine they ran in to some troubles with lethal issues because of who they had involved in their film, I saw in video that there were children in it, I imagine they had to go through a lot of paper work to get clearance to film those children and have written permission from parents as well. Along with this they did film in various locations and homes so i imagine getting all the location release forms signed and be given to permission to film there. So all in all a lot more work and issues become of this film. Comparing Apples Video Lethal and ethical issues in my videos were not a problem, it was simple as getting a few people who participated in the film and my client to sign a couple release films that stated that I could film on there property and that I could film the students involved in the film. There were no project changing client requirements so it was all straight forward to film. I feel like I have met the full legal obligations to this film. My corporate video is for exeter college. Its mixed between being serious with some comedic elements in it. I feel like it was successful because I included information about the college, the tech we have, interviews with students and gave a little tour of the CCI building and at the end we gave information about how to contact the college and also when the next Open day was at the time. Although it seems like my films was a bit more equipped because I used a proper DSLR camera, it wasn't because the new iPhone has a very good camera and is worth 2X more than the camera alone. In the image you see is a screen shot from one of Apple's corporate videos. The video is to celebrate 30 years on the mac. Also they mention that the whole video was filmed by the newest iPhone. My Video Corporate Video Equipment Were Both Films Successful Apples video is mainly for celebration but also they are trying to get across that their products bring joy to certain people with some shots of kids playing with apple products and also that they are there to help as well because they show a lecture hall where everyone pulls of a MacBook. As well as this they are trying to get across the good quality of their products. They have done this by including in the video stunning scenery shots and then state at the end of the video that it has been filmed all on a iphone. this we be good for marketing because people like me, will think how amazing the newest iPhones are and will most likely buy one. Thus more products selling for apple. I used the classic camera and tripod set up for my production and that as far as my equipment went, I feel a lapel mic would of made the production a lot better but me and my partner didn't use one for some reason. Apple however used a lot more equipment and technology such as camera steady equipment like mono pods and also their video includes various things you can do with apple products like fly drones and make tell mini robots what to do so they would have to grab them as well. Production Process Introduction Reflecting on the cost of my corporate video, it doesn't compare to the amount of money Apple would of payed for their video because so much was happening in the Apple video and in various locations as well so there are travel costs. Also they would have to consider the cameraman that had to work on filming the whole thing with just an iPhone and also used some steadying technical equipment so there are hiring costs that they would have to consider as well. Along with all this you have the hire costs of all the people involved. I filmed mine with my friends camera, in one location and with some friends as actors so i didn't spend anything unlike Apple. Equipment Both films were successful in their own unique way, however it is clear that the Apple video was much more successful than my video purely because of the company that did it, the way it was filmed and the money put in to it. Apple were marking the 30th anniversary of the mac in their video so they made a big deal out of it and went full out on what was included in the video and also during the video they were showing off some of the amazing things the company have done and also they extent of how far their technology has come. So Apple have really hit the nail on the head for this video and it is in fact very successful. My video has also been successful in its own way, the goal for my video was to inform with some comedy to future students why Exeter College would be a good choice for a college to go to after GCSE's and I feel as if I got that point across subtly. I didn't want the video to be to serious because frankly videos like that don't tend to work. My vision was to make it funny yet effective and i feel as if I have done that well and rather successfully. Costs The Techniques in my film are quite simple but there are some more creative shots used in it as well such as blur

Corporate Video

Transcript: Production Practices working for a corporate client I am going to compare two videos, a professional, marketing one already on the Deaf Academy website and my own corporate video for the Academy. My video is about showing and encouraging new students to get involved and go to the Academy. By Jack Peter Task Three: Comparing Corporate and Promotional Videos The legal and ethical issues - this was to make sure it was accessible to everyone - both hearing and deaf people. I, therefore, used signing, voice-over and subtitles. There were issues with sorting out the subtitles because they were not clear enough to see. Originally they were white against the film, but I changed them so they could be seen clearly and looked like television subtitles by having a black background to the white text. The permission content forms were given out to the four students who were involved in the video interview and these were signed. The locations that I used were accessible areas for all academy students, the academy's marketing department having said I could film there when I made sure where I was allowed to film. My style is different from the Academy's video on the website because I filmed a lot of different locations in a more visual way of what life is like in Exeter, including the city, Princesshay, Cathedral and Quay on the Exe River. I use these clips to create a fast time lapse to show lots of people walking around in Exeter as it gives a professional look and makes Exeter look exciting. This would be to help the new students or families to not get bored or distracted from watching it so engaging the viewer. The technology and equipment that I used is the Sony camera which I borrowed from the LRC at Exeter College. I used the same style as the Academy one as their style is to film at the academy place all the time with the person signing. To make my corporate video look interesting I made use of filming at different locations, time lapses and when the person is explaining in the video something which has a visual link, I used this area. My video involved filming at recognisable locations in Exeter, the film technique of time lapse and interviews with four students, Javier, Sam, Chris and Joel. I also added images of the new building for the new Academy to use on the clips while the students were signing, I think this was successful and is an improvement to the Academy's video as there is more visual links to the signers' explanations. Production Processes Introduction The production practices that I carried out where to get permission for filming, asking the four students filmed to fill out permission forms to get involved in the filming for interviews about the Academy. Also I checked-in with the marketing department, their representative being Hattie Brember, at our meetings once a week. In our third meeting, after I made the video, we talked about the progress and changes the marketing department wanted for the video that I produced. From the start, I created a pre-production folder including storyboards, location reece, risk assessments etc. I also spent some time looking for the locations that I would use as the areas of interest to film. The areas I chose are public areas and also where, when I checked, I was allowed to film at the Academy. I filmed each student at different locations showing the inside and outside of the Academy so people would recognise where they are, e.g. in the kitchen, Academy field, study room and back garden. Some places, like the Cathedral where I filmed, I used time lapse to show lots of people walking around and the weather changing. I clarified content with the client by using Communication Support Workers for the meetings and used emails for any changes, arranging meeting for updates to see how the filming and editing was going etc. I made changes to improve the video from Hattie's feedback. That's it! Legal and Ethical Issues

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